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Dear community members!

It has been a while since my last timeline post! I hope you all doing excellently since then! :laughing: As for me, I’ve been working super hard behind the scenes non-stop and losing hair every single day. :woman_office_worker: It can be stressful working on a project like Spectrum that you know will be something wonderful at the destination but the road leading to it can be a bit bumpy. We have been pushing really hard from many different sides, and we’re moving forward. If time is what it takes to deliver you a complete product, we should take it and do things right. :mechanical_arm:


Though Spectrum’s hardware is just about final, we do still make small tweaks and changes in cases where we feel it improves the product. This mostly involves adjusting tooling tolerances to make sure everything fits together perfectly. But there are some noteworthy changes:

Paint it black

We mentioned in one of our previous updates that we now paint the quick-release hook and mounting plate on the stand so that they don’t stand out amidst the other parts

Enable updates

Firmware updates are important to us, just as they are to you. But many monitors offer no way of upgrading the firmware once they leave the assembly line. A combination of firmware changes and some small changes to Spectrum’s mainboard now should allow firmware updates over USB. To ensure your device isn’t bricked if something goes wrong during the update (such as a power outage), Spectrum will automatically roll back to the previous firmware if there is an issue during the flashing process.

Fix the stick

joystick concept
One iteration of the joystick redesign. We are still making improvements.

Finally, we have also identified a trio of issues with the joystick. One had to do with the design and its usability, and the stick itself is being redesigned to catch the fingertip better. This provides snappier, more responsive control over the OSD.

This redesign also changes how the stick connects to the rest of the monitor, making it more sturdy. We expect the joystick redesign to be finished in about a month with testing and re-testing for each iteration of the design.

Finally, there was an issue with the packaging that could cause damage to the joystick’s switch. This is being resolved with a change to the Spectrum box so that outside pressure during transit no longer affects the joystick.

joystick concept section


The to-do list for our firmware team is still long, and as we mentioned before, most of the work ahead is related to firmware.

Recent progress

The latest challenges our firmware team overcame have to do with the monitor’s basic functions and factory command (FC).

Essential functions like the proper functioning of ports are important for customers in the long run; in the short term, they also lay the foundation on which further firmware changes can be built and tested efficiently. As a bonus, Spectrum can now automatically detect and switch to an active input.

FC encompasses built-in software to set up and test Spectrum on the production line. Ensuring all the ports work (both input and output), reading and writing extended display identification data (EDID), monitoring power consumption, generating calibration images, and burning in the monitor before post-assembly line testing are all part of this. The FC portion of the firmware allows many of these processes to be streamlined or even automated.

More to come

A lot of the team’s focus has been on making sure the basics work as they should. From here on, the firmware engineers have completely set their sights on features that are probably dearer to our audience, such as making sure adjustments and features work as intended. Only when the firmware’s functional aspects are in order will they move on to cosmetic details like the OSD menu design.


Where we are

With tooling ready and the production line planned out, we are mostly awaiting parts, certification, testing, and firmware updates. We’ve mentioned in a previous post how parts with a long lead time had already been ordered, and we’ve had more parts orders confirmed since then. The first batch of 8000 display panels is slated to arrive at the factory in February, with more to come soon.

Some certifications are based on testing we can do in-house, others rely on shipping samples to third-party labs or are waiting for more mature firmware to allow for proper evaluation. We will keep you informed as certification results come in.

Our DVT samples are being continuously tested to evaluate the hardware’s state and new iterations of the firmware. We should have an update detailing some of these tests coming up soon!

Testing after the assembly line relies heavily on the built-in features of factory command.

Firmware is, at this time, a sticking point. Like any software development, it is often unpredictable, with new challenges popping up just as another is overcome. Our firmware team has been challenged more than usual with our unique blend of cutting-edge tech and uncommon feature combinations. Even though we do not need the firmware to be finalized until just before mass production, at this point, we no longer expect to hit our target of February 26th and will have to adjust our timeline.

What we are doing

We want to bring our monitor to market as soon as possible, and we understand that many customers are waiting (patiently or not) to put Spectrum on their desk. Even so, we believe that the priority should always be on delivering a good product. If you are looking at Spectrum for years to come, we do not want to ruin that experience by rushing steps, especially now that we are so close to the finish line.

At every milestone, we re-evaluate our timeline and our shipping dates. With more time taken than anticipated to implement factory command, we have, as mentioned, decided that our previous shipping target is no longer realistic.

The new shipping date for model 3 with the 144Hz 4K UHD panel is April 20th.
The new shipping date for model 2 with the 240Hz QHD panel is April 30th.
The new shipping date for model 1 with the 144Hz QHD panel is end of Q2.

