Project: Spectrum | How To Update The Firmware


Hey, community!

I’ll detail the standard operating procedure (SOP) of updating Spectrum’s firmware on this topic. The goal is to build it into a step-by-step guide that you can easily follow after getting Spectrum on your hands. It’s worth noting that this post serves to give an idea of how the firmware update works, and that the latest instructions on how to perform firmware updates will always be included with the firmware updates themselves. Let’s dive in!


Step 1

Download the latest firmware update (Archive includes the updater tool), by clicking downloads at the following link: Downloads – Dough

Step 2

Install Spectrum Firmware Update Software onto a Windows desktop PC (or laptop).

Step 3

Close other programs.

Step 4

Open VLIMStarISPTool via the created desktop icon (or from the start menu).

Step 5

Connect Spectrum with the PC (or laptop) via a USB Type-C# connector. The video input source can be Type-C, DP, or HDMI.

Step 6

Open OSD by middle-click the joystick, under Input/Output, switch Select USB hub source to USB Type-C#.

# Alternatively, use Type-B in place of Type-C.

Step 7

Under Input/Output, switch USB-C bandwidth priority to USB 3.1 & 4K @ 60Hz.

Input/Output submenu content

Step 8

Click Refresh in VLI MStarISPTool, until “Device Connect…” shows up.

Step 9

Click Open File, and load the appropriate firmware file.


Step 10

Click MStar FW Update.

Step 11

Wait until the instruction of power cycling the monitor shows up. It’s essential not to touch the desktop PC (or laptop) and the monitor during this period.

Step 12

Upon seeing the instruction to power cycle the monitor, unplug the monitor’s DC plug, wait at least five seconds, then plug in the monitor.


Step 13

This firmware is a scaler update only

The monitor boots up as usual.

This firmware involves a 3300 chip update

Process… window shows up, and the indicator light starts changing gradually from green to blue and eventually purple. After instruction to power cycle the monitor shows up, unplug the monitor’s DC plug, wait at least five seconds, then plug in the monitor. After that, the monitor boots up as usual.

Step 14

Open OSD, under Information, verify that the updated firmware version is displayed.


If you have any questions regarding the update process or suggestions of how this SOP can be improved, don’t hesitate to let us know!



Will there be software to do this on Mac?


What are the details of the USB cable required to update the firmware?
Does it need to be a Type C connection with video output, or can it be USB 2.0 bandwidth? etc.
It would be nice to be able to use a TypeA to TypeB USB cable, as many older desktop PCs do not have a TypeC port.


They said that you can use the type-b cable instead of the type-c.


Any news about the firmware update method via macOS? I don’t have any windows PC or laptop in my house, and it will be very inconvenient to update the monitor.


I know it sucks, but if you want to find a PC to do the update on the cheap check your local government surplus sales. A lot of times they are selling old PC mini-desktops for cheap.

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This is not an acceptable solution. There needs to be the Mac equivalent software


Can’t control that, so I thought I would give a solution even if it was not optimal. I would also assume using bootcamp to boot windows would also work (assuming you are not using the new M1 Macs).


I would presume that eventually we would be able to do it from windows, mac and linux eventually… Maybe even a phone app :open_mouth:? tho i doubt i would use that XD
I think its an issue of get something working out, then refine and add support for more features and OSes
I wonder if you may be able to do it through a windows VM meanwhile? I know not native, but potentially a solution meanwhile.
But Mac is a super closed off ecosystem, why im partly guessing they dont have one ready yet. I guess shouldn’t be surprising when you buy into the mac ecosystem tho… :man_shrugging: I haven’t thought of this before, but do macs even allow you that level of access unless you are a developer or something? Like it would seems that mac would not want you to be able to modify firmware, but maybe just not on their devices but they would allow for other devices. curious.


Mac OS is not nearly as locked down as their mobile OS versions. You can install unofficial software from the internet outside official sources. While I do not use Mac OS, there are plenty of people who do and enjoy it better then Windows or Linux. I know a lot of devs that use Macs. Not sure if you meant it this way, but you last paragraph comes off as pretty negative to Mac users.


Oh interesting, maybe my mac impression comes from their mobile then, but still pretty locked down no? And have to like get apple approval for stuff? So in relation to firmware upgrader app i would think, they are going to have it get signed and approved by apple, which would take time/effort, unlike what they have done now with windows, they can just have out as beta in order to get people started as well as also to use themselves to speed up their workflow. I don’t want to speak for the devs though.

Not trying to be negative at all, just realistic. Ill preface that I’ve used mac briefly a long time ago, just never could get into it and I don’t agree with the closed off system, but some of my family uses iphones/ipads others android phones, windows or linux for laptops/desktops, I know some of my fellow devs used macs too, no judgment either way. There are pros and cons to everything and mac has its share as does linux or windows or android, or whatever/everything else. It’s what’s right for people personally in the end. I’m just saying, that you accept what you are buying into, either way, what ever it may be, thus accepting both the pros and the cons of the system. There is no wrong or right just preference. Mac is a closed system which comes with its pros and cons, and you gotta accept that when buying into it.

Anyways, I don’t want to start a mac vs pc or whatever discussion and derail the firmware convo lol. Each has its audience, and its uses, and keeps good competition/innovation, and I am always for that.

I’d agree, but my point was that it may take longer due to the closed nature of mac systems, at least from what I understand it to be. I could be wrong, I’m not a Spectrum dev, I’m only speculating. It could be that their time/effort went into getting a windows version working for now as they are getting it ready, then mac/linux version will come later perhaps? Ill leave it at that and wait for the official replies :slight_smile:

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Hey, guys! The Mac version of Spectrum firmware update software has been planned and will become available later down the line after shipping.



Where is the upgrade tool for windows for download?.



Can anyone check to see if it works under vmware fusion

the MacOS system isn’t closed like iPhone. Devs just don’t aim for it because it’s a different set of instructions. Nothing has to be approved by Apple. it just needs to be signed in order for it to launch without a little speed bump.


Hi, ¿Where is the upgrade tool and the repository of the firmwares?.


Hi, @iti! You can find the firmware downloads as well as all the documentation on our support page in the “downloads” section. The download includes the firmware file, the upgrade tool, and the instructions.


Thanks @Javild, I dont know that section.


@Javild There seems to be a bug in the page, when you expand out the Firmware section for the Spectrum, it also expands out the firmware section of the V 2017 (and vice versa). Just FYI.


I’m having some issues with my firmware update. I applied the update through the tool as described in the instructions. It completed and asked me to power cycle, which I have done. Now it says “processing update…” for a bit, then goes black. There are no LED lights during this at all, despite what the instructions say.


After doing this 6 times (unplug wait, plug back in wait) it finally got to “done” and is now showing firmware 102R875. Each time I waited 15 minutes (I posted on the 5th time). There was never an LED showing progress and only a black screen after “processing update…” went away.

Not as described in the instructions and very scary. Just FYI.


You’re right, I hadn’t noticed that. I’ll pass this on to the team so they can look into it and fix it.

I’m glad you were able to get it to work eventually. Please submit a support ticket on our website with an explanation of your issue so our team can keep track of the issue and, if necessary, fix it in a future update.