Project: Spectrum | Mass Production In Action & Shipping Update


Beloved community,

Spectrum is being continuously assembled and tested in the factory; meanwhile, the stand production is steadily ramping up. I traveled to our stand factory and took a look at the freshly assembled stand units off the assembly line. These final units have been much improved compared with previous prototypes, thanks to the application of our quality standard and multiple rounds of detailed inspection of our team. In the topic, I’m bringing you an exclusive look at our mass production assembly line in motion through my camera, as well as an update on Spectrum shipping.

Mass production


Shipping will commence as planned from June 29th. Orders will be shipped based on the following criteria:

1. Production output speed

At the moment, we are assembling about 200 monitors a day. Each unit undergoes individual color calibration (average ΔE 0.59) and thorough factory quality checks. Additionally, a third-party quality control inspection takes place to ensure your Spectrum is without defects. As our assembly line operators gain experience, the cycle time of each station will decrease. The resulting increased daily output will allow us to ship more orders each day. We estimate this process to take approximately two weeks to reach our full production capacity of around 500 per day. Units will be dispatched from our factory to our Hong Kong distribution center every time enough units have been manufactured to fill a container.

2. The date you finalized your balance payment

As orders come off the assembly line and are sent to our distribution center, they are matched with open orders by balance payment finalization date on a first come, first serve basis. Furthermore, we are making sure that people who mistakenly placed their order on the international store instead of the EU store have their order place adjusted according to the time they first reached out to our support team.

What to expect in the coming days

People who chose express shipping will get their units shipped by air immediately once their monitors arrive at our distribution center from the factory. These orders will receive their tracking number shortly after being shipped. This will also be accompanied by an order fulfillment email.

Those who chose standard shipping, which varies upon the region, will have their orders shipped by sea freight to regional warehouses. From this point, a courier will pick up the order for delivery to their new homes. It is during this latter phase of the shipping process that the tracking number will be provided. We are looking into a way to share additional order updates before your orders arrive at the regional warehouse. Unfortunately, these orders will be shipped in bulk, which is proving challenging to find an efficient and effective way to provide this information.

Press units shipping

As we do not want to keep customers waiting for their units, we have reserved a limited number of monitors for the press. At this time, we have shipped these units to journalists and reviewers who have expressed interest in this product. The release date for these reviews will vary based on the reviewers’ current schedule. So, you can expect to see and read these reviews in the coming weeks. As more units are produced, we will send out more press units to reach a wider audience. Of course, we will survey the community about which reviewers should be included once we have more units available.

We plan to capture the moment at which loaded Spectrums depart for their new home from our factory for the first time. Stay tuned!



Nice work! 500 monitors per day is insane


Wow, it’s great to see how far we’ve come. The video is very nice to get a glimpse of how Spectrum is getting built. Can’t wait to finally get mine :grinning:.


Super excited! I cannot wait to get my hands on this new monitor.

Any idea when more skins will be available for purchase?


We’re nearly there… Will we get to prove the nay sayers wrong?Yes 6 months late but I’m still excited. I didn’t order thinking it would be a walk in the park


Which reviewers have you sent to so far


I wonder how many orders they have in total for these…


Seeing the production of the monitors just warms my heart :slight_smile:
You guys are a great example of a transparent and honest Kickstarter-campaign which is even more impressive with everything that has been going on in the last months!
Can’t wait to receive the monitor and I wish you guys (and myself ofc :grin:) a smooth shipping process!


This is great news! I know we’ve all waited a while, but glad to see Eve reaching the finish line. Hopefully many of us will receive our new monitors in the next month. Definitely looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Hey @UncleLicious,
We will be providing these details at a later date with a dedicated post that links to the reviews.

Hey @DG,
While i understand your interest in this specific information. Unfortunetly this will not be information we will be providing to the community at this time. We are ramping up production, and you will receive your Spectrum as soon as possible.


Seeing your comment greatly warms my heart. :hugs:


I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it. You know, you know, you know, I wants my precioussss.


Love the Pointer Sisters and Gollum mashup there!


What units do reviewers get? the 4k models? or all 3?
I am sure that we would like to see reviews for the different units, as I personally would like to see the review of the Model2 (2k 240hz) unit.

If they have not already, will the reviewers get additional models to review?


Still haven’t received my email to pay my balance. Are you guys still sending those out?


Hey @Denisz,
At this time, we will only be sending our the 4k 144hz model to reviewers. We will ofcourse communicate further when we plan to send the other models to reviewers.

Hey @Dereck_Allred,
You should have received your balance payment invitation by now if you ordered the 4k 144hz model. Please check your spam folder on your email inbox. If it is not located here, please contact our support team, and they will be happy to assist you further.


I ordered march 25 of 2020 and have not received my balance payment email. Is this to be expected? Are those still going out?


Hey @Aalte12,
You should have recieved your balance payment invitation. Please check your spam folder on your email account. If it is not located here please contact our support team, and they will assist with issuing your invitation.


How about us who got a wrong initial order, received a new order link almost a month later and finalized it a few days ago, do we get to keep our original spot in the queue?


Hey @KiroKompiro,
I will double check this with the team, and get back to you as soon as possible when I receive relevant information.