Project: Spectrum | ES07DC9 1st Mass Production Run

I ordered mine along with an ES07DCA. When should I be expecting the shipping to happen? Will my ES07DC9 be “reserved” and shipped as soon as the ES07DCAs are ready?

Hi @Lextatic,

Can you please DM me your order number, so I can investigate further?

My best guess is that we will wait for both units to be available then ship them both in one batch. But considering the big time gap in between, I am not sure if that is the case.

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hi @Cas
here are only a few days until the promised production run deadline. Are the first 1000 models ready to go and be shipped by end of June.

No it’s delayed by another month at least. The language in there is kinda vague though. They say estimated July shipping now but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more like august.

The big unknown here is that it’s very difficult to tell how long the QC issues will take to resolve. Some bits might be fixable next week. Others may take several weeks, e.g. finding a new supply of USB-C sockets for the circuit boards.

It definitely does seem like Eve will be lucky to start shipping in July. It’ll likely be August, and $deity knows how long it’ll take between start of shipping and when units arrive with customers.

Hi guys,

Yes, it is very difficult to tell exactly how long these findings can be resolved for the next MP. From the information I gathered, the issues are mostly minor, so it should be relatively easy to find a way out.

The major one: USB-C plug malfunction, was caused by a partial short circuit on the board, which means that there is nothing inherently wrong with the port itself. Improvement points for this one in particular involve operator training and a factory environment audit, to make sure we don’t have any tin residue around the working area where we are working with the mainboard.

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Hi, can you continue to give weekly updates here or through email to all ES07DC9 customers? We’re officially past the ‘shipping in June’ deadline and I’m sure there are many others like me looking for status updates. thanks


Hey @Ryan_1 welcome to the community!

Here is the most recent update on this model :blush: the team and I will continue you to provide you all updates as we have them!

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awesome, so when are the glossy shipping?

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You might update the link, that one points to the November 2022 update and I think there was at least one more in December.

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Well that’s surely interesting :eyes:.


The order started on March 11, 2022. When can I have my monitor???