Project: Spectrum | Warranty Open Questions


Beloved community,

As the team shapes up Spectrum’s warranty terms, we have some questions for you…

Warranty: Just in case

Now that mass production draws near, our team is working with our suppliers and a third-party quality assurance company to set inspection standards for manufacturing based on the latest development samples. These will also form the basis for Spectrum’s warranty terms. By defining the various issues that could occur in mass-produced units, we can set the bar for what is or is not acceptable in our end product.

Even with stringent guidelines to assure quality before, during, and after assembly, there’s always a slight chance that something slips between the cracks, and an unacceptable problem will be present on a monitor when it reaches its new home. In such a situation, the warranty comes into play, guaranteeing that the issue is appropriately taken care of.

We don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to ask you about the kind of warranty terms you are looking for and let it guide us as we negotiate terms with our manufacturing partner.

What we want to know from you

What warranty terms are vital to you when you purchase a monitor?

Which vendors provide these terms?

To which country these vendors provide these terms?

To which monitor these vendors provide these terms?

Knowing these allow us to make informed decisions when prioritizing Spectrum’s warranty choices—looking forward to hearing you in the comments!



Thanks for this update! Warranty is very important. I’m glad to know that we’re finally in a position to have a development sample that’s final enough to allow us to tape out a warranty for end users.

Personally, I don’t care about a crazy dead pixel warranty; unless they’re in the centre 50% of the screen, which could be a dealbreaker, depending on how bad it is (4k is a lot less visible than 2k or 1080p).

Simply having good standards at the factory for dead pixels is the best standard IMO. If then someone gets a dead pixel, it’s similar to any other company. Eve is not on the hook for bad service, they’re simply producing quality products and one has a small issue (which can happen to anybody). Sticking to the standard makes sense here.

Physical dysfunction is far more important. If the power brick dies (MSI was known for this with some monitors), an internal connection shorts (my current Acer 2K monitor does this when I slightly jostle the power cord), or anything severe like this goes wrong, I want to be covered for as long as possible, especially considering it’s an expensive purchase.

I personally would love 3 year hardware failure warranty, but I understand that potentially not being realistic


I would say to have a 1 year standard warranty that has easy returns in case warranty service is needed. Also known as cross-shipment it would be nice to have a replacement shipped out before you have to return your existing one. That being said I think this could be done with an extended warranty option.

I would say this for the format:


  • 1 Year parts and labor
  • Pre-paid labels for return shipping

Extended ($75-$100)-

  • 3 year warranty parts and labor
  • Cross-ship RMA
  • Pixel perfect warranty

The dead pixel warranty and a warranty extension of 1 or 2 more years would be ideal.
If you want the best, you are looking for perfection.


No dead pixels or defects on the monitor. Joystick and buttons need to work and not be broke or tore off as well.

With that said - if any of these things happen when they get to my door. I would really like a replacement sent out the moment I ask for an RMA for the monitor (at no extra cost to me).

The monitor packaging should be safe enough to handle UPS / FedEx / other shipping departments abuses and still look like and function like it just came off the assembly line.

Also, would consider to pay a little bit more for extra protection length.


Serviced units have a warranty on the changed parts minimum of 90 days or for the remainder of the warranty of the device, wichever lasts more.

Dell, Lenovo ( 60 days but they count it from the moment the part is changed, no from delivery like dell)

Spain, Portugal, France that I know of. Others in the EU might too

Any non profesinal model monitor is covered. Non -consumer guaranties often times make no sense for endusers.


Dead pixels is probably the fastest way to lose reputation in the monitor market.
Ide like that covered.
I can fix a dead capacitor, psu, swap connections from a dead hdmi or dp port. What I can’t do is replace a dead pixel.


Providing a WARRANTY on having 1 dead pixel is extremely rare, though. I’d love one, but virtually none of the big companies offer this. I don’t know if it’s realistic.

What would the cost be? That’s an important question. That can’t come for free.

This is Dell’s warranty on their best panels: Dell Display Pixel Guidelines | Dell Canada

They do NOT cover single dead pixels. It looks like it starts at 6 dead pixels. They only cover single “stuck” pixels (bright ones).


We do not make comparisons with other manufacturers! We must have the best. Sooratutto c9n the pixels! If we find even one dead pixels there must be a replacement! This is synonymous with the quality of the producer! If I spend 700 euros for a monitor, then you don’t have to spend another 700 for another monitor! If I take eve it is to have no compromise! It doesn’t mean I take it small, I don’t have to have a big guarantee! From here you can see the company!

Eve! I believe you should give us the best possible guarantee! We don’t always have to look at other people’s houses! I speak to eve! The problem must be with eve the guarantee is with eve! Why compare with other manufacturers? If other manufacturers have flaws, you don’t have to! You are a developing company! And I believe the more you give to customers, the more credible you are in the future! Have your own facade!


Sure and I would like a unicorn to take me over the rainbow, but that’s not possible, is it?

It’s almost comical what kind of warrantee demands people put out here, you’re living in a different world, far from reality.

Do your market research, paying 700 euros for a 4k monitor of these specifications is a joke, compare it with LG, you would be paying 200-300 more for a comparable monitor.

