Project: Spectrum | First Ever Glossy 4K Gaming Monitor?


Hey everyone,

Most of the screens that we interact with daily use some form of glossy finish. Take modern TVs, laptops, phones, smart watches – they all rock a display with a glossy coating or cover glass (usually treated with an anti-reflective solution) to achieve higher contrast ratios and better image clarity. In the gaming monitor industry on the other hand, conventional wisdom dictates that people want matte displays only. We are here to challenge that!

We’ve received something cool that’ll let us put the assumptions aside and approach the topic with a clear head and actual comparisons. If there is enough interest for us to pursue this direction, it could shape the future of gaming monitors, but someone has to take the first step. That’s why we need your help!


As a reminder, almost all surfaces reflect light. When most people think of reflections, they think of specular (mirror-like) reflection. Glare occurs when reflections are so intense that they interfere with the image on the screen. Haze is a method that spreads reflections over a wider surface, blurring the reflection and reducing its brightest points to make the reflection less apparent. There are also other methods of reducing reflections, and their effectiveness and price varies greatly. Common trade-offs for anti-glare and anti-reflective techniques include loss of contrast, brightness, color accuracy, and sharpness. You can learn more about this in our previous topic.

All reflections can be clearly seen when the monitor is off. Once it is turned on, only glare (reflections strong enough to overpower the displayed image) remains visible.


The current Spectrum models use an anti-glare coating with a matte finish. As we mentioned before, our partner LG Display has reached out to us about glossy polarizers. They have now provided us with samples for testing. That means we can get hands on!

Hands on. Literally.

This screen boasts an anti-reflection layer that reduces the reflection rate to 2% (down from the 6% of our existing panel). 25% haze counteracts glare by taking care of remaining highlights. And as a welcome side-effect, contrast ratio measurements improved by 8%.

We’ll share some pictures along with our experiences. We’ve also sent one sample unit to a YouTuber for a third-party hands-on opinion. That should kickstart the conversation about what could be the world’s first ever glossy 4K gaming monitor!

Side by side, the matte display (left) shows some diffused reflections of the other screen. The glossy panel (right) shows a specular reflection of the left monitor.

Our Findings So Far

Even at first glance, blacks are noticeably darker. But it’s not all about the deeper blacks: even in more balanced content the image seems less grainy, and colors are crisp and clear.

As the above images show, reflections are visible when the monitor is not in use or is displaying dark content. It does depend on the lighting, and the more well-lit the environment, the more these reflections are visible. As soon as the image on the screen lights up even a little, though, glare is reduced significantly. In daily use, our bright panel easily beats outside light sources, and we rarely notice glare.

Black is the new black.


Before we dive deeper into testing and explore the possibilities we should make sure we’re not the only ones who are excited by the prospects. So what do you think, is this something you folks are interested in?

Should we look into it more?
  • Yes, I’d like to see a glossy 4K gaming monitor
  • No, I’d rather keep my monitors matte

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Project: Spectrum | How To Update The Firmware - Development / Project: Spectrum | Development - Eve Community
news for firmware will be right here.

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Any chance these glossy polerizers can be used on the spectrum QHD 240 hz version now that it’s been delayed? I believe the QHD 240 panel has less contrast than the 4k LG panel so it would really appreciate the higher contrast and crisper colors AND add to the fact that low motion blur purists who want the VRR + backlight strobing to look best will use it in a dark room would probably want the glass imo.


Please do this, Eve! Glossy displays look so much nicer in person.

It would be great to have both options available to customers.


How long would this glossy surface take to ship to customers?? (although it is just a coating)


Hey @David_C,
We are currently working on many firmware improvements including the monochrome HDR issue some users are experiencing. You can keep up to date on our current firmware improvements in the topic kindly shared by @LoneWolf.

Hey @Liquidshadowfox,
We will look into the possibility of making a QHD 240hz version but we think that first it will be the 4k version released 1st.This is because changing the polarizer needs more changes made to the LCD to ensure great visual performance, and avoiding things like the Mura effect. We also really don’t want to further delay the schedule of the 240hz, but it’s definitely something we can make happen in the future!

Hey @Felch,
That’s exactly our thought process!

Hey @IONLYsearch,
Even though it would seem like an simple change, it’s in fact a fairly complicated process, that requires it’s own rounds of testing and development. Because the polarizer is an integrated part of the LCM module the module itself will also need adjustments. As mentioned previously, since the polarizer is part of how we perceive colour it will need tweaking and development.

We currently think that the earliest possible schedule for a release of a 4k glossy model would be by the end of Q1, but honestly it depends on several variables.


@ReignDespair, going off @Liquidshadowfox’s comment and your reply, is it possible for Eve to give the option to customers for delaying QHD 240hz orders for a glossy panel? Understanding it will take even longer for delivery with the matte panel having a high likelihood of being tested, quality assured, and delivered prior to development of glossy.


