Project: Spectrum | Improving the OSD

There will be DCI-P3 and sRGB. This is because we do not have Adobe RGB data for the panel.

Sorry I’m one of the few people asking questions here. But I just keep coming up with things to ask. Todays question is: will the monitor support Quick Media Switching (QMS)? I know the previous won’t support it, but it seems to be a natural use of VRR as documented here.

I think it is a nice feature for anyone who watches video on their monitor, which is a lot of people now a days. At lease I have an Apple TV plugged into my monitor that could use it.

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QMS is something that we are considering for Spectrum OLED.

Are we getting full DDC/CI & MCCS support?

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We are still working with our firmware team to implement broad DDC support, but we cannot provide any more details at the moment.

Hello, have you heard of Sharp Bilinear scaling?
It is documented here: A shader for sharp pixels – gamingprojects

It seems to use nearest neighbor to the closest integer and then uses bilinear scaling for the rest. Very cool. That would be an amazing addition for retro games.

Here is a recent alternative that is claimed to be a better implantation: GitHub - zadpos/Sharp-Shimmerless-Shader: A Sharp, Shimmering-free Shader for RetroArch

I highly recommend either as a feature if possible.

Just found another variant that is claimed to be better for lower res 3D games

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This will depend on what kind of upscaling method that the scaler capable of doing. I have brought this up to the team to see what the options are for us (and to see if we have the option at all).

Will report back as soon as I hear something from the team about this.


Ya, if it adds too much latency it probably won’t be worth it. If it doesn’t work out, please let me know what the reason is. I always like to know the background information of why decisions are made.