Project: Spectrum | ES07D02 Project Update I


Hi there community!

You may have noticed me chiming in on various topics and trying to assist as much as possible with various community questions and problems. My name is Theo (@Cas) and I officially joined Team Eve as Community Manager this February. Currently, I am transitioning to a Community Reporter with the goal to facilitate project updates to the community, starting with this topic.

When I’m not sleeping, I’m pretty much always around. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

A quick recap

As you may be aware, we are now working to prepare ES07D02 for its debut. As mentioned in Rob (@Helios)'s previous topic, we’ve had issues with both codes for motion blur reduction and HDR when attempting to pass engineering validation testing (EVT) phase of the project. This is very important because:

  • It is important to get right the motion blur reduction code to enable tuning later on by @BlurBusters
  • HDR code is essential to allow finer optimisation for Spectrum’s HDR functionality (duh! :laughing:)

Moving up the ladder

Upon receiving the EVT samples of ES07D02, we found that the dimming zones were not correctly calibrated, leaving uneven brightness (luminosity) within each individual zones.

To the left is the 280Hz sample unit with the luminosity level on complete disarray. ES07D03 to the right for comparison.

A closer look of the “laddering effect.”

With these issues on hand, our engineers revisited the firmware and hardware to find out the root cause. We need all basic functions to work properly before we pass this testing phase.

Upon investigation, our firmware team managed to address the issues with firmware adjustments alone. We are happy to report that ES07D02 has now completed its EVT phase! This marks the completion of an important milestone which allows us to proceed with in-depth testing of key features that Spectrum has to offer.

Navigating the chutes

The natural progression after EVT phase is design validation testing (DVT), which delves deep into Spectrum’s durability, reliability, and advanced functions. To prepare all components needed for DVT assembly, we have put together the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and await quality check in the PCB factory. Unfortunately, China’s COVID measures had put this factory under lockdown. It is sadly something out of our control and we will bring you news as soon as they come.

You can take a look at the current situation in China via articles below:

Despite the lockdown, we continue to optimize the firmware. We’re working on implementing HDR 600 and FreeSync Premium Pro support. The overclocking to 280Hz requires us to adopt a new software from AMD for FreeSync tuning. This new tool is required because the Adaptive-Sync range exceeds 255Hz. We have identified several incompatibility issues and are closely coordinating with AMD to iron them out.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Hopefully, the situation in China will improve soon and we can resume operations as planned.

Feel free to leave any comment below! Cheers!



Good progress update! Good to know the Spectrum 280hz has completed the EVT phase and is in DVT. The uneven lighting and laddering effect are concerning, but hopefully they and any other issues will be ironed out soon(ish). It’s a shame the process is halted so much because of the lockdowns. They do not mess around when it comes to infectious diseases. I would say it’s going too far, but I hope it doesn’t last too long and it can be lifted soon. I wonder how HDR will compare to the 4K 144hz, can any improvements be made via firmware? Also, how is the glossy version going, what is the process to make it? Perhaps there will be a post on making the glossy Spectrum before they start shipping it out, which will be relatively soon. Thanks for the update!


Keep up the good work @Cas

Hope you can leave an endearing memory in all our impatient minds!


Hi @Techmo,

Glad you’re excited , so are we :slight_smile:

We’ve made improvements by increasing the amount of dimming zones for ES07D02, I believe @Lore_Wonder made a post about this not too long back. Please see below.

That sounds like a great idea. We could get videos/pictures from the manufacturing warehouse, once the project reaches PVT. I’ll pass this onto the team.


So just to be clear, the issues with backlight strobing on the 280 hz model have been resolved? Any update on the delivery timelines for the 280 hz glossy panel? (still on track for oct?)


Hi @Techmo,

You are welcome! The plan is to cover the progress of each model. Next topic will cover the glossy variant.

Hi @Liquidshadowfox,

Yes, that is correct!

There are no changes for 280Hz estimated shipping time.


Thanks for answering our questions and passing on the glossy update suggestion onto the team. Looking forward to seeing it!


Hi everyone,

Just a heads up, all updates will be posted here. This includes the latest update on glossy variants!