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Hi there, community!

Theo, your community reporter is back and I am going to update you on our ES07DC9 project, otherwise known as Spectrum 4K glossy model. This topic will be another short update, but you will be happy to know that the development is going strong, and we are getting very close to mass production!

Glossy is always on the move

Since the previous update, ES07DC9 has completed its production validation testing (PVT) phase and ongoing QRE test before entering the initial steps to prepare for mass production (MP). All this will occur in the coming weeks, followed by the first mass production run of 100 units to assess the assembly process.

Now, you might wonder why we need “first mass production” at all? Why not just get to the real deal? Well, consider this as a “test run.” Keep in mind that any error can occur during the manufacturing process. This phase is essential to identify any possible errors and fix them before committing to full-scale mass production.

Unlike our PVT phase, the first mass-production also includes a “road test,” which puts the 100 produced units into a truck and being put on the road for a full day. This is to test the packaging quality and unit placement on the shipment pallet to ensure it is steady enough!

Enter: certifications

Before the commencement of mass production, we need to make sure that we pass all required safety operating standards.

Spectrum Safety Certification
Safety certifications printed on a pre-owned Spectrum ES07D03 retail box (all except HDMI certification on the top and package handling labels on the bottom). All spectrum variants will have the same set of certifications.

Our Spectrums are assessed for their operational safety as electronic devices. The safety certifications are here to provide us with a list of standards to ensure our products’ high degree of safety, reliability, and quality. Avoiding the certifications may result in our products potentially harming people and the environment. It also prevents us from marketing and selling the products in select countries/regions.

For Spectrum, we have a total of 14 safety certifications. Each covers different degrees of safety operating standards, and some are region-specific. You can see the list of safety certifications for Spectrum below:

Safety Certification Region / Country Summary
CB 60950-1 + 62368 Worldwide These certifications test the device’s potential hazards and safeguards against those hazards. This combination of certifications is valid worldwide. For more details click here.
TÜV Ergonomics Worldwide This certification from TÜV tests usability of products in terms of ergonomics and comfort during long term use.
TÜV Low Blue Light Worldwide TÜV Low Blue Light is part of TÜV eye comfort certification. This ensures low emission of the harmful low-blue lights to prevent eye fatigue.
TÜV Flicker Free Worldwide TÜV Flicker Free is part of TÜV eye comfort certification. This ensures that our displays are flicker-free, thus helping to prevent eye fatigue.
TÜV/GS (EN62368-1) EU This certification tests the device’s potential hazards and safeguards against those hazards. This certification is necessary for the EU region. For more details click here.
TÜV ErP EU TÜV Energy-Related Products Directive (ErP) tests energy and resource efficiency. For more details click here.

Australia and New Zealand (RCM)
This certification assesses the electronic compatibility (EMC) of the device. This is to certify whether the device is compatible with its electromagnetic (EM) environment and does not emit levels of electromagnetic energy that cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) for other devices in the vicinity. For more details click here.
GEMS Australia GEMS is Australian government legislation and regulations which assesses products’ compliance with Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and energy efficiency.
cTÜVus North America cTÜVus Certification is needed to ensure the device’s compliance in both NA and Canada. Click here for more details.
FFC/ICES North America FCC certification is product certification for electronics sold in the US. It ensures radio frequency emitted from a product is within limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Interference-Causing Equipment Standard (ICES) is the Canadian equivalent for similar certification - which sets the general requirement for interference-causing pieces of equipment.
CEC California California Energy Commission (CEC) is an appliance efficiency regulation. This regulation improves the efficiency of products, saves energy, and reduces gas emissions and the greenhouse effect.
VCCI Japan Voluntary Control Council for Interference (VCCI) is a mandatory certification applicable for multimedia equipment in Japan. It assesses electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) among electronic device manufacturers. For more information, click here.
CCC China Compulsory Certification of China (CCC) is a mandatory certification for products to be allowed to be marketed and sold in China. This certification assesses products based on health, hygiene, security, environment, and anti-fraud. Click here for more info.
CEL China China Energy Label (CEL) is a mandatory energy consumption label in China equivalent to EU Energy Label. This certification is to test the product’s energy efficiency. A device can be sold and used in China only when CEL permission is granted. Click here for more info.

This concludes the update for ES07DC9. Feel free to drop your comment below!



Thanks for the update @Cas! Loving these small but important stream of updates :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! Great news that the project is going smoothly and will be entering mass production soon! Looking forward to having it on my desk! What is the approximate timeline from certifications, testing, and mass production, provided there are no major problems? Is it possible to be ready for shipping by the end of June? My realistic estimate for receiving it is by the end of August, but I am optimistic it will arrive before then.


Hi @Techmo,

I can’t tell you exactly how long will certifications take, since it varies for each of them. However, I can tell you that we currently looking for mass production to start sometime in the early month of June. This will meet the current expected shipping time as well, which is also in June.

To meet this time expectation, we have prepared all materials needed to commence the mass production. If certifications, QRE testing, and first mass production altogether ended up taking a much shorter time, then we can start the actual mass production even sooner!

For sure, I will publish another topic for ES07DC9 once we have more updates :slight_smile:


Are the glossy panels still on track for June shipping?

In the post, Project: Spectrum | Glossy Mini Start they said the first Spectrum 4K Glossy has been built and mass production is starting very soon! It looks like everything is going pretty smooth, so I’m hopeful that shipping will commence by the end of the month.

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