Project: Spectrum | ES07D02 Project Update III


Hey there!

It’s me, the community reporter! In this topic, I will report on what is happening right now following our last update on ES07D02 (280Hz matte). Many things are happening simultaneously, and I am excited to share the news with you guys!

If you are looking for summary of Spectrum development, click here.

DVT assembly: done!

At the start of last week, we faced difficulty due to a lack of manpower on the assembly line, causing our DVT builds to be slightly delayed. Despite the limitations, our contract manufacturer took the matter into their own hands (quite literally) and created two handmade Spectrum ES07D02 DVT builds! So now we are ready to go through the next set of testing to obtain a plethora of certifications that make Spectrum a great product.

Safety and feature certifications

Like our previous update on ES07DC9, ES07D02 will also receive its set of safety certifications. The only difference is that while ES07DC9 ran its safety tests in later phase of the project (PVT), ES07D02 will do its testing in the DVT stage instead. This is because ES07DCA skipped both EVT and DVT entirely; therefore the only time we could have done it was during PVT.

At the same time, we will also prepare ES07D02 to ensure its compatibility and support for third-party features. Features tested are:

  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible
  • VESA DisplayHDR 600
  • USB certification test

Let’s tune the lights!

Along with the development is the tuning of backlight strobing. For this, we have arranged a DVT build for our folks at Blur Busters to start tuning the feature for ES07D02. Our firmware team and Chief Blur Busters (@BlurBusters) are in close contact to make sure everything goes smoothly. In addition, we are also looking to implement backlight strobing with VRR enabled. We will keep you guys updated on the progress of this feature.

This concludes the update for this week. Thank you everyone, for reading and stay tuned for the next update!



I’m going to ask the question before others do: When are these models expected to ship?

And when I say ship, I mean units being handed over to carriers for delivery to customers. Eve has a bad history of giving out shipping dates for when stock leaves the warehouse in Hong Kong. These dates are useless to customers, because it then takes at least another couple of months for the stock to reach the regional warehouses.


I got another monitor a long time ago, I consider this an nice to have at this stage. It looks good but too little too late.

Hi @NZgeek,

At the moment I do not have any more information other than the expected shipping time of Q3 2022 (which I am sure you are aware of already).

I agree with you about the shipping history. This is something that has plagued the company for a while now and it will persist until we finally have a good steady flow of shipping. This current situation is not good for our customers and it is not good for us either.

Trust us, we are doing all we can to have the devices delivered sooner than later, and regional warehouses were set up for this purpose. Our logistics manager is working hard to make the shipping happen, even navigating alternative options to get the devices out there.


God! That is very good news. So backlight strobing + VRR is on its way ^^ wish my biggest support and interest to @BlurBusters :sparkles: :pray: :pleading_face: :heartpulse:

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I’m sorry if I ask too late, but is it possible to go up 20hz more to the Eve Spectrum QHD 280hz? I don’t know if the display has reached its overclock limit. See other monitors like on the Nvidia page:


It is a pity that the QHD model is shipped even later until October (for now). But maybe it would be a good compensation and say “hey! You have a monitor with 300 Hz! On top of that, the screen is glossy!” Although an overclock. Maybe I could squeeze the monitor even more and compete against these 4 monitors. TFT Central mentions “This is a 27″ gaming monitor with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 300Hz high refresh rate (overclocked we believe from a native 240Hz).”

Those monitors don’t look like they have better connectivity. I would highly doubt it. So they do have DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0, maybe those 20 Hz becoming 300 Hz total. Be one more reason for future customers to look at those monitors with G-Sync and compare what options do you have on the market for a gamer playing at 1440p at a very high fps rate with a mid-high or high-end graphics. Maybe I’m a bit greedy and I don’t know if it’s possible at the current stage of development. Maybe it’s worth sharing this opinion with the technical team and getting those 300 Hz!!! You can still set the bar very high for this model :wink: I will also mention to @Lore_Wonder and @nkyadav


Are you crazy, this is taking long enough as is. Let’s get the product out there before shooting for the moon.


Hi @RocketJumpBlur,

I will try to find out more about this! But I don’t think this will be possible at this stage. Not to mention as well the hardware limitations (I am not sure if our hardware is similar to ViewSonic’s, which overclockable to 300Hz)

But I’ll bring it to the team anyways to see if this is a feasible option and make sure that it doesn’t introduce any more delays.


Thank you so much, I count on you! :pray: :crossed_fingers:

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I’ll be happy to finally have this when it shows up, but I’m also in the boat of ‘I got sick of waiting and bought something else’. And that was in January of 2021.

I’m just hoping the V ships soon. It’ll look pretty silly if Raptor Lake is out, even if only on desktop, by the time it’s in people’s hands.

any more updates on ES07D02?

Status is still the same at the moment and still estimated for Q3 2022! Stay tuned for an official update in the coming days!

Patiently waiting still
hoping for an update as we have now passed Q3 and there has been no update
Thank. you

Hi there,

First of all, welcome to the community!

The latest development recap can be found here. There hasn’t been any significant updates yet between when the topic was published and now, so November shipping doesn’t sound realistic anymore.

Currently the estimate has been moved to December 2022.

Closing topic. See November Recap for most recent update as of November 2022.