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Hi there, community!

It is me again, Theo, the Community Reporter! Here I am again to provide you with more info about our project updates. This time, I am bringing news about our beloved glossy Spectrum. With this topic, I would like to share a few basics about our glossy panel, and more importantly, I will talk about our meaningful progress on ES07DC9 (Spectrum 4K glossy). You will read all about it here!

Scratching the surface

Our glossy coating is not made simply by removing the matte film or applying a glossy layer on top of the current panel. Instead, we must replace the polarizer layer entirely. Since we cannot change the part of the panel on our assembly line, the revision needs to come directly from the panel provider, LG Display.

Source: LCD Basics /

Following modification of this part of the panel, LG recalibrated its LCD assembly line, redo the certification process, tune the display color, and conduct durability tests. All these processes took time to get right, and when we finally got the panels ready with our customized polarizers, we brought them to our manufacturing partner.

Refining the edges

Implementing a glossy finish to our current panel required plenty of research and development (R&D). As incredible as it sounds, our glossy panel was handmade at the beginning while we await for its production line to be established.

This panel was used for our early engineering sample of ES07DC9. Because it is handmade, the coating couldn’t be applied perfectly, and the panel exhibits a cosmetic flaw. This imperfection appeared as a hair-thin line at the edge of the screen when there is light around. As can be seen below:

Issue -- in ambient lighting
Cosmetic imperfection showed in ambient lighting.

Issue -- in direct lighting
Cosmetic imperfection shown in direct lighting, slightly zoomed in (excuse the dust speckles :laughing:).

To fix this, we need to ready the panels’ production line, so we can let the machines do the job for us. After an extensive R&D, LG has now confirmed that they are ready to automate the production. Starting from the pilot production run, the panels will be produced using advanced and precise machinery.

Improvement -- wide angle
Overview of our 4K glossy liquid crystal module (LCM). Using already improved glossy panel.

Improvement -- close up
Close up picture showing the improved edges.

Project progression

Because our glossy variants are based on their matte equivalents, there is no need for engineering validation testing (EVT) and design validation testing (DVT). Still, there will be a phase of testing that will be conducted before ES07DC9 enters mass production.

Despite challenges caused by the Covid-situation in China, our project is still on track for ES07DC9’s scheduled release. Unlike the logic board factory, our contract manufacturer is not affected by the strict lockdown so we can still continue the testing phase.

For the testing, we have prepared an initial firmware build specifically for ES07DC9. The firmware is built based on ES07D03, albeit with a minor change due to different model numbers. While this is a minor change, we still need to anticipate any possibility of bugs. Product validation testing (PVT) will be paramount to point out and fix any errors that might arise before finally having our beloved ES07DC9 ready for mass production. We have also prepared test builds that will go through the quality control process (otherwise known as QRE test) that assesses:

Functionality and Compatibility
  • Power saving and AC power consumption measurement test
  • Firmware test
  • OSD function check
  • DCR function test
  • Display compatibility test
  • Stress test
  • Display visual test
  • Display Data Channel / Command Interface (DDC/CI) APIs function test
  • Panel optical characters check
  • Audio function check
  • USB hub compatibility test
  • USB-C compatibility test
  • Audio performance test
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test - radiation and conduction
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity test
  • AC power on/off characteristics test
  • Thermal profile test for skin temperature
  • Non-operating temperature and humidity test
  • Operating temperature and humidity test
  • Cold start in low and high-temperature test
  • Package storage test
  • Package vibration test
  • Package drop test
  • Wall mount strength test
  • Monitor stability test
  • Acoustic noise test
  • Altitude test
  • Kensington test
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) testing
  • Rubber foot test
  • Stand base support strength test
  • Hinge fix strength test
  • Hinge test
  • Rotate adjustment test
  • Swivel adjustment test
  • Port durability test
  • Button durability test
  • Withstanding voltage test
  • Isolated resistance test
  • Leakage current test
Additional Features
  • FreeSync Premium Pro Certification
  • G-SYNC Compatible Certification
  • Motion blur reduction feature
  • VESA HDR 600
  • Moving picture response time (MPRT) 1ms

Spectrum burn-in test
ES07DC9s are currently going through burn-in. The screen goes through a cycle of colors to test the display’s reliability (this falls under MTBF testing).

That is all for now! Feel free to drop your comment below, and as always… Cheers!



Very nice! Thank you for updating us, hopefully this will be a reoccurring thing for this project. There was mention of a new shipping process starting with the glossy model. Any news on that?


Very informative! Good to know the factory wasn’t affected by the lockdown and the irst batch are on schedule for June shipping! Exciting! Since I think they are to be shipped from regional warehouses this time, where might the ones for North America? Thank you for the progress update!


Hi @MrMehh,

I will keep track of the project updates and share them with the community as part of my task. For the new shipping process, we have established warehouses in different regions and are in the process of filling the stocks (currently 4K matte model only, followed by more models as they are ready to be shipped)

Hi @Techmo,

Thank you, glad you liked it! Yes, we are currently still on schedule for June shipping. Unfortunately, I do not have the exact information about the exact warehouse location in NA.


Thanks for the update. Can’t wait for my 3 glossy monitors to be delivered :smiley:

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Status of the qhd model? It’s been delayed a lot and no new info on it.

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Heya, so when is the matte 280hz due again?
And why was there no option to switch to glossy at a proper low price like there was at first announcement.
Cuz me passing on that was based on finally having the monitor in April over waiting another half a year at least for the glossy one. It’s been 2 years already …
But then came another delay which basically left me no option but to wait as long as I would have for the glossy screen - but now I can’t switch anymore at the discount. Or did I miss an announcement?

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I remember when the 4K 144 matte was still on track.

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Hi guys,

There is a topic already went live that post updates on all Spectrum variants that are still in development (@Wazbaz_the_Weary linked it above). At the moment we are still in the design validation testing (DVT) phase of the project for ES07D02 (280Hz matte).

Estimated shipping for ES07D02 is Q3 2022.

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Hi there,

Thanks for the update - I canceled my order to upgrade to the glossy version ready for June.

So it is still on for June shipping to the UK? Any updates on the UK warehouse/distribution?

Hi @Jordan_Gittins,

Current development is still on track with planned shipping on June 2022. Also, we have established a regional warehouse in the UK :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Looking forward to getting my hands on it next month then!

Remember that’s when Eve starts shipping it to local warehouses, not when you actually receive it. Given past experience, it could be 2-3 months after that when you actually receive the unit. And that is, of course, assuming Eve actually meets the June estimate which, as we’ve seen so far, is highly unlikely.


@Cas Is that true? So when would it deliver to my house (in the UK) if the planned shipping date is June 2022?

Hi @mohasi,

I will have to check again with the team about this.

As far as I know, the shipping estimate is based on when the tracking numbers finally manifest. In this case, that would be the moment when the product leaves the warehouse for last-mile delivery.

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Any news on delivery expections so far?

Hi @mohasi,

Not yet. I’ll report back when I get a definite answer.

Hi Cas, any updates on delivery as we get closer to June?

I going to put this here, i hope im 100% wrong. Its 05/23/2022 in my location. I bet the June 2022 ship date is going to be delayed and will include the words “unfortunately” and “doing our best” somewhere in the excuse to the community. And you will find out sometime in June of said delay.

Eve states shipping for the Glossey versions starts in June 2022. Please keep in mind the 4K matte version that was to ship in February has still not yet fulfilled its obligations.

Check back in July