Project: Spectrum | Firmware v108 (and equivalent) is out!

No post from an Eve employee should ever start with the words “The wait is over!”

I can suggest a factory reset using the menu Presets > Load factory defaults.

I had colors and brightness levels messed up after the update; but after load factory defaults everything seemed back to normal.

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Anyone knows how to apply firmware update from linux without using virtual machines?

They’ve said that’s not something that is possible.

I did have the maximum brightness issue, which was resolved by a factory reset, thank you, but the HDR color issue seems to be happening regardless.

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For me im getting a contrast issue. I have to set it to 103 instead of 53 now to get the same brightness i did w/ the previous FW. Also still persistant instability on the DP w/ a 7900 xtx GFX card. Aswell as HDMI motion instability.

Best option to just turn off HDR. With only 16 dimming zones it’ll never be above mediocre HDR.


That is true because now contrast range is 50-150 instead of 0-100.

It DOES fix it. Genius. Thank you!


Based on this input, in your view, even with PS5, it is not worth it to use HDR with the Spectrum?


My 2-cents on the flash tool for macOS:

I believe that the tool is not managed nor provided by Eve/Dough direclty, it appears that that it is provided by the scaler manufacturer and therefore a Windows release only. Looks like MStar Semiconductor, Inc which now part of MediaTek group (???).

The tool says “VLI MStarISPTool For Lehui Eve Spectrum” and it is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0.

Typically, these tools are striped down versions of the R&D tools used during development and debugging and made available for Windows only. @8BiTw0LF mentioned the VM alternative and this could be a possibility. If you can spin up a VM with Windows 10 and it supports hardware passthrough this could work, I believe the tool could be scanning for a specific USB VID/PID to detect the Spectrum.

Good luck :+1:

I have an Xbox Series X and I enable HDR whenever possible, the only thing that really bothers me is the “bloom” effect around white text and subtitles when colors in the background are dark (e.g. a cave, a room with no light, walking around at night). I think it’s a matter of personal preference even though HDR content, like on most gaming monitors, is rather mediocre.

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Thanks for this, reset solved a brightness and blue tint issue. Has anyone had an issue with Gamma 2.2? When I select this the image is much warmer/yellow than the other gamma settings? 2.1 and 2.3 either side are much whiter.

Love the new update,

Now im able to change the macos volume through the speakers that are connected to the monitor with my keyboard.
I also dont need to keep switching usb hub input whenever I change the display input.

Massive creds to the team!

I did have some small hickups when updating like the brightness being super dark, but like someone pointed out the factory reset solved it.
The second weird thing is the contrast range of 50-150 but it doesnt seem only change the contrast but also the brightness which I find strange.


And how do factory reset?

I found the same, thought it looked good for a Film setting and Gamma 2.1 for games

Seems to me the 2.2 gamma is only accurate for srgb, which is always ~2.2. The others seem to be more intended for the DCI-P3 color space.

On my unit, with DCI-P3, the 2.0 or new 2.1 gamma settings are actually closer to true 2.2, with the 2.1 setting being almost 2.3 gamma.

I’m still running V105, I was going to update to V107 but waited because V108 was announced, do you think I should upgrade to V108 (if stable) or do I have more of a shot with V107? I’m worried I’m going to make my monitor a paper weight :smiley:

Edit: Updated to V108 no issues using windows, besides having the dark/brightness issues others above faced. A simple factory reset in the Presets seemed to resolve it…

I still seem to have some tearing issue (it looks like FPS tearing but its actually not having an FPS issue) when I alt tab from CS to windows desktop then back into CS. Its really strange, unsure if it has to do with me playing on 4:3 stretched or something and it doesnt like the Windows res vs the game? Anyone else had this issue?

Presets → load factory defaults

Interesting. One thing I don’t understand is why the warmth of the image changes in sRGB in 2.2 gamma. I thought gamma only affected bright/dark rather than the colour?