Project: Spectrum | Prototype Repairs & Updates


Hey everyone,

Somehow a lot of the Spectrum prototypes ended up at my apartment, so it’s time to see if we can do something useful with them. I’ve recorded a video that involves repairing a damaged unit, updating the firmware, and taking a look at how our newly refurbished monitor behaves. Took a lot more time than I’d expected to put this together, so I hope you all like it!

Repairs and updates

Be sure to let us know what you think, and feel free to ask questions!



Great video! I especially like how you used the previous prototypes.
It shows just how close the finished product was at the time the prototypes where sent out.
I’m happy the issues where found within the prototypes, because it not only showed us a sneak preview of the monitor. It also brought attention to a few issues that needed resolving before shipping etc.

I’m sure everyone will agree that it was better that the Spectrum had been delayed to get the polished, premium product that the monitor is shaping up to be.

It’s very nice to see the firmware progress. I did laugh about the Windows 95 comment about the firmware update program, but let’s be honest if you have ever updated any firmware you know the programs are definitely designed for function not appeal.

Thanks for the side by side comparison it really shows how issues are being resolved since the prototype batch.

So excited to get my hands on this monitor. It looks soo sleek!


Nice clip, looking forward to get my spectrum at home


Good video, short, sweet and informative. Better than a lot of fluff on YouTube, keep it up :+1:


Fantastic to see and a real confidence booster for those of us who have put deposits down.


Only wondering that there is no vesa mounting at the back of the Monitor


@Lore_Wonder @Helios Great footage!

This is what I want to see, to see you guys responding to issues mentioned in reviews and give us a detailed no-nonsense image of what is the issue, how does it work and how did we resolve it so it no longer happens.

I was actually planning on cancelling earlier, but this kind of footage gives me the assurance to be patient a little longer. Keep it coming!


You may not be a professional youtuber but this video was really good quality.
The only issue I had was that your hand was blocking the view when you took of the joystick. However it seems there really is nothing special to be seen there.

Otherwise it’s great to see the spectrum can be repaired this easily. Nice to know there are clips, not glue.

Once the spectrum is finished, maybe you could make more repair-help videos like that, so more customers who want to can fix their spectrum themselves.
Seeing how easy it is and having a good video available makes self-repair much less frightening.


The four long Phillips head screws at the back of the monitor can be removed to put a 100mm × 100mm VESA mount on Spectrum and then be secured back to keep the mount steadily in place. These screws are plenty long to fit a regular mount plate and still secure Spectrum’s rear housing to its panel’s protective metal shell.


Hopefully they won’t need repairing :joy:, but yes I agree it would be good if for example you could order replacement parts if something breaks, and watch a video for guidance on repairing.

Very few companies do that these days. For example my last phone was a Razer phone. After 18 months of use the charger port broke. I could have easily replaced myself, but after contacting; they would not supply me with a replacement part, and would only allow me to send it in for repair; which I would have been charged for the labour.
So instead of a cheap part, and a simple repair job from me. It would have cost me at least £100 to replace a part that would have cost me £10-£20. So I decided to replace my phone, and never buy from Razer again.

As with repairing a monitor I think I would much prefer to send it off for repair, but if someone could repair themselves. It would be cool if they could contact Eve for replacement parts.


When do we have to pay got told that we would get a email when we should pay and how but I haven’t seen anything


Hi, @Smashy_Alts! I hope the following quote helps to answer your question.

Also, you’ll receive an email reminder when you can pay the remainder of your order.


I think most companies avoid this due to liability. While a lot of us may know what we are doing inside electronics, there are a lot more people who don’t or worse think they do but have no idea. It is much safer during warranty periods to require the user to send it in to a shop where they can control the repairs. What happens if a user damages a trace on one of the PCBs and causes another fault? How can they tell if this was due to a factory defect or user error? Now they may need to ship this unit in just to find out it was not their error which costs money.

Then you get to the problem of having to store these spare parts in warehouses to process orders. They may sit there a long time before someone orders them which also costs money. This versus having a smaller supply in a repair shop which can just order more from the supplier when they get low.

