Project: Spectrum | Glossy Coating Is Official Now


Hey Hey Eve Family,

The community has spoken! After receiving overwhelming support for the glossy coating in the previous topic we decided to make the glossy vision of Spectrum a reality. With this post we officially announce that a glossy coating option will be added to 4K 144hz Spectrum and QHD 280Hz Spectrum models! It’s now time to bring this exciting change to the gaming monitor industry!

Before we dive in :wave:

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Challenging the status quo

Some of you have previously asked if the matte film can simply be removed or if a glossy coating can be simply applied manually at the factory. The implementation, however, is not that simple.

LCD Basics /

One of the reasons why there are no glossy gaming monitors on the market is because of the amount of additional R&D and factory recalibration required. Glossy coatings require additional changes to the polarizer film, which is an integral part of the LCD module. The Polarizer is a filter that controls light waves and makes the display content visible. In fact, without the polarizer no image would be visible (We would consider this extremely important :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). This means that the glossy coating can’t be simply applied manually at Spectrum’s assembly factory, but changes are needed to be done by LG Display directly.

It took a bunch of convincing with the right people inside of LG Display to make this a reality. Since the changes to such an important part require LG to re-calibrate its fully automated LCD assembly line, not only that, but also changes to the certification process, tune colour performance and conduct durability testing, it was not an easy task. Thanks to your support and enthusiasm, we were able to convince them to make Spectrum glossy coating a reality! Nobody would argue with the voting results! :wink:


First-ever glossy gaming monitor


In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more details about the glossy variation of Spectrum, and in the meantime, we would like to provide you with more details of what you can expect from the glossy coating. For this, we partnered up with TFTCentral to help us measure and evaluate the differences between the two coatings.


Improved Perceived Contrast and Colours

Improved perceived contrast and colours (Source: Dave2D)

The glossy polarizer adds extra crispiness and pop to the monitor’s colours (Especially blacks!). Below you can see pictures of Spectrums’ sub-pixel structure and as you can see, the glossy coating has less haze and colours appear clearer and crispier.

Above: photos taken with a digital microscope capturing sub-pixel structure clarity (Source: TFTCentral)

Improved Text Sharpness and Image Quality

The reduced haze and clearer image of the glossy coating allow for sharper text and better image quality overall.

Above: showing improved text sharpness and image Quality (Source: Dave2D)

Above: Text clarity and sharpness comparison – zoomed in on a normal font of 11-point size (Source: TFTCentral)

Above: photos taken with a digital microscope capturing optimal sharpness of text close up (Source: TFTCentral)

How about reflections?

In one of our previous posts we’ve gone in depth on types of reflections and how they work. Matte Spectrum has the same reflection % but the reflection is diffused making it less visible. Picture below shows the differences very well. Depending on whether you have control of your lighting environment or not could be a deciding factor for opting for a glossy, or matte Spectrum.

Above: Visual demonstration showing the difference in reflections (Source: Dave2D)

What’s Next?

We will make it happen! Stay tuned for further updates!

When is it shipping? How can I get one?

These are all super valid questions :), be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know!

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Excellent news! I’m stoked to get a pair of these when they are shipping!


I’ve only ordered one but I can’t wait to get my glossy 4k Spectrum and upgrade my 280hz to Glossy.


any chance I can get them for the pre order price of the original spectrum that I bought? lol this is great news though.


Where can i preorder? :))


Great that it is coming to the 4k144hz as well!

Will there also be an improvement in dimming zones for this new 4K model (like you’ve mentioned with the QHD280hz)? Of course other upgrades are also welcome - I’m especially annoyed by how subtitles on movies and series completely ruin the picture with the middle dimming zones :sweat_smile:


It clearly shows stay tuned for more info.


I remember not too long ago, I owned a Dell S2718D that had no anti reflective coating, making it extremely sharp. In the end I returned it though, as at 27" size and qHD resolution, I could very clearly see the black space between pixels and it looked so wrong… Does this issue exist with the new model 3?

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I was VERY skeptical before Dave 2D video, but I am ready to be open-minded. My main concern are the reflections.

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Please let early backers know if they can upgrade to this. I still haven’t received my 240, erm… 280Hz 1440p monitor.


Hey @King,

We don’t have any confirmed details for pricing yet, but I don’t believe this will be possible. I’ll look into it though.

Hey @goodfella,

As soon as we have the details confirmed we will let everyone know :).

Hey @Emil_Bormann,

I don’t believe we will be adding more dimming zones to this model, but I’ll get this checked out if we can look into the possibility.

Hey @Alexandros,

Never heard of this before, if you could provide more details about this that would be great.

Hey @Xe,

If you have control of your lighting environment I definitely would say there is a huge benefit to the Glossy version of Spectrum. There are a lot of devices we use today, it’s crazy that it’s been very lacking in the gaming monitor scene, but we are now making that change! :smiley:

Hey @Ubiknoir,
This is correct the 280hz orders will have an option to upgrade to the glossy variation, once all the details have been confirmed.


@ReignDespair Oh, thank you so much for this response. Looking forward to that. Do I need to do anything at this stage?



Nope nothing you need to do that this stage. We will send emails out when we can arrange this upgrade. :slight_smile:


Will it have the same internals, firmware etc as the matte variant?

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Count me in for 2! Awesome news!


Quite happy to hear about the availability of glossy for 280 hz screen :slight_smile: I am glad I was able to be an integral part of this monitor’s development (both introducing blur busters for backlight strobe and constantly pushing for glossy). Do I get my name somewhere on the box as a contributor? XD jk I don’t expect to be but I am happy a great product is coming out and hope your delivery goes without a hitch. I know many people who receive their monitors (hopefully with firmware kinks worked out) will fall in love with what the community had to say about what features would be in their ideal monitor for both content creation and gaming.


I would also like to see an increase into the dimming zones as well even if it’s just a little bit would be great!


Hey @Lambicus,

The internals will be the same, apart from the changes needed to make it happen (For example the LCD Module). I believe firmware will be pretty much the same, but tuned for the new polarizer, and any future firmware improvements will of course be applied to the new model.

Hey @Liquidshadowfox,
It’s great to hear your enthusiasm for our process! Involving the community in developing our products is extremely important to us!

Who knows maybe it will be :smiley:.


Just looking for some clarification. If we have already fully paid for the 280hz monitors, will we still have the option to switch to the glossy before they ship?


it’s annoying every time subtitles come up the entire middle zone brightens up. my solution was to change the subtitles color to grey and that helps a lot. panasonic 4k player → subtitle settings → click on subtitle luminance to make the adjustments.