Project: Spectrum | Long Awaited News


Hey everyone,

In today’s update, we’ve got some long-awaited news. Some of it is really good, some of it is not so good, depending on which model you’ve ordered. There’s been a lot of activity around Spectrum of late, and everyone on the team is hard at work to make sure everything continues to go according to plan. Let’s have a look at the project status!

Awesome 4K experiences are on the way

Eve Spectrum ES07D03, our first monitor, is a real thing now. It’s being manufactured, tested, packaged, and being transported to customers even as we speak. The team is simultaneously nervous and excited: We know that we have an amazing product for you, but at this crucial stage, more than ever we are on the lookout to keep any potential wrenches out of our gears.

But so far, everything is going smoothly. The first units left the factory on schedule, and shipping proceeds according to plan. As monitors are manufactured, we’ll ship more out with every truck we fill.

We showed some photos from the factory warehouse earlier this week. But now that the truck driver has given us back our Grant, he was able to give us a whole video!

Customers will, as always, be updated by direct e-mail about their order progress. Please keep in mind that tracking numbers don’t show up until the unit either leaves the Hong Kong warehouse for express shipping, or the local warehouse for normal shipping.

240Hz supply issue

In past updates, we’ve touched on the restrictions on engineering- and other resources caused by the Covid pandemic. For us, this mainly meant that our manufacturing partner could only tackle one of our projects at a time. As we have said before, the electronics, housing, mechanical testing, and much of the firmware development, are examples of development progress that carries over from 4K to 240Hz. As a result, we were well on schedule to begin testing and production of the second model.

With the development of our first monitor completed, our manufacturing partner has now officially started the new project on their end, and this is where a major issue popped up. Though we have provided continuous sales forecasts based on the reservations placed by our customers, we learned that the factory never stocked the panel used for our 240Hz model. As we are a new player on the monitor market, our sales contact doubted our ability to sell the numbers we projected and decided to ‘play it safe’ by only ordering panels for the ongoing project. When we were informed that the panels we forecast were in the warehouse, our contact left out the detail that this only applied to the 4K version.

This would not have caused a big issue under normal circumstances, as the panels could simply be sourced at a later date. With the ongoing worldwide component shortage however, suppliers are not only delayed but even actively canceling previously agreed shipments, and this includes major players in the industry like our panel supplier. Having the 4K panels on hand early meant that we are able to produce thousands of monitors at a time when other manufacturers are struggling to source panels. The same should have applied to our other models.

As a result, we have almost everything in place to start production of our second monitor. But without the actual display panel, we can’t manufacture any 240Hz models yet. Based on the latest forecasts from our suppliers, we expect production to begin in October. Of course we are continuously exploring ways to make this happen sooner. After the momentum we’ve built up bringing our initial model to market, this is the last thing we wanted to announce – especially this close to the target shipping date. We will remain committed to bringing you the best monitors on the market, as soon as we can.

We understand that this announcement is coming very close to the scheduled release of this model, and we apologize for the last-minute notice. The situation was unexpected for us, and when we found out we wanted to make sure we could tell you more than “no panels now, we don’t know when”. Of course, in addition to these community posts, affected customers are also being kept informed by direct e-mail.



Yikes. This is pretty dismal…


I did expect a delay.
But i did not expect it to be so long.
I am not sure if i want to wait for so long again.


I will not wait the additional time. That is almost a full year of delay after the original plan. I will be purchasing a competitive monitor from any established company, especially as the cost of competitive monitors has dropped substantially


Well this news soured my entire day… hell even a month. Was hoping to get my 240HZ 1440p monitor at the latest in August for my birthday. Now a very vague October deadline.
Knowing past tactics/issues, this might as well be 2022 Q1. I even suggested Your monitors in local Estonian forum. They basically laughed at me when they heard “Eve” is producing, knowing very well of Your past troubles with launching products. I defended that Eve now has a strict timeline for release. Shipping already basically. It seems I am a fool afterall… and they proved me wrong. :S


the contact that dropped the ball just lost you a ton of business, sorry


I’m probably going to end up canceling my pre-order. This is just getting too long in the tooth. If you’re predicting October now I probably won’t get a monitor until 2022.


Wow, this is ridiculous if we have to be honest. I will be requesting my pre-order money back for certain. I think we have waited long enough. I think next time you guys plan on creating something special, maybe start production first before promising shipping dates.