All that being said I would love it if they could make this possible. Maybe if a problem can be diagnosed remote an option could be provided to ship the replacement part to the user with an agreement that any additional damage while replacing the part would void the warranty (may have to look at local laws however to see what is allowed here). It seems the best case may be the ability to have these parts after the warranty ends.


Good evening. Glad to see how the spectrum can be so easily repairable at least to change the joystick module! Since you are working on the final payment. I have one more question about the shipment that the support center could not answer. Are you thinking of a shipping way / method that does not charge customs duties? If it helps, many times when I order from China many use a shipping method called Epachet or (for Italy) Italy priority line! With these 2 types of shipping I have never paid the customs even for very expensive pieces. Can you help me get some clarification? Thank you very much for your future reply


Great to see the improvements that have been made in direct comparison on the prototypes you guys sent out. Keep the updates coming, great work so far!


My example scenario was based on when warranty runs out. In which it was as simple as unscrewing replacing part and finished.

I would not recommend doing this while you have a warranty, because you would void it, but I feel after the warranty period if certain people know what’s wrong, and feel comfortable fixing issues. Why not be able to supply them with the parts? I personally wouldn’t repair my own monitor, and would most likely save up for a new one.

Also disclaimers for repair videos like you do so at your own risk. Don’t do if under warranty etc. Will go a long a way.

Again I must state if I had anything under warranty I would send it off.

Edit: I’m cooking right now I miss things. If requesting a part wouldn’t the manufacturing department have the parts? I’m sure on the odd occasion when someone needs to repair they could have parts sent for a cost.

Edit 2: Most warranties stickers say things like once opened warranty void. Which I do agree with. No one should attempt repair if they do not know what they are doing, or willing to risk extra damage repairing something they possibly dont understand.

As I say for a monitor; me personally I would either send for repair, or purchase a new one.

Shipping is definitely a good question. Me being from the UK, and many issues arriving lately with the Brexit tarrifs etc. It would be good to find out more information regarding this area.
Either way I will have my spectrum, but it’s helpful to know in advance.

Also in regards to repairing. I would not attempt repair if you know what you are doing etc. It looks simple on video, but attempting a repair on this kind of item, issues can arrise. I remember my 1st laptop repair, oh boy…


Hey, @Gaetano_Zito! Thanks for your suggestion.

We’ll announce more details in the community soon; stay tuned!


I think the big issue is with laws in different counties. For example in the US, that warranty sticker means absolutely nothing. By law they cannot void your warranty if an user breaks the seal. Who knows if they can even say the warranty is void if an user improperly installs a part themselves here. I think it is on the company to prove the user was at fault which seems like a big pain for a small company.

Even if they do a supply of parts for their own repairs that does not mean they can easily setup a system to sell to end users. There is a big difference between an internal system to order bulk parts when needed that is drop shipped from the factory vs one that needs a front end for users to select and buy the items. Then they have to be picked from some storage location, packed, and shipped. You go from buying in bulk to small individual orders which are much more labor intensive.

None of this is in argument against self-repair. I am a heavy advocate for right to repair, but it is always good to see from different perspectives.


Admittedly I don’t know much about different laws on warranty etc. To my understanding if you attempted a repair during warranty period you would be at risk of voiding your warranty, because what could be a manufacturing issue could end up being a customer issue for trying to repair something, and causing more damage.

I know some companies when you contact a customer service they can send you replacement parts at a cost, but it’s just less known for companies to do this these days.

I would understand if they didn’t allow this, because of the I guess logistical issues that can arrise by supplying replacement parts.

Just would be good for example the controller board like on the video broke, and needed replacing. Your warranty as ended, and you could repair it yourself with confidence, if you can could get the replacement part. Instead you need to send it off pay shipping both ends, labour, and cost of the part.

It just would be a good thing to do on a case by case basis contacting customer service etc. Most people would only contact once warranty would have ran out anyway.


Completely agree, though admittedly it would be at least a year from launch before we would see any of this coming about assuming one year warranty for the US.