So back to reality… It would be nice if the warrantee comes close to what Dell offers for their monitors, which I consider some of the best monitors on the market, in terms of quality, service and specifications.


I have expressed my opinion! There is no need to make irony with my comment! Sr you don’t like it, go ahead! I don’t care that 700 euros are a joke! They will be for you but not for everyone! If I have to spend € 700 I would like the m9nitor to last as long as having spent € 1400 for another manufacturer! Is it an uncompromising monitor or should we expect that because it costs 700 euros we can overlook everything?


The standard warranty may not be enough. Australia has pretty strict consumer laws in place (2 years minimum if I’m correct?). I’d also be keen to pay extra ($50-$100) to extend this by a few more years.


Eve will have to follow local laws if there are any on warranty. In the US that is 1 year, in other countries that is longer. In no case do they have the ability to override local laws. If they say 1 year in the US that does not mean 1 year everywhere.


I’m not sure where your statement of overlooking everything is coming from, it comes off as overly dramatic. I truly think the Eve team is doing the best possible job with the time and resources available.

I don’t have an issue with your opinion, I have an issue with the fact that we are not in a bar chitchatting about hypotheticals

This is a serious question that is asked by the Eve team: what is the realistic warrantee standard we should hold ourselves against?

You need to understand that parties like Eve don’t have full control over their supply chain. Simply put, they don’t produce everything themselves. Heck, their most important component, the display, comes from LG Display.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to negotiate ‘quality’ with a market leader like LG Display? Imagine going back to them saying: hey, dead pixels are not acceptable. They will laugh at you in your face and sell their displays elsewhere, because guess what? There is more demand than supply. Asus, LG, Acer, Dell, will gladly take them with those minor flaws.

A lot of players in this market work under these circumstances.
And with that, you typically work with tolerances.

Tolerances of how many displays can be DOA, how many dead pixels are acceptable, etc etc.
There are always costs involved, and sometimes you pay for them as part of the buying price. Want the utmost best service? Probably look elsewhere, because this services comes at a premium, which is often hidden in the purchase price.

So when I see people say: hey, I want a screen replacement sent to me without any costs, you probably haven’t dealt with these processes a lot in the past.

No party will provide these services without some guarantee that you will send the broken monitor back for example. So typically, you have to provide a credit card that gets charged, and charged back when the broken monitor is returned to Eve.


If they are asking what we are are wanting then they are asking for our opinions. Sure, many of these large brand companies have similar warranties for the most part but that doesn’t mean that eve has to follow suit. Without going into much detail, it sounds like they are asking to get a sense of where to focus so it doesn’t really matter what our actual understanding of how a warranty works, they just want to know what matters to us and they will make it as best as they can to what we are wanting. Essentially what I would like to see is:

  1. A 30-90 Day money back guarantee from the first day of delivery
  2. A 4 year basic warranty for manufacturer defects like the knob and the electronics, etc.
  3. A 3 year warranty for the panel
  4. Free return shipping or at least the same cost as it was to ship it out.
  5. Free shipping for warranty repairs.

Ok since you want to hear my opinion and everyone’s. I would appreciate! At least 2 years of assistance on all components that make up Spectrum! And in the event of a repair under warranty, free shipping!


Well I don’t know much about other warranties out there. However here’s what I’d like:
2 Years of coverage minimum
It needs to cover the following things:
Any defectuosity
4+ dead pixel or any dead pixel in the 50% centre
2+ stuck pixels

I’d also like to be able to pay maybe 50-100$ to have a no dead/stuck pixel warranty. Oh and also free shipping in case of a needed return. Love you guys


Standard (no extra cost):

  • 1 year parts and labor
  • Pixel policy: 1 bright or 6 dark sub-pixels max.
  • Free shipping on replacement monitor

Premium ($100 add-on)

  • 3 years parts and labor
  • Zero pixel defects (including zero bright and zero dark sub-pixels)
  • Free, no-hassle returns (via prepaid shipping label)
  • Advanced replacement for RMAs

What do we do when we give up from the beginning just because EVE is different from other big companies? So far, EVE has postponed product shipments many times, but we’ve put up with it because we wanted EVE to make the best product, right? I think it’s strange here again that we have to compromise on warranty. Moreover, it is unthinkable that we will pay extra for the guarantee. Like DELL, I want EVE to replace it if it misses one dot. At the very least, I want EVE to make sure that there are no missing dots before shipping. I want EVE to feel that way.


I second @keno2001 whose outline provides excellent balance imho.

As a small company with no retail presence and a somewhat terrible reputation for customer service, I think the most important point will be the “hassle-free” aspect - aside from the actual guarantees, people need to know that they can actually follow through on warranty claims with very little extra pain as possible. When the customer has a valid claim, at no fault of their own, shipping of any additional items needs to be free and prompt. Consider putting workflows in place that allow customers to keep their existing monitor until receiving the replacement (in case you’re asking for the original to be returned, I assume that’s the plan but not sure). Don’t let people wait in the customer service queue for weeks before coming to a conclusion. I need to make sure that I can rely on the guarantees that you’ve provided.

I also think charging for Premium warranty is an excellent idea, I’d very much pay an extra $100 for these if it means I don’t have to worry about whether my $800 investment is turning out great or a total dud.