Project: Spectrum | ES07D02 Mass Production

As this is for the matte 280hz version I really don’t care about 4k at this point. People need to keep those discussions to the other threads.

I really want to know about what is being done to get the 280hz in the hands of early backers that have paid 3 years ago.

I want to know what is being done for logistics, I want to know how many units have been produced.

Dough is super eager to take money but the frustration continues with lack of info that Cas and others have stated they would do better at.

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Not to derail the thread any further, but you should absolutely care about the progress on 4K, specifically with older customers who are still waiting for their orders to be fulfilled. It’s not as if the lack of response is because they can’t find your specific grievance buried in a pile of others, like they’re somehow unaware of how many people are expectedly waiting.

And if it hasn’t occurred to you, the success (or lack thereof) of the the 4k panel paints an extremely insightful picture of what’s happened since, with respect to the QHD, and what can (and likely will) happen with the OLED. In each case, the panels that came before were cited as marks of “progress” for the ones that followed. People were told that there’s a lot of fast-tracking that can be done because of all the lessons learned and progress made from the previous R&D and QA. Yet here we are years later, still waiting.

No fast-tracking can expedite the receipt of third-party panels needed to produce more monitors. None of the lessons learned seem to be in logistics or project management. And as you and I sit here today, the OLED panel has a more specific (for now) ETA than the QHD panel (July vs Q2 2023, respectively) despite only being announced 6 months ago. Presumably that ETA is to coerce people to jump in and give Dough more money, only to end up pushing the ETA back further (sound familiar?) - it’s not like you can say there’s no precedent for it.

Even if the early OLED backers end up pleasantly surprised when their panels are delivered on schedule (and I’ll believe it when I see it), it still casts doubt on the timeline for QHD. It still makes you wonder why they chose to embark on a FOURTH (yes, technically there’s also supposed to be a 144 hz QHD but that’s seemingly dead) monitor project before even coming close to succeeding on the first.

@Cas shouldn’t be blamed because he can’t give information he doesn’t have. The responsibility lies with Dough’s management. At best he can only tell them what the overall customer sentiment is, and hope they’ll give him more information to disseminate. Of course since we have zero access to management, this forum (and its moderators) serves as the only potential way to reach them, so the mods take the full brunt. But I and others will continue to speculate and ask the same rhetorical question, until such time that our concerns are addressed: Can Dough afford to remain silent?


I mentioned ES07DC9 as well since they are on the same boat (both literally and figuratively). Meaning:

  • Both have units available following few mass productions and now awaiting shipment
  • Both have units on their way for last-mile delivery.

ES07D02 is already in circulation. However, in a much lesser amount compared to ES07DC9.

ES07DCA, however, I cant comment much due to lack of information on this one. I would assume it wont take long until ES07D02’s mass production, but in reality there are no news at all.

Now if only you could give us more details about this boat - specifically where it is, why it’s stuck there, and when it will be unstuck. You might have been able to blame it on COVID at one point - especially considering that boats were literally stuck at sea, waiting their turn to dock and offload. But that was nearly 2 years ago, and (incoming speculation) that leaves the impression that this is a funding issue and they’re on this boat because Dough can’t afford to get them off the boat and into customer’s hands. And that brings us back to Amazon and OLED as a means to address funding. But you (Dough) can’t keep digging a deeper well of back-logged orders without starting to fulfill them. You can’t keep depending on early backers to entirely fund operations through project completion/launch. And if you can’t secure funding in some other way, then this simply is not a viable business model, and you should stop pretending otherwise.

It is this transparency that all Dough customers (but more importantly, the early backers) are entitled to, something that was promised to them, and something we/they are simply not getting. Enough is enough - and I sincerely hope the recap @Cas promised, includes some concrete information and a real timeline instead of lofty, aspirational, soft timeframes that morph month after month.

We deserve the truth, and we deserve an actual timeline, period. Anything short of that is not an excuse to say nothing, it is your mandatory imperative to address and fix, OR admit defeat and give people their money back. Enough with this hostage situation.


Just realizing the ONE guy that mentioned he got word of his monitor shipping has been suspended and is now unable to tell us if he actually got it.

I’m assuming that’s a no considering the “too combative ban” :sweat_smile:

Guess its time for me to talk with my bank about this whole situation as well, cause this continues to be absolutely ridiculous on Dough’s front. It’s been ridiculous for literal years now.


Wasnt it this week that we were supposed to have the update post?

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That was what was stated, yes.

@Cas - anything to share from the powers that be? June is the last month of “Q2”, and no one is looking forward to another round of excuses. The early backers are entitled to some actual information, and we shouldn’t have to fight this hard just to be “treated just like everyone else” as per community guidelines.