Any word on how long the extra delay on the QHD version is? Because it seems everyone is assuming it’s delayed until june of 2022, if it’s delayed until the end of Q1 then yea I guess it makes sense but if it’s delayed until Q2, I don’t see why you wouldn’t run the poll and ask the community what they prefer :wink: just like I’ve been saying since the beginning of this monitor’s campaign, you guys have something special here and a glossy QHD 240 hz (or 270 hz if you guys can swing that with another delay) would really make this monitor REALLY special because right now there aren’t any QHD glossy panels that have this monitor’s feature set. Not a single one and @BlurBusters is still working on VRR + backlight strobe tuning (waiting on panel factory to get back to him) and until that’s done this monitor isn’t worth it’s salt yet from it’s massive wait time :stuck_out_tongue: People can already buy good monitors that have a good color gamut, IPS, hdmi 2.1, etc but you gotta play this monitor’s strength imo:

  1. Backlight strobing tuned by blur busters
  2. Backlight + VRR strobing tuned by blur busters
  3. KVM switch (only gigabyte and MSI have it and currently better than this panel since it doesn’t require manual intervention)
  4. Massive port selection (not many monitors have this much port selection and a legit hdmi 2.1)
  5. Minimalistic design

Adding glossy would add to this list (and improve picture quality and contrast! something that would give it a leg up!)

I understand that maybe the community waiting for this monitor might not agree (which is why I recommend running a poll anyways) but you also should relay that a delay of QHD 240 hz with slight improvements might work in it’s favor considering that 4k 144hz model’s firmware STILL has bugs that are being worked out. We probably won’t see much work on those firmware bugs or VRR + backlight strobing until after the chinese new year (as it delays most tech product releases, etc). Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: I know a lot of people are threatening to cancel their orders due to the long wait but if there’s anything I’ve learned is that good products made with a lot of love from a community take time.

If you look at the video that hardware unboxed released a few days ago: Ranking ALL 31 Monitors We Reviewed in 2021 - YouTube
You’ll see they put the eve spectrum 4k in B tier! (minute 32) which means they already think it’s on par with the alienware and LG monitors that are already easily accessible.

Small edit: Also we have the delay due to the QHD @ 240 hz version getting 32 local dimming zones, this would also increase HDR performance with the extra contrast and better color accuracy from the glossy :slight_smile: another 2 cents


This. I would much rather a glossy 1440p monitor than waiting for the delayed matte version. I would also much rather a 1440p glossy than 4K, 4k is overrated especially at 27” while 1440p is the sweet spot for gaming monitors.


Man, I feel like I really resonate with the community :stuck_out_tongue:


We need that asap. We have to make this a market wide change. I never understood why you need a matte display when you can control the lighting around you. There is literally no reason. Glossy screens just make the colors and even blacks, contrast and also HDR way better.

I literally picked a Razer blade Pro 17 with a 120Hz 4K panel because it was the only laptop with a glossy high refresh rate screen.

Edit: of course we need a 1440p glossy screen before the 4K Version if you really want to serve Gamers first


Dave2D got a prototype of the 4k Glossy :open_mouth:!


Joined here to give my unending support for this glossy monitor, omg. I have been praying for something like this for YEARS - there is a community of people I know that would want to buy this purely because the visual experience is so much superior (even better if you have lighting control).

Yes please Eve! (And 4K!)

Merry Christmas everyone. :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:


I changed my mind on that Poll. I actually do think a glossy option would be nice. However you need a much better order system.


I love this idea. Also, please make a 24" / 25" 2K Glossy Display 240hz for the competitive players that like a smaller screen. I also hope you guys figure out things on your production end to make the purchasing process smoother and reliable.


i love Glossy screen so i would like to have glossy screen, right now has only Apple glossy screen, and i love them… but remember 120 hz as a minimum


Even more reason to offer QHD @ 240hz glossy, it helps make the imager sharper on a lower resolution screen. Please run the poll for existing customers, even if it’s just for shits and giggles cause right now there’s no glossy QHD panel that exists that’s this special AND is tuned by blur busters.

Not to sound like a Karen but I think this would be a good reward for those willing to wait longer for this QHD panel (and a small overclock if possible but not required).


I’ve been holding off on paying my balance for my 4K pre-order, and now I want to wait for a glossy option. The text crispness that Dave2D pointed out is what convinced me.

That said, I’m not much of a gamer anymore. This would primarily be a work display (probably two of them).


Great video! Now, I really wished the glossy monitor revolution was already here… Dave2D is right, it’s really strange that nobody is offering glossy monitors, while most laptops and all tablets already use glossy screens.

Would order a glossy gaming monitor in an instant.


Personally I’m neutral on it as I don’t know if I could make a glossy monitor work for me, but clearly there’s demand for it. It would be nice to offer both glossy and matte options, if possible.

On a less related note, I would hope that you guys are looking at possibly using LG’s new panels with their “IPS Black” filter to mitigate IPS glow and improve perceived black leves in the future.