Project: Spectrum | Testing Showcase


Hey everyone,

While I’m waiting for new prototypes to show up for further testing, the team members in China have already been hands on to make sure Spectrum does what it is supposed to do. That involves a lot of testing with a lot of different devices, some of which may even lend themselves for some entertainment during down time. Hope you all like another peek behind the scenes!

Testing Showcase

Be sure to let us know what you think, and feel free to ask questions!



I think the color calibration in the factory to fix any outliers and including a report is a fair compromise. While it would be great to get the delta E below 1 it might not be worth it for everyone using the monitor.

Does this mean all colors will be calibrated to be under 2?


We’ll see how far the factory calibration can further enhance the current color performance of Spectrum prototypes. It should have a substantial impact as a tool, and software customized for Spectrum will be used. In case there are significant color outliers that may affect the ability to perform color-critical work, we’ll communicate with our engineers to seek the best solution.


Great video @Helios and @Lore_Wonder :+1: The hard work the team has put in looks to be bearing fruits and I am very excited to get my two monitors at launch, though I am hoping I get to be selected for the community reviews :sweat_smile:

Either way, I am looking forward to more updates, especially these video ones which I find quite good.


So, we will be able to adjust the colours? Would this be manually adjusted, presets, or a combination of both?

I hate to wish my life away, but I can’t wait for the July release.


From a user point of view, it’s a combination of both. For presets, the user can select between DCI-P3 and emulated sRGB and among three pre-defined color temperature levels, with the default being DCI-P3 and 6500K, respectively. For manual tweaking, the user can tweak the R, G, and B channels individually to achieve the desired color temperature.


@Helios has such a nice voice.


Awesome testing showcase, seems like great progress has been made so far!


Great showcase! Overall happy with this, one small post I would like to see is an update to the firmware list you posted a while back, This is the big concern for many of people and seeing how progress went with that would certainly reassure some!


Just get it right, do not rush it!


:point_up:t5: what they said

Yes, get it right.

I can’t wait… but I will wait for an amazing monitor :wink:


Great seeing the monitor in motion and being tested.

I have some questions about the response times, considering Apeture Grille’s video about GtG response times and how the margins of major manufacturers methods are “moderately deceptive”.

How would the spectrum fare against his testing, and, would it be possible for you to reach out to him to send him a review sample?

His testing methods are completely new and even the long time standard Hardware Unboxed as well as other reviewers have reached out to him to source his methods for their own work. HB are now using that for all their future reviews and it provides important metrics often overlooked with these faster, more colorful panels.

It particularly reveals an important part of consumer ratings in terms of pixel transition decay, where the tools used for a typical consumer review haven’t been detailed enough to reveal where on the spectrum (lol) the product actually lies. Being able to accurately measure a monitors true response times is important, especially considering the Spectrum is a 240Hz monitor that is by all accounts being measured against the top 240Hz monitors on the market for when it releases.

He’s able to be contacted through email at and has some more on his website Aperture Grille - About

Looking forward to more Spectrum news and product reveals, I have an HP Omen X 27 240hz 1440p TN myself and am very interested in the Spectrum.


Xbox series X looking GREAT :sunglasses::fire::fire::fire:


I’ve not fully watched the video yet, but I will say this guy’s website looks like it’s straight from MySpace from over a decade ago :joy:.
I’m very keen to see the community members/3rd party reviews of the Spectrum!


Does anyone here in the community or on dev know what the colour accuracy is on spectrum for Adobe RGB and DCI-P3?
Also if you don’t mind whilst you’re here what’s the peak brightness ?


Model 3 is rated at 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut with a peak brightness of 750 cd/m2. The panel has not been rated for Adobe RGB.


I think if it is delayed on more time, I will take my business else where.


I’d also be interested in a low minimum brightness. When in a dark room a bright monitor can be a bad thing but most won’t let the user turn down the brightness far enough.

How dark can spectrum get overall? (Brightness of white surface at darkest setting)


@Helios or @Lore_Wonder do you guys know this? I do not see it on the spec sheet so I cannot say myself.


How will it be on the ps5 ? Will i geth 120hz ? And will it have hdmi2.1?