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Beloved community,

I’m back from the holiday and am pumped to write to you about the fun time our China team had with Spectrum! I got myself a mini PC; with its help, I delved deeper into the color settings and video input detection of the prototype I got. I will write about all of these after a quick status update from our team:

Balance Payment Date Adjustment

We have decided to change the payment collection date from 12th May to 20th May. To ensure the process runs smoothly, we will take our time to set it up and perform tests thoroughly. This change will have no impact on the estimated shipping date.

During the holiday

Labor day is a consecutive five-day holiday here in mainland China that runs from 1st May through 5th May. Although we do work on the previous Sunday and next Saturday to make up for the time, it’s nice to have these five days in a row to have a lovely break. A whole day of sleep, photography in nature, eating a lot, gaming on Spectrum overnight… Our team members celebrated it in their own way. We noticed that most hotels are fully booked three weeks in advance, and the rate tripled during these five days.

Our China team performed extensive testing enjoyed gaming on Spectrum. Here’s a look behind the scenes:

In the meantime, we wrapped up the tester reach-out in private messages and are readying their units to be sent. We aim to ship most of them out by the end of 10th May, and they are estimated to arrive around 13th May.

Unlike here, our firmware team worked from Monday to Wednesday as they had the same holiday on Friday last week. Three firmware updates focusing on bug fixes came during this period; each brings improvements on factory command and various on-screen display (OSD) items. At the moment, the firmware team is focusing on debugging issues discovered by quality and reliability engineering (QRE) testing and our team member’s own experience with the prototypes on hand. For example, I found out that the user-defined color temperature tuning has more than 100 actual steps implemented; the latest firmware enables proper OSD number change for 255 steps for R, G, and B channels. I was able to tweak the white point to my liking (D65) using the debugged manual adjustments. After the testers receive their prototypes, we’ll be able to let Spectrum reach an even broader range of devices and undergo more testing about real-world use cases for improvements.

What’s next

We will introduce the locked-down balance payment flow on 13th May’. Around the same time, we will update the firmware and project status. The final retail price for the 4K model Spectrum (for those who will miss the pre-order window) will also be announced soon. There’s a lot to cover, and we are looking forward to writing to you soon!

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'Update May 13th:
We have rescheduled the final balance payment flow introduction to be released on May 20th, the same time when balance payment collection starts.



Have the review units for the media already been sent out?


Hey, @darkguy2! No review units have been sent out yet.


Edit, I misunderstood the qestions so this doesn’t apply.
I know that @Lore_Wonder answered you, but I just wanted to share this in case you missed it :slight_smile:


What is the current estimated shipping date for customers? I’ve lost track with the countless delays.


Also interested in this. I’m expecting my unit in Laredo Texas and I’m not sure when would it arrive…

Thanks, @Tikio! I’d like to clarify that the community tester units are for prototype testing instead of reviews; when we have the final product, that’s when we’ll send out review units to let reviewers experience the same as our customers when they receive Spectrum.


Here you go this should answer your questions! :slight_smile:


Is the price of the 4K monitor going to be higher than expected?


Thanks for the update @Lore_Wonder. It’s reassuring to hear that the change in balance payment date will not effect the current estimated shipping date.

Could I ask for a little more clarification on this? I
don’t quite understand.

Great little clip show-casing the Spectrum in action. I never knew there was actually a LED power indicator on the front of the Spectrum.

The current price being offered for the Spectrum is discounted, and to lock in the current price a deposit is needed. Current price for the Spectrum model 3 without stand is $709


Sorry @Lore_Wonder I misunderstood the question that @darkguy2 asked :sweat_smile:


I don’t get how you want to bill us in May when I haven’t even been told how much its going to cost me?? In British pounds how much is it expected to be?

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For our customers who have already per-ordered, this will not have an impact on their final price. Spectrum pricing increases as it approaches shipping. You can read more about our pricing model in the following quote:


The current price is €709 without the stand, and not including shipping.
Based on a quick search of the exchange rate. This will be around £615.58 GBP.

I hope the following quote will help you to calculate the total cost

Based on the current exchange rate, and current estimated costs for the express shipping this would calculate to around £159.75.
£39.07 for the current estimated standard shipping.
Shipping estimates are for the UK.

For me, I ordered the Spectrum when the price was €689, because I will be ordering with the stand, and express shipping. This will cost me £844.88.
If I ordered at current prices this would be £862.15; based on the current estimated shipping costs, and exchange rate.


I’m not waiting on any reviewers (or anyone other than myself) to me opinions on the product. I have a gut feeling that it’s going to be 100% PERFECT!!!


Are we going to get a email when we can pay with a link?


Absolutely! We will release a sneak peek of how the payment flow works on 13th May. This is the third part of the balance payment communication topics we planned.

It sounds like it will probably be interesting for us to try to show small details in videos!


I believe they are asking if the price we assume we locked in for our monitor will remain the same or is it going to increase? i.e. are we paying the price we were told was locked in for pre-order or are we having to pay the increased retail price.


Yes! We will reach out to you with your personal invitation in the form of a unique payment link tied to your Spectrum order.

Your are paying the price you were told was locked in for pre-order. If you have pre-ordered Spectrum, you have already locked your price. The increase to Spectrum price we had since then has no impact on what you’ll need to finalize for your balance payment.


Thank you for clearing that up. I was so confused!

I would agree with this! Just when I thought the Spectrum couldn’t look any more sleek. You show me this subtle LED!

I to share your sentiments.

I see. Thanks for the clarification. If this is the case. @Lore_Wonder very recently answered this: