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Hi there community!

We hope this topic finds everyone well. Here we have some good news for those still waiting for their Spectrum or thinking of getting one if you are in the US!

ES07D03 immediate shipping for US region

We understand that it has been a long wait for many who ordered Spectrum. We want to inform everyone that our ES07D03 (Spectrum 4K matte) model is now available in our US regional warehouse. This warehouse fulfills shipping for both US and Canada.

What differs from the previous communication is that we will have remaining stock in the US warehouse. Of course, first, we will use the stock to fulfill the backlog of ES07D03 orders. Those who still have existing ES07D03 orders in the US or Canada will receive a tracking number soon, while some should be obtaining theirs already. At this point, an e-mail communication has been sent out explaining the steps needed for us to process the shipment to you. If you have confirmed your address in the past, but have yet to receive a tracking number, then don’t worry, as we are dispatching the units in multiple batches.

After the backlog of orders has been fulfilled, we will have plenty of ES07D03 units available for immediate shipping for orders from the US and Canada. We have wanted to achieve this for a while now and plan to accomplish the same for other regions soon.

Shipment in the EU and other regions

With that said, we would also like to touch on order fulfillment for other regions. Things are advancing, however, at a slow pace. For the EU region, in particular, we still face challenges due to heavy congestion at the destination port. The logistics team is trying to resolve the issues so we can deliver the units soon. Eventually, we will have units in stock for all regions the same way the US warehouse does.

Summary of Spectrum units in stock

4K matte
4K glossy
280Hz matte
280Hz glossy
144Hz matte
US and Canada :white_check_mark: In stock :white_check_mark: Pending production - - -
EU Pending shipment Pending production - - -
International Pending shipment Pending production - - -

For an update on Spectrum model development (particularly ES07DC9 and ES07D02), you can check it out here.

This concludes the shipping update for now. Stay tuned and feel free to drop a comment below!

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It’s been several months since people paid for the orders that are just being shipped now. The delays are far longer than most people would find acceptable.

Does Dough intend to write a post (at some point) that talks about the difficulties you’ve faced and why they’ve taken so long to resolve? Depending on the what those difficulties are, it might help win back a little bit of trust with your customers.


Hi there,

We will have a separate topic explaining what happened, once we are 100% sure that shipping is no longer an issue. That means no more backlogs, no more waiting list for new orders, and for all regions we intend to cover. At this moment we are simply not there yet. We are getting closer but still far from our ideal vision.

The logistics team will be the one providing the information once we have passed these shipping woes.

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Hi @Cas Why does the Dough EU website state that the ES07D03 (4K Matte), ES07DC9 (4K Glossy), ES07D02 (280Hz Matte), and ES07DCA (280Hz Glossy) are all shipping to the EU in November? That seems completely different from what you’re stating.

December 2022 is listed, underneath the add to cart and buy now button as seen in the photo. I believe you are referring to the bottom section shown in photo that has not been updated and is being updated currently.


I just ordered the glossy model a few days ago, and I saw this post and was wondering if the expected shipping time is accurate here. In the bottom right corner it says the estimated shipping is Dec 2022. Please confirm, thank you! @Aethel

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Hi there,

Yes, that is the correct expected shipping time.

Can we get an update regarding the EU ES07D03 4K matte orders!?

I still have not gotten any type of email for the shipping process that you guys said you would send out. I’ve ordered this monitor back in February back when you guys were still under the name EVE and have not gotten any type of update. What is actually going on? Am I ever going to get this email? Or my monitor at this point?

It’s thanksgiving holiday. A lot of places are closed for the week. So next week most likely

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Hey @FamiliarSam

Can you DM me your order ID or email used for the order? You should have received multiple emails but I will look into your case and make sure things are handled properly in getting you your order as quickly as possible!

@Aethel I am in the same boat here. I have yet to receive a single email since completing my payment in February of this year. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Hey there,

Please send a DM to either of us along with your order number, so we can check it out for you.

I have DM’d you my info. Hope to hear back soon.

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Hey @FamiliarSam

Your order is for the ES07D02 model, this model has recently entered mass production and we will have an update and topic showcasing the production this week with the shipping of this model next month!


Hi @Aethel @Cas, it’s been 30 days since this post. Is there an update on the EU ES07D03 4K matte orders?

Hey there,

Unfortunately there’s no update yet on ES07D03 shipping for EU.

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What’s the US backlog situation as of now? How many more monitors are still being manually processed?

Any updates on this @Aethel ?
I haven’t seen any type of update ever since you replied to this and I’m just curious as to where it is or how it’s going.