Project: Spectrum | ES07D02 Mass Production

Sam and anybody else who ordered one of these after COVID should just sit back silently and let the people who invested when the Grass was greener handle the complaints/requests.

I joined the forum today just to point this out. Read my lovely history I’ve bulleted below. The early adopters like me, are the ones that have the most to be upset about. These forums are cluttered with people that don’t have a clue. I’m just as upset as anyone and based on the history below I think I have every right. I got in on this knowing there might be delays, Then COVID happened and made it worse. I’m just hoping they get it together before my hair turns gray.

But PLEASE if you don’t have a history like the one below just take a back seat and understand that more than early adopters, you brought this on yourself. If I knew what you SHOULD have known when you ordered, I’d have skipped this in a heart beat.

  • FEB 2020 - Spectrum QHD 144 Pre-Order ($100) Expected Q3 2020
  • MAY 2020 - Pandemic Shifted Focus to QHD 240Hz and 4K 144Hz
  • MAY 2020 - Upgrade off for QHD 144Hz (Accepted Upgrade)
  • MAY 2020 - New Expected Delivery Q1 2021
  • Many Many Updates/Excuses Later
  • JAN 2022 - Yes that’s NOT a typo, Almost 2 years later, Balance Due
  • JAN 2022 - Balance Payment: Paid in FULL
  • MAR 2023 - Patiently Waiting to get a Monitor I ordered More than 3 years ago and Paid for in FULL more than 1 year ago.

My order was placed Feb 2020, requested a refund 9th Jan 2023, still waiting for the refund and there is never any response from so called customer service when following up on it.

We paid a long time ago because the earlier you paid the lower the price as I thought I’d obviously be sticking with the order back then.

It shouldn’t make any difference how long ago your order was placed, if you’ve requested a refund it should be processed in the order the requests were received.

Does that also apply to UK consumers too?

I put a $100 down in Mar 12, 2021

Just want to let everyone know I received a Shipping Addy confirmation yesterday for the 280Hz, I was a pretty early backer


Out of curiosity what date(s) did you pre order?

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holy moly… I’m hyped, when did u preorder/ fulfill full payment

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I was an early preorder around Jan '20 and paid in full Jan '22


Well that’s fantastic to hear - would really appreciate it if you kept us in the loop on when it arrives! This might be first I’ve seen someone post about actually getting any information about their monitors on the forum. A bit of a breathe of fresh air ahaha.

Hopefully others will see their’s comin’ through too! I ordered around the same time as you by the sounds of it. I’ve got two i’m waitin’ on :worried:

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Thanks for the reply! I pre ordered in June 2020 and paid in full January 2022. Hopefully im not too far up the list :sweat_smile:

Great to hear. March 2020/Jan 2022 for me. Hope I’m not too far off! Have had little to no hope I was getting a monitor or my money back (didn’t bother to fight for a refund).

A couple people in the discord said they got shipping confirmations a week ago, but since then there hasn’t been more.

I too received an address confirmation email yesterday. Still waiting on tracking information!! Praying that comes by the end of the week/ early next week

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may i ask what region of the us if the us you are in?

If you are in the US, you should create a free account on both UPS & Fedex websites, they let you track all shipments coming to your name/address

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I ordered 280Hz in may 2020 and pay full jan 2022, but still don’t receive any updates. But I in Europe.)

240 Hz / 280 Hz:

  • Pr-ordered on 29th January 2020 (this is pretty early, a couple of days after start),
  • Full payment on 20th January 2022. No mail received since then, yet.
    Europe / German citizen.

I wonder, whether Europe has to wait longer than the US.

Not able to login into Dough account with order history )-;

I encountered this problem with failed login on EU site and after opening a support ticket I received a change password link and it worked.

BUT, today, couple of minutes ago, I observed something - if I access and switch to Europe from the upper right side, I am redirected to and I can not login. Looking back at the link I received from support, the site is and I can successfully login.

What is happening? It seems and are two different portals…

Hi there,

There was an issue with the website where users cannot login. The new domains are the solution right now in order for users affected to be able to access their accounts.

i ordered and gave deposit on 29-jan-2020, then supported 3-mar-2020, and gave the remaining amount on 28-jan-2022. i am based out of Singapore and still haven’t got my spectrum…
i am able to login to the via my account.

hope to get confirmation that South-East Asia orders are getting processed since there’s a lot of logistics traffic between china/hk and sg…