Project: Spectrum | ES07D03 V107-T117 Firmware Beta Testers needed

Today I wake up PC, monitor as before don’t give image, only black screen. I plug out and plug in power cable and monitor start update firmware. WTF? I don’t push any update and uninstall update software. Monitor connected via HDMI only.

Hey @dKenGuru

Had you recently before performing power cycle started an update? What color is the indicator light at the moment?

Of course, yes. I update to beta FW 10 days ago. And LED was green at the end. And after that I do not push any updates. Soft was uninstalled, FW file was deleted.
Today I got FW progress bar with update text (for ~30 sec). After it ask power cycle. LED was off by OSD settings and do not turn on with any.

When the LED is green by default, the new firmware data is being written.

The LED will be purple when new firmware is successfully installed

Or purple. I can forget.

Btw firmware was successful installed and in OSD was a new version.

Why after 20 days, in one more plugin/out power cable for receiving image, monitor start update something, I don’t know.

Looking to apply for the beta.

Main issue I’m experiencing. I also experience blanking for about 5s typically at least once or twice per hour while gaming, on the latest non-beta firmware. I bought new cables to try to get better refresh rates and fix the blanking issue at the same time, but right now using a custom resolution the maximum I can get is 105hz@4K on my Spectrum.

Device: Custom Tower PC. CPU: Intel i7-4790k. GPU: AMD RX 580.

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Yes, that is strange. I will have to talk to the firmware team about this and possible reasons this would have occurred.

Will be sending an invite your way momentarily!

Does this mean DP resolution detection is improved overall? Currently my GTX970 will show higher resolutions for HDMI ports than DP even thought DP has more bandwidth. If this is the case then count me in testing.

Hey @kadama

Can you provide what DP cable you are using? Are you not able to get 4K resolution?

I have DP 8K cable and only see 4k 60hz in the tv resolutions while pc resolution maxes at 2560x1440@144Hz. In theory I should be able to do 4k@120Hz@4:2:2 and 4k@144Hz@4:2:0 with pc resolution timings. HDMI is at 4k@122Hz@4:2:0 pc resolution.

Which GPU unit do you have exactly? (brand, model, type, etc.)

It might be possible that DSC is disabled in your case, which locks you out of higher resolution options when using DP. HDMI typically does not require DSC to achieve a higher resolution/refresh rate.

That being said, this firmware has no optimizations on that front. However, you are more than welcome to join the program. It may help but no promises. (I have invited you over to the group)

HDMI 2.0b port on videocard, HDMI cable and HDMI Compatibility mode. 4K 60hz.

If open image or video in Telegram, monitor start blink to black for a second and back. If close image or video - black blink again.

You should be able to reach higher refresh rates on DP with this beta firmware, we changed the EDID to provide better support for non DSC graphics card

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Could we improve the readability of the the steps by placing colour next to the indicator light stage text and space it out slightly too? See below sketch…

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Hey there,

That’s a great idea! It gives a better visual of what colour to expect.

How long we must wait till new version?

Hi there,

There is no fixed timeline yet for the next firmware update.

There are optimisations that needs to be done before we can release a stable version and at the same time collecting more feedbacks.


I would like to beta test the new firmware and give feedback please !


Hey there!

Sure thing! I will invite you over to the group. Make sure that you read through the topic carefully before proceeding :slight_smile: