Project: Spectrum | Status Update

Moving forward

Beloved community,

We are glad to write this post again! This time, we have rounded up the lastest Spectrum development news for our community.

New to the project?

If you just joined our journey of crowd-development, welcome! We summarized the Spectrum project’s critical milestones to quickly give you an idea of what has happened since we initiated it.

The big picture

Since we announced Project: Spectrum’s timeline, we have been working hard behind the scene to ensure we unlock Spectrum’s maximum potential while following our project schedule at the same time. In the past few weeks, as part of the design validation test (DVT) stage, we prepared Spectrum for the upcoming testing and studied and tweaked the machinery that will produce more advanced samples – and ultimately – mass production units.

Tooling kicked off


The above Spectrum tooling pictures are extracted from our tooling tracker, which our manufacturer uses to monitor our project’s tooling progress. We will use samples made from tooling for many of the tests conducted during the DVT phase. From tooling kick-off to valid samples get produced takes typically about a month to one and a half months for monitors; therefore, for our project timeline, we choose to kick-off tooling right after EVT, and we expect to obtain all DVT samples by the end of October.

Packaging under development

The initial concept of Spectrum packaging

We want Spectrum to stay nice and safe when it travels to its home; therefore, we are working on a dual-box solution which has a heavy, resilient outer box with a good cushion that soaks up any impact during handling, and a light, sleek inner box that is ready to show-off in retail stores and neatly packs essential Spectrum parts. We are aware that many of you are keen on sustainability; we do, too! We strive to ensure our packaging leaves as little harm to our environment as our time and budget allow. It is why we are exploring using expanded polyethylene (EPE) and molded pulp (paper mold) as the primary materials of our packaging, both of which are recyclable, with paper mold also being biodegradable. However, many challenges are yet to be evaluated, such as the material’s resilience, shipping cost, and user experience (UX). These materials will significantly impact the package’s volumetric weight, and UX is affected by their look and feel. The other material we are considering is expanded Polystyrene (EPS). While being cost-effective and exceptional at reducing product damage, it is hard to recycle and does not offer a premium look and feel to the end-user.


Our manufacturer has conducted several preliminary drop tests. The idea is that via testing a package similar to that we will likely use, we can study the resilience of the materials and structure we are exploring. (with a monitor inside to represent Spectrum, of course)

Paint evaluated


A good paint adds to the overall premium look and feel of Spectrum’s stand and body. One of our team’s main goals getting our hands on EVT samples was to evaluate our paint choices. We narrowed our selections down to two candidates and asked our manufacturer to paint half of our samples with each to compare the ‘full product.’ Although we have already compared the example pieces shown on the picture’s left-hand side, paint perception may differ between parts and a whole product.

We prefer the semi-matte paint at the bottom of the photo as it gets just the right amount of matte in it that looks better between the two, although it is the more expensive one.

Technical advancement

Advanced samples must be accompanied by mature firmware to unleash more of Spectrum’s advertised performance. Since we entered the DVT stage, our team have never stopped studying and developing Spectrum’s firmware and OSD. We have provided them the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) (a standard for the display to communicate their video capabilities to the source device), the test plan (all DVT tests we plan to conduct), and a new OSD document based on their feedback on our OSD design idea and its functionalities. All of these documents will work as a whole to help the DVT stage progress as planned.

The test list (left) & EDID (right)

Review units

As we have stated before, a prototype had been sent out some time ago. Because the reviewer is busy with product launches such as RTX 3000 series and Apple products, the review is yet to be made. We will continue to send out more early review units to more of your favorite journalists after the DVT samples are manufactured.

More to come

As our Spectrum development moves forward, we will have even more exciting news to discuss with you guys. Stay tuned!



Is this final for the 4K model? If so, I’m loving seeing that you’ve got custom reduced timings for the 144hz mode.

Great update and we can’t wait to hear more!


This is what we’ve got so far. We will keep adding more as we continue testing! Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


It looks like it is. If you look at green numbers at left, those seems to suggest resolution, which is 4K on bottom.

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November is going to be an incredibly busy month, with the launch of next-gen consoles, various triple AAA games and of course AMD’s NAVI release, now is prime time to gather interest in the Spectrum. I can only hope this reviewer makes this connection as well; the spectrum deserves to do well but this requires a hands on review & demo sooner rather than later.


That’s great to hear! It seems like there aren’t any significant setbacks yet which influences the current schedule. Very nice to see it working out so well and hopefully stays like this until the final release :grinning:.


So when will we be able to customize our display, and/or edit our order, if say we want to add a mount now?


I would assume this would happen at the same time as making our final payments. They have said this will start 8 weeks from the expected ship date. If they stay on schedule for model 3 shipment at the end of December then we should be seeing these emails by the end of October or start of November.


Getting excited to have this monitor! Need to upgrade to a new GPU that supports HDMI 2.1 soon :smiley:


If you would like to add the spectrum stand out change your monitor, you can contact support and they will add it and you still keep your reserved price. It isn’t ideal especially since it doesn’t show the reserved price on the updated order. If you want to customise it you’ll probably have to wait till it’s closer to shipping but that’s just my guess.


I’m hoping by the time we get this monitor I’ll finally be able to buy a new graphics card which are constantly sold out lol


Looking at the EDID, I noticed the 144hz 4k line has 4000 pixel count rather than the 4400 listed in every other 4k setting. Is this just an error in the document?


Having done a lot of product rendering, I would personally recommend the glossier option for a few reasons. For one, it will always look a good bit cleaner and also be easier to clean. But more than that, when you’ve put so much effort into finely considered contours like the radii of fillets, accents on edges, or other details, the glossier finishes will make them more visible. When used more matte finishes, it mellows and flattens out all the contouring and makes it seem more graphic and uniform.

This kind of boils down to your particular design philosophy and approach. If you want the whole screen to be an all-round attractive sculptural object, you probably want all the fine details and accents to stand out. However, if you want everything but the panel to disappear into the background, where the body is minimal, unnoticeable, and a meek vehicle for the panel, then maybe the flatter option is the right choice.


Are we on schedule for launch before January for the 4k 144hz?


Yes, we are on schedule to ship in late December. As always, we will keep you guys updated.


Thanks for the quick reply. Everyone is reccomending to drop the pre-orders but I’m trying to hold out


Why are people recommending that?


Correct me if I’m wrong but those timings would mean 10-bit 4k144 uncompressed on HDMI 2.1, right? :thinking:


In regards to reviews:

I understand that you want to promote Spectrum, especially when alternative models, such as the LG27GN950, are making an appearance. However, how relevant is a review when it clearly concerns a prototype? Are you not concerned that the unfinished product will make a non-representative and unfavorable impression?


Hi @ExF1, welcome back!

A good question! We would very like to push the reviews out even it is a review for a Spectrum prototype. First and foremost, it helps to get the word of Spectrum, as a real product, to people who watch the reviewer’s content; we’d love more people to get interested in Spectrum and become a member of our community or place a reserve. Moreover, it provides a unique viewing point of Spectrum through the eyes of 3rd-party reviewers. We have done our ‘review’ of samples, or inspection to be precise, intending to identify problems to improve Spectrum. How does a journalist see a prototype from the same batch? What do they want it to improve? Almost definitely different form us.

Meanwhile, it offers additional content to those who would like to see more. We have done our best to provide Spectrum news and what we do with the samples, and more are welcomed, as many of our members have mentioned. Let the reviews offer more of what you guys would like to see!

Yes! Because almost the whole point of getting HDMI 2.1 for PC beyond DP 1.4 is to get 4K@144Hz without DSC, the custom timing covers that purpose.