Project: Spectrum | The First-ever Glossy 4K Gaming Monitor Is Here


Hi guys,

Today is THE day. We are excited to finally be able to share the news you have been craving:

Eve Spectrum GLOSSY is officially HERE!


World’s first – requested by you, made by Eve

For everyone new to our crowd-development party, here is a little refresher on how the first-ever glossy gaming monitor was born:

The glossy coating is something we are very familiar with - from TVs and mobile devices. However, it has not been applied to gaming monitors yet. The implementation requires recalibrations of the production line that gaming manufacturers are seemingly not ready to commit to. The beauty of our crowd development, though, is in that provided there is enough demand for it, team Eve is here to make it happen. And we did. We got the amazing opportunity to work on an exclusive glossy project with our display manufacturing partner, LG Displays. In December, we probed your interest in a glossy screen and got your strong support to make it. In February, we officially confirmed that we will be offering glossy coating variants to our Spectrum line-up.

What makes glossy worth your buck:

We sent glossy samples to TFT Central and Dave2D who independently reviewed and shared their expert feedback. Based on their test and measurements, we arrived at two main benefits that a glossy screen offers you as a user.

Improved Perceived Contrast and Colors

Source: Dave2D

The glossy polarizer ensures a crisper image and that extra pop of color we all want (think more vibrant colors and deeper blacks!)

Improved Text Sharpness and Image Quality

The reduced haze and clearer image of the glossy coating allow for sharper text and an overall better image quality. This will enable you to enjoy each and every small detail during your game play.

Source: Dave2D

Optimum Tech | The First Glossy Gaming Monitor

Now, it is time to spill the latest details around the product launch so you can get the glossy Spectrum on your desks.


Eve Spectrum Glossy utilizes the award-winning base of our original Spectrum and comes as an add-on you can select during your checkout process. Please note the glossy coating will come at an additional cost of 99 USD which corresponds to the additional labor associated with its production. That means that Eve Spectrum 4K Glossy will retail for 898 USD (without the stand).


We are working to get the coveted monitors to your desks as soon as possible. Since Eve Spectrum 4K is a successfully completed project and the product is steadily shipping to customers, we will be prioritizing the production and shipping of our 4K variant first. We are happy to announce that we have already secured the initial (limited) production quantity. The first 1000 Eve Spectrum 4K with glossy coating are estimated to start shipping in June 2022.

How to upgrade

You already have an outstanding Spectrum order. Great! You want to upgrade your existing order to a unit with a glossy coating. That is totally possible! Our team has developed an upgrade policy to make the change as smooth as possible. We will be reaching out to all interested customers by email to outline what the possibilities are based on the status of your specific order.

Be the first to get it

Want to be among the first 1000 customers to secure an Eve Spectrum Glossy? Head over to our website and order your monitor now. Go, go, go!

Pricing update 11th March 2022:

There has been quite a discussion regarding the glossy pricing. As mentioned in our community post, the main reason for the price increase is the fixed development and LCD production line recalibration costs. In order to cover the costs over expected sales volume, we need to keep the upgrade price at $/€99 USD.

On the other hand, you are our community, and the promise we kept from the start is that early supporters and members of the Eve family get the best deals possible!

After a long internal discussion we have decided on the following:

  • The upgrade offer for the Glossy Spectrum will be at a reduced rate of $/€39 instead of $/€99 for the next 72 hours to give everyone who wants to see more glossy monitors out there a chance to get one at the best possible price.

  • We will refund everyone who has already paid, the difference in price. Our support team will take care of this for you so not need to reach out.

  • The limited time discount code will no longer be available as the price reduction will be directly available on the website, so for those who would like to order multiple monitors, this discount will apply per monitor.

  • After 72 hours we will increase the upgrade price back to $/€99.

At the end of the day, you, the Eve Community are a huge part of our business making decisions! The main thing about us is that we listen to our community! This is not done by many companies and feel this really sets us apart as we care about what matters most to you!