We are not just moving the shipping date and calling it a day. Our two-person firmware team has also just been reinforced by a third firmware engineer. This means more minds are at work, and more experience is being shared to make sure everything works as it should.

The adjusted timeline will give the firmware team the time they need to do the job right, give our team and third-parties time to test and certify the monitor, and ensure that when you receive Spectrum, it will be a joy to use.

Further updates

We appreciate all of you who follow our project and are along for the ride, and I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Talk soon!

Please recommend me if you have any good hair-restorer products. :no_mouth:



Several shipping options will be offered; we will provide more details later.


Let’s hope you’ll get it done before the big brands release their stuff, would love to see this company succeed.

btw, any news on community beta testing or sth like that?


After the FW gets more mature and we have more spare units, we’ll look into the opportunity to let our community members test Spectrum!


Way better handling of the delay than the last one.


As a firmware engineer, I feel this. Firmware is never given enough time because it’s the last thing to get done, and requires the hardware, so any hardware delays shrink the firmware schedule. Plus, implementing firmware for new hardware always takes way longer than you expect it, because what seems like a small bug could end up eating a month of time.


2 months dealy is of course a bit painful, but I’ll rather wait for a flawless monitor then getting a half-baked one.
This said, time is of course still running and other brands might step into the current gap. Still hoping, that Eve can make the first step, since the product is very promissing and the love to the details is obvious.


Thanks for the more in-depth update. I think a lot more people understand the more realistic timeline for the monitor to be released. I understand, and much prefer that you guys take longer if needs be. To create the perfect monitor for us all.
As always there will be some backlash from the naysayers, but this update definitely shows progress, and the update people have been anticipating/waiting for.
Keep up the good work Eve. I can’t wait for the release of the spectrum.

I think as long as you keep the community updated in a timely fashion people will understand.


Yet again postponed shipment. It makes me really disappointed and I will not hide it. Call it FUD if you want but we had so many postpones already. Not to mention that this monitors soon may be obsolete with miniLED’s and OLED’s lurking around corner. I do want to see it happen but how much longer?


Thanks for the update. I appreciate the details and the photos really help me visualize what’s going on. I’m thrilled to hear that firmware can be updated via USB.

Even if things have to get pushed out a little further in the end just keep us informed of why and most of us will understand. Some of us may not be able to wait any longer for various reasons but a solid working product is the most important thing. Even if competitors start launching products soon I still think Spectrum has some unique points that make it worth the wait for many of us.


I really doubt this tech will become obsolete in quite a while, the new display technologies are very expensive at this moment.


Alienware has beat them to the punch. They released the same lg 240hz 2k panel. But you will pay a $200 premium for it because it’s $700-900 depending on where and when you get it.

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Seriously this project is impressive. The stuff you guys are doing has never been attempted ever. I was expecting delays because of it being new technology and it happening during unprecedented times. The technology in this monitor still stunning to me.


The Oled monitor is only going to be 60hz and aimed at designers and editors. We are gonna have to wait a bit longer to get Oled gaming monitors

@Thatsamdude It doesnt have 2.1 but i guess you dont really need it if you dont want 4k 120hz


Confirmed what? Its was a 60hz Oled shown as CES


The reservation system was with the promise of Dec 2020 shipping. Then it moved to Feb 2021 (I was OK with it). Now it’s April 2021 and it’s not a given it will be ready by then.

The promise of the Spectrum was to get high-end monitor that no other manufacturer makes and at good price. But things have changed.

I already got 27GN950 which works great and it was 850€ bought here in local shop with full local service and warranty. With recent fw update, it even enabled 160Hz refresh which works perfectly over DisplayPort 1.4 DSC
LG will have 27GP950 with HDMI 2.1 in summer (not to mention other manufacturers), which coincides with your delivery and you will certainly not offer local warranty and service. So pretty much every single benefit of Spectrum is gone and still there is no viable date the delivery can be expected.

Is refund of the reservation an option (mainly due to continued uncertainty)?


The current warranty policy for Eve products can be found on our website. But as we near the shipping date, we will add more Spectrum-specific terms, including things like the pixel defect policy. The warranty terms are being reconsidered as well. Expect our warranty to be in line with other monitor vendors. Our warranty will also comply with local laws such as that of the EU.

The $100/€100 is fully refundable.


from high end to standard, before i could even touch it…


This isn’t answering the question?! Is the shipping date from China to the warehouse or from the warehouse to my house for example


Thanks for the update!
I am very happy that you delayed the shipping date! :slight_smile:
I believe in you guys