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Honestly. This is beyond absurd at this point. It’s almost unbelievable to me that over three years have passed since I put in my order, customers for the 4K model have had their monitors for a long time, Dough is busy promoting a new OLED version, and I’m still stuck here waiting to even get an update on this thing I spent hundreds of dollars on.

The whole situation just sucks. I appreciate that we got an upgrade to 280Hz and more dimming zones, but I ordered this thing expecting to have it by early 2021 at the latest. I got sick of waiting and bought another monitor over two years ago. I still want this thing, if it ever ships… I just wish Dough would have gotten their act together on this by now, or at least given us more transparency on the state of things.


I just want to add that although I’m frustrated, I’m not here to be combative or insulting. I’m sure there’s lots of hard-working people who just want us to get our monitors at Dough. I just wish things had been managed differently


I’m just posting here for the first time (I think I am at least). I’m having an issue. It relates directly to not having my monitor (ES07D02, paid for in full early 2021). Right now the only solution I can see that can fix this particular issue is, getting my monitor. What resolution is currently being implemented to rectify this this problem?:v::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


while i don’t mean to dogpile on the situation because im sure we would all just like the monitors that we paid for on our desks but the monitor i had been intending to replace since initially backing this project is very much on its death bed and i basically settled for what i could find at a brick and mortar in the interim. for the love of whatever is good please stop marketing new models and your technological advances and threatening last chance prices on said new models and make good with the people who have waited 3+ years for this.

obviously i dont expect to get my unit tomorrow or anything because of my personal circumstances but i just needed to get that off my chest since it was bugging me all day :frowning:


If there are indeed 280hz screens that have been produced and shipped, there would be a lot more chatter on here especially by Eve/Dough who would be flashing their product. I’m almost at the stage of just asking for my order to be changed back to matte and forfeiting the upgrade cost just so I can see the monitor this year.

I mean they can claim that their 280 hz models have shipped but I don’t think that means it’s actually “arrived” at their destinations yet. I just really hope we get an update on VRR + strobe and the 280 hz glossy soon because in my opinion the 280 hz model with VRR + Strobe is what will absolutely decimate the market. There’s no 280 hz model on the market right not that has the I/O and Elite strobe tuning from blur busters that beats even OLEDs when it comes to motion clarity but without any news on it, it just seems like vaporware. I still have hope i’ll get my monitor before the end of june…

If you could stop blasting your email lists with marketing emails for other products that would be amazing. I’d love to unsubscribe or block the domain myself but then that would mean I wouldn’t get an address confirmation.

So, can’t ignore the emails and can’t restrict the emails…

If my frustration is petty or not understandable then let me know and I’ll readjust. I’ll even accept reasonable logic for why you should be able to send me these emails and I should be open to receive them. I’ll take anything that’s not some version of “because we want to.”


Well they don’t list the 280hz model on the Products forum section so I doubt many people have it.

Also I have seen ONE case of the 280hz model out in the wild and it is this ebay post.

I reached out to the user and they said they purchased like 10 of them and were selling off extras. I’m not sure how true that all is, so take it with a grain of salt. But if it is true, then at least SOME have shipped out. I wonder if many of the early buyers included lots of bulk purchases.

When looking for that ebay post I actually found a second listing for the 280hz model.

Hopefully, this new listing is a good sign that shipments are finally making it to some people.

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Very tempted to buy it just so I can test the monitor and post a review…

@Cas is there anyway we could get a status update on the shipping of ES07D02? I ordered 2 of them, paid for them last January(1/20/2022), but still haven’t gotten a single update regarding the status of the shipment. I’m the US, I’ve sent in multiple inquiries to support, and they just reply with non-answers and links to a forum post saying that the ES07D02 was shipping in Feb. '22, your community post in Feb in fact. Its almost 5 months since that post, and I haven’t gotten a single update, even with a few inquiries to support for an update.

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Hello! I saw a message that the delivery of a 2k monitor is finally possible in Europe and is also free. I want to know if it is possible to get some kind of update on the status of my order? Also, what about the extra $310 for shipping? Will they be returned to me?

The latest update is here. We are working hard to get more ES07D02s in circulation and fulfilling them as soon as we have stock ready to be shipped for last-mile delivery.

You can drop me a DM and I will check for you.

@Cas do you happen to have a more specific ETA on the shipping of ES07D02 monitors besides “in the coming weeks”? I’ve just been waiting almost 5 years for these monitors, and IMO thats kind of ridiculous…