Now it is time to see your pretty face on Glossy Spectrum!



Soo, all this information and no concrete information on how current 280hz order upgrade will work?

Are there separate units available for current orders or just 1k across both new and current orders?

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HOW DO I KNEW IT!!! $100 XD @Liquidshadowfox @LoneWolf

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I feel like people who pre-ordered already the 280 hz model should have had the emails first (first dibs) and THEN the general population can get their hands on glossy… The site allows you to order glossy already but everyone else that already ordered has to wait for emails so now we might not get 1 of those 1000 units >_>


The worst of all is that we have little time to apply the discount code xdd HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and I was super excited and thinking of a reasonable price xdd

what discount code? was there one ever given out?

If EVE was smart they would have just made a checkbox on the order page for upgrade. It wouldn’t mean anything except when the first product was available you would get an email asking if you want to buy the glossy (upgrade) or buy the matte preorder.
If someone checked the box and didn’t have a preorder already in it would be ignored.

Hey @Kings

The team will reach out to 280hz pre-orders orders today for the option to upgrade from matte to glossy. The 280hz will follow with 1000’s units available for the 1st production run.

To simplify 1st production run is for 1000 units for the 4K Spectrum Glossy, and also 1000 units for the 1440p, 280hz Glossy Spectrum production run.

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If I didn’t paid the remaining balance, will I receive this email?
Or I must pay first (for non glossy) and upgrade after to glossy?


Feeling a bit like a second class citizen here with a completely paid 280hz order but no option to upgrade to gloss :confused: and now with a high chance of missing the first 1000… its 3am Aus time, id rather be asleep not wait for an email that will come at some point

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Yes, I was given a discount code more than a day ago for being one of the first people to reserve the Spectrum QHD 280 Hz from the year 2021 in May but it says duration is 48 hours for it to be valid. Come on fuck!! That I want my email and I want to apply the discount xD that in the end I get the monitor for €900 or €1000

Hey just wanted to reach out for clarification regarding the glossy coating for 240/80Hz model;
Was it appropriate to just place a preorder for the 280Hz+glossy coat option ticked to True?
I was expecting a different page/view for participants with an outstanding pre-existing 240Hz preorder and just wanted to make sure I’m following the correct path here.
At this point I’ve paid $100 initial preorder, allocation confirmation for $389 remainder +$142 ship, and now $75 ($100-$25 code) for 280+glossy preorder.
But I was able to place this preorder Before the instructed 5PM CET debut, so now I’m worried I did something wrong and may not be apart of the 1k allotment :c

If we replied to the email about upgrading to the glossy 4k/144hz, is that all we had to do? I had one in my cart but have no clue if I should have purchased or if I was good to go.

I have a Literature exam at 7:30 p.m. and the email has not been sent to me yet xD in the end I lose the opportunity :sob: :joy:

Can you confirm that EU store is correct for shipping to UK?

Eve shouldn’t go by first come first serve if the emails didn’t come out. They should cross reference the users who pre-ordered the 280 hz model FIRST since we all pre-ordered with the expectation that we would either get the email at the same time as the glossy pre order went live OR we get a 5 min head start >_> just saying, I know the logistics of product releases are difficult to do, just some notes.


Now there is tension in the environment xD the hype is insane

I was seriously considering this monitor but seeing how it costs 100$ extra for the glossy upgrade, the 4k model comes to about 1000$ with the stand, which is definitely a no-go. The pricing for the regular matte variant is already quite steep to say the least, but this just tops it. Bad move…

Haha here we go again. One of the first to order my 4K and 240hz monitor and will be probably one of the last to get it again just like the 4K. The worst part is I got 3 monitors. 1 4K and 2 240hz. I literally ordered so early I feel like I’m one of the people who was an investor….

What was the reason behind the price increase for EU customers?
The base price of the monitor is now €899 ($989) without the glossy coating or stand but is still $799 in the US and INTL markets, meaning it’s 23% more for the same product here.