This is not something that just is casually realized this late in the game… we should have been informed about the 240hz displays sooner. We are now pushing on almost and entire year delay. By that time this tech won’t even be on the cutting edge anymore and we have plenty of monitors out already with similar specs that will be cheaper. I’m not sure how you guys expect us to wait that long at that price point with those specs. There better be some sort of discount or free mount or something for this… I’m about 1 more inconvenience away from cancelling. I expected a delay with covid-19 but this is excessive. especially to just now be finding this information out.


Expected a delay as well but wow what a pothole to drive into, I am more surprised at the fact that no one questioned the 240hz panel availability for um the last six to eight months? I understand the pandemic however a simple team ask of so what about the 240hz panels six to eight months ago might have meant the July 9th date was a real one. So close to just canceling and ordering a LG 240hz based monitor. I have waited so long for it so what is another five to six months? Yeesh…

Edit: ROG Swift PG279QM releases on July 9th. Maybe a win after all.


Was expecting a delay, but that’s a huge delay. Also the magical “we learned that the factory never stocked the panel for 240hz” comment really rubs the wrong way. That is a huge blunder that can’t be overlooked, so either incompetence, or just a straight up lie IMO. Not trying to ruffle any feathers, but that is just completely unacceptable, especially with the reputation Eve has had due to mishandling and straight up shady scenarios.

Now time to decide to either cancel my 240hz preorder I’ve had for over a year and nab the dell version (which uses the lg 240hz ips panel that will be used in the eve 240hz, and has been available for quite some time now), or decide to wait and hold off till these monitors get produced.

Overall, not happy with this. Sigh


agreed… how do you just now find that out after giving us a release date for it within the past month… that makes zero sense


Agreeing with the other voices here. I’ve been waiting quite some time now and the delays on such short notice are just not a good way to deal with the community. Also - judging by the words

We learned that the factory never stocked the panel used for our 240Hz model

it seems like you guys need to take a serious look at your inventory and long term planing. I held back all this time and now i am actually considering to cancel my preorder.


So ASUS is about to pop out an hdmi 2.1 monitor with similar specs right??? :// shrugs literally just bought a new vesa mount and new desk for this setup with my old monitor… this is rough news…


This is actually a disappointment. It’s hard to believe none questioned the panels in stock so close to going into mass production. You should think about giving everyone a price discount.


As someone who preordered the 2k 144hz monitor this blows pretty hard. There was no clarity on the fact that 4K and 2k 240hz monitors were shipping out first, until the end stages of production. I’ve been waiting for a very long time, only to find out that the specific model I ordered won’t be available until closer to the end of the year. Now with the 2k 240hz monitors have been pushed back to October, I’m sure I can expect that the model I ordered won’t be shipping out till next year. I was willing to be patient and understood that I would be waiting, but to not find out that I was gonna have to wait over half a year at least from the beginning of shipping to when I would be able to get my order sucked, and now the mode that was supposed to come second is delayed. This just kinda sucks because the hype built up and now I’m not even excited.


That’s really disappointing, especially after the prior announcements. I was waiting for the 240hz model the most, now I will consider going for an Asus XG27AQM in case it becomes available before the spectrum is able to ship.

Will the development for this model still completed in the meantime? What is the plan for the next months?

And most importantly, does this statement mean that once the 240hz model is being manufactured there wont be any new 4K units made?

And also: can we expect a community testing period, now that the product launch is pushed back for so long?


Thank you for the update. I recently switched from the 4k to 240hz model. I will be canceling my preorder at this time. I appreciate the info, but this is well outside my initial purchase plans.


While this is super disappointing, if I were to give them the benefit of the doubt, I’d guess/assume this is them letting us know as soon as they knew. As they wrote in the description, it sounds like they were focused on getting the first 4k 144hz model ready and out (which makes sense since that’s the first one to be released).

That being said, I think people need to do what works for the whether that’s canceling/buying another monitor or waiting if they really want to. I think they’re well aware what kind of impact this will have on their image. I, personally, highly doubt they were just sitting on this for a long time.


You guys better hope the competition doesn’t pump out some nice black friday deals. I assume with the way things have been lately we will easily get delayed passed then so if that happens you will 100% be losing my order.

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