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Hi, community!

I’m Kira. I’m the project manager of the Eve team. :blush: This is my first post in our community, and I’m very excited to say hi! I’m currently based in China, and my main job is to manage our project timeline, communicate with manufacturers, and oversee new product introduction (NPI) phases. The most important thing is to deliver premium products to you! In the future, I will keep you updated of any changes to our schedule, and also help to answer schedule-related questions for you.

Getting it right

With Q4 around the corner, it’s time for us to get a bit more specific about when Spectrum is going to ship. We can’t give an exact date yet, but we will share a look at what’s ahead as well as our current target. This way, we hope to shed some light on the timeline.

Creating a product is a complex process that involves design, engineering, commercial and regulatory planning, testing, and many more steps. It is critical that our team makes sure we get every step right, taking our time to make sure all feedback from review and testing is properly implemented. Unlike software products like games, we can’t rely on a day-one patch, so we have to get Spectrum right, right out of the box.

The process

Essentially, each phase has specific goals that help to ensure a product can be produced, from a simple concept all the way to the mass production of thousands of pieces.

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What we’ve done so far

The concept stage

First, we established what we would be making. To this end, we’ve:

  • Surveyed our community about product specifications and features
  • Found a panel supplier that fits our requirements
  • Found a contract manufacturer (CM) that fits our requirements
  • Refined our five design concepts into a single final design
  • Prepared a guideline for color, material, and finish (CMF)
  • Prepared a product requirement document (PRD) and kick-off document, detailing all the key milestones, specifications, certifications, etc.

The EVT stage

We’ve just rounded up the engineering validation test (EVT) stage. During this, we:

  • Created temporary ‘soft’ tools to create the various parts that make up Spectrum
  • Tested that all the parts of the monitor fit together as intended
  • Engineered the electronics that drive our display panel
  • Created firmware to test the monitor’s basic functions
  • Carefully studied our EVT sample for flaws in functionality, design, and finish
  • Provided feedback to our CM so that they can adjust and improve Spectrum

What’s ahead

The DVT stage

With the payment for the ‘hard’ tooling, we’ve officially kicked off the design validation test (DVT) stage. This is where we start building DVT samples using the same machinery that will be building the mass production models, and tweak and adjust this equipment as we go along. As the development of the monitor itself now mostly complete, this is also the phase where a lot of testing happens to Spectrum. We will:

  • Continue to develop the firmware to unlock all of Spectrum’s functionality
  • Create the ‘hard’ tooling and adjust it as needed
  • Focus on the assembly process, calibrate machines and fixtures, and train operators
  • Assemble 80 units along the way that should represent the final product
  • Develop the on-screen display (OSD)
  • Send Spectrum to third-party labs for testing and optimization
  • Develop and test the packaging
  • Send Spectrum to third-party labs for certification

Some of these steps will be more complex than normal due to current travel restrictions; instead of flying to China and overlooking the process, samples and prototypes need to be shipped back and forth for testing and review.

The PVT stage

In the production validation test (PVT), we make sure the production line works as intended so that we can start building monitors for our customers! In this stage, we:

  • Test the stability of the production line by ramping up the numbers
  • Adjust the process to address any issues that pop up along the way
  • Finish reliability and endurance testing
  • Ship units to press for testing and review
  • Confirm the final quality standards for production (tolerances for gaps, color matching, pixel policies, functionality and compatibility test, etc.)
  • Confirm the final warranty policy based on PVT yield and test results
  • Sign a ‘golden sample’: one unit that all parties agree to be final. All MP units need to match this level.

The mass production stage

Once we’ve successfully completed all the previous steps, we’ll be ready to start mass production (MP). There should be a lot of happy new customers soon!


All of this puts our estimated shipping date in late December. Though that is still just within our original target of the fourth quarter, it’s not what we originally had in mind when we set that target. It also means that if we run into unexpected issues during any of the stages, we may slip into the next quarter. As undesirable as that is, we will always choose to ship you a good product over shipping you a product fast. Spectrum is one of a kind product, and we want to make sure everything works as it should. So if it takes longer to implement feedback, or if we need an extra round of prototypes, we think that’s worth it. We will keep you posted on the development status and changes to the timeline, which will help to manage expectations correctly.



That sounds great, Kira. I hope there won’t be any major troubles along the way until december. I’m very excited for the final product :grin:.


Is this late December estimate only referring to the model 3? If so, how long after that launch would you estimate the model 2 would be released?


Model 2 (1440p@240Hz) will come shortly after Model 3 (4K@144Hz) as it has the same tooling and electronics. For the production process, Model 3 will be produced first.


Thanks Kira. Good to see another face from the Eve Team here in the Community!

How much of what is being done for Models 2 and 3 will carry over/affect Model 1 production? Pure curiosity here.


In my opinion (speaking as someone who ordered a Model 3): I’d rather have my model 3 a month later and have no hardware issues than have it a month earlier with hardware issues. :slight_smile:


Good question! Most of our efforts for Model 2 and 3 will be carried over to Model 1 with minimal changes—for example, it would require a slight adjustment to tooling; packaging needs to be changed a little to fit Model 1 since the physical form of it is not the same as the other two models due to the chin, so we may need to use a different styrofoam cutout.

In our best interest, we don’t want to have any delays. However, we don’t want to rush our product out and skip through stages, as this is how major hardware recalls may happen. :relaxed:


Thanks for the update. Shipping during Christmas may be crazy this year. I’m assuming with COVID-19, many more people will be shopping online. It could take awhile for people to receive their orders. Here’s hoping for the best though!


It’s a bit saddening to hear that the model 3 won’t be at my house until likely some time in January, but I appreciate the openness. I guess I’ll just be stuck on my 1080p monitor for the first few months after I get my PS5.


What a disappointment, I expected it a little earlier. Also you do not give confidence, you yourself think that it is possible that it is delayed. How will you do the shipments, all at the same time? Or will the first people who booked receive it first?

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Good update. Super interested to see how the OSD turns out


In the past it was said that reviews by 3rd parties would be out before it was time for us to make our final payment and this final payment was said to be 8 week before shipment. This means that reviews would need to be out at the end of October at the latest. Seeing on your timeline that review samples will not be sent out till right before the final mass production step is this still realistic? I understand that you cannot control when 3rd parties would release their reviews, but it seems like there would not be much time for them to do so anyways.


Will any of the monitors be sold on Amazon down the line?


Thanks Kira for the update!
With December being a really fluid month, before you send out any products to customers, I would highly suggest sending out an email asking customers to update their shipping address with any changes before you press ahead with shipping - giving customers a week to do this max.
At this moment in time, I don’t know if I will personally be at my flat or at my parents house for Christmas / New Year, however closer to the time I will know - so sending out a “please update your shipping addresses” would be incredibly helpful. I want to make sure I’m in for recieving in monitors as they aren’t cheap


Anything is possible. She literally said they can run into something that sets them back. I don’t think it has anything to do with confidence, they’re simply being honest.


Glad the time is being taken to make sure the product is right, instead of cutting corners and rushing it out!


Damn now its a possibility that it will slip into next year.

Dont feel confident in spectrum right now


At least the panels that they’re using from LG are finalized and working (and shipping in one of their products). They originally took a six month delay on those monitors, and they were producing them. In development of brand new products, things take time, especially in a global pandemic situation. I think late December/early January is great. I’m looking forward to my model 3.


Just picking up on a reference to packaging you made below. You mentioned cutting styrofoam for the 2 different physical formats. I’d like to understand whether recycled/recyclable sustainable packaging materials are planned?

Styrofoam is a pollutant and paper-pulp or other sustainable materials would ideally be factored into the final packaging.


More shipping information will be revealed when it becomes available, but this will be closer to the shipping date.

Ideally, reviewers would get a mass production model so they can have the same out of the box experience as you guys; however, in order to get reviews a little earlier, we plan to ship some review models to the press during the PVT stage, so you can take an unbiased look of PVT samples which are close to mass production units.

We will investigate the possibilities. You may read more about it in the following quote.

Thank you for your suggestion! It is what we have planned to do.

Hi @envyc965 , welcome to our Community! Hope you have a good time here! :blush: The material and design for the final packaging have not been confirmed yet, and we will look into it. :ok_hand:t2: