Project: Spectrum | Glossy Mini Start


Hi there community!

This week I am bringing an update on ES07DC9 (Spectrum 4K glossy). With this topic, I would like to give you guys a little tour of what’s currently happening. Happy to report that everything is going smoothly and we are thrilled to enter the first step of mass production!

Mini build

The last couple of weeks have been challenging for our team in China due to the lockdown. Luckily, the lockdown situation in China is getting better now, and we are excited to be able to visit the factory in Suzhou again! Last week we had a mini production build of ES07DC9. This mini build is an assembly of one unit carefully inspected from start to finish prior to the first mass-production run.

At the end of the assembly process, we did a basic check for mechanical parts, which include inspecting any external hardware imperfections, gaps, lining edges, and so on. The end result is all within the intended specification.

Observing panel gap

Measuring panel gap
Our project manager Kira (@Kira) inspecting the finished build and using a filler gauge to measure the bottom gap between panel and chassis.

We are happy to bring this news to you guys as we know you can’t wait to get your hands on the world’s first glossy gaming monitor.

Side-by-side testing

Darkroom comparison
Grant (@Lore_Wonder) comparing both matte and glossy Spectrums side-by-side. As you can see, ES07D03 has diffused light across the surface of the panel and no reflection. ES07DC9 can be seen with deeper blacks and more reflection on a brighter light setup

Default firmware version

Since we are getting very close to full mass production, we discussed about which firmware to use as our default for ES07DC9. Let’s cut to the chase… ES07DC9 will be shipped with version 107 equivalent out of the box! It will be displayed as a version “100”, because with new model number, we cannot have the same firmware numbering.

Meeting room discussion

Meeting room discussion
In the meeting room: Kira discussing with our partner’s sales manager about firmware for our ES07DC9 mainboards.

As the main highlight, this firmware will add support for PS5 VRR and it will also implement DSC over Type-C! To finalize this, we are conducting QRE test on the firmware to assess its compatibility and stability prior to its official release. We sincerely thank you guys for all the feedback on our test bins. We wouldn’t make it this far if it wasn’t because of our community.

So here we are! Now we have two things to look forward to: soon-to-be-released firmware update version 107 for ES07D03, and the imminent mass production of ES07DC9! Please let me know what you guys think! :smiley:



Great news! Glad to hear the lockdown situation is improving and that mass production is starting soon! The glossy display looks so good in the photos! I’m elated to see PS5 VRR and the implementation of DSC over USB-C with Firmware 107! Very exciting that Spectrum 4K Glossy is going smoothly!


Looks cool, any chance we’ll get them in by the end of the month?

Hi @PopotheDope,

With the first mass production run to commence this week, I am sure we can get the stock ready by this month. I cannot say much on shipping yet since we have been constantly bombarded with issues after issues.

We do have the latest update with Spectrum shipping movement. If everything goes well then, I am sure we will go by the same path for ES07DC9, to be shipped along with all outstanding orders.


Sounds good.
I got an email saying I need to complete my balance, but I already paid the whole thing off. Should I just ignore this?

there are 2 balances. your pre-order deposit balance and the other is the final balance. if you already paid the final balance then you just ignore that email.

Hi @PopotheDope,

Just as @LoneWolf said, please ignore the e-mail if you already paid it in full. There was an error with deployment earlier which caused the balance repayment e-mail to get sent out to a lot of people.


The difference between the matte and glossy monitors are almost night and day :open_mouth:
Awesome work Eve!


I’m stunned to see the difference in clarity; while I still want to find a reasonable full hdr monitor for mastering with, ideally an oled panel for perfect blacks, this looks… Stunning? The matte panel frankly looks gray in comparison.


Eve, have you thought of making 16:10 monitor too? 16:10 is getting very popular in laptops now - people realized not everyone is watching movies 24/7 and we need more vertical space. Be the first in that segment too! 16:10 glossy OMG that would rock!!!

Makes sense! We need to pick our battles for now. BUT listening to you folks especially @MT and @eldelacajita we are convinced that monitors that provide more real estate for productivity make sense.
So we will be sure to look out for those!


We have to thank community. As you opened our eyes on the matter!


DSC over USB-C? What does this mean for M1 Max users? Any chance we can now get 144Hz 4K over a USB-C (thunderbolt?) connection, therefore getting full use of the peripherals connected to the monitor, plus charging as well?

How about if we connect 2x 4K glossy Spectrums to an M1 Max? Any benefits now with DSC over Type-C compared to the current requirement to use TB>DP1.4? (No charging, no peripherals).

How about daisy chaining 2x Spectrum 4Ks with a single cable? Would be great to understand what DSC over type-C actually means in practice for the end user with this hardware. Thanks guys, the product is looking amazing.


Hi @joeucreative,

Yes, we have confirmed tests where the display struggled to show 120Hz, then fully support 144Hz. Although the result will depend on the Mac itself - it must have DisplayPort Alternate Mode 1.4 with DSC.

One thing to note is that prior to this update, Spectrum is already capable of 4K 144Hz over Type-C, but the hub speed is limited to USB 2.0 as a trade-off. This new update will allow 4K 144Hz with USB 3.0 speed side-by-side.

With the new firmware, it will potentially be able to run both monitors in 4K 144Hz with the new firmware. It will all depend on the Mac device’s capability to run both monitors on those settings.

Daisy-chaining is only supported on ES07D01 (Spectrum QHD 144hz model)


I’ll wait for the Spectrum 32", HDR1400, 2300-zone Mini-LED, Glossy screen :wink:


so will we have this glossy spectrum in this month ???

We will have an exciting update this week for the glossy spectrum! Just stay tuned! :slight_smile:


so where is the “exciting” update?

Right there.


when do you ship ??? we are in the end of june and still nothing ???
next june ? 2023 ? 2025 ? when ?