Project: Spectrum | ES07D02 Mass Production

I was able to see my order status, by using the same account I logged in with on
I think they migrated the orders to the new website
Make sure to select the right region (US / Europe) on the top right though.

The order status should be accessible if you change the URL to

All orders are migrated fully from Eve to Dough, so we have all the records with us. and yes, make sure to pick the correct region.

So here we are towards the weekend and the end of the year. Unfortunately I haven’t received any update on this. I have been told that we will see movement on January, but I cannot say anything else, especially since shipment has been delaying one month after another. Until I can get a DEFINITE, confirmed movement, then I will share it again with you guys here.


Happy new year all,

another deadline just wooshed past.


Happy new Deadline! I am really curious what new Problems need to be solved.
I just haven’t canceled my Order to see how this ends, laugh about myself about trusting a company and see how long eve oh i mean dough can survive.
And if i get my 2 Monitors at some point in the Future (who are fully paid since almost a year)
I have History at Home and can tell a f-ing funny story every time someone asks about the monitors!

Thank you Guys for making buying a Monitor such a wild ride! Would have happened with any other brand!


Well, China will allow travel to resume starting Jan 8th. If the CCP stopped locking down its country, they’d have your stuff ready years ago.


Sooooooooooo… What’s the word?

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Hey there,

I am sorry, but I haven’t heard any updates yet on this…

Yeah, that response is just unacceptable.

I even forgot the original shipping date for this monitor at this point. At some point it was July, 9th 2021, then December 2021, then late January 2021, then December 2022. It’s 2023 now, 3 years since you guys claimed “Spectrum is here”.

I know how hard it is to develop and manufacture hardware, but this is just ridiculous!

When Eve originally introduced the concept, it had some pretty unique features at an unbeatable price. The industry has long caught up in the meantime, the LG UltraGear 27GN750-B has dropped in price below the original introduction price of the 120 Hz Spectrum. The Covid-19 pandemic was a good excuse for a while, but the rest of the world has moved on.

I have followed this project since it’s inception I was very enthusiastic about the concept and I appreciated the somewhat open communication up till now, but almost a month of radio silence after saying the product is almost ready to ship is not it.

If you came clean about there being issues with QC I would be frustrated but understanding. Now I’m frustrated, disappointed and mad instead.


Are you able to push a bit to get some information for us? We’ve missed yet another shipping deadline with no updates.

I’d still love to know where my order falls in the queue to even know if I should get my hopes up for this production run

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@seppe, @ThomKlanc


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Where is the improved transparency we’ve been promised in the past? It’s easy to make a promise, but it means nothing if they’re never fulfilled. We were told this monitor would ship in December, and we’re approaching February with no new info


Last news on Discord from Aethel were:

  • 04/01/2023: […] 280Hz EU & NA are currently being sent to regional warehouses for distribution […]
  • 12/01/2023: […] about the 280Hz model, I do not have the status of arrival from regional warehouses

And from support today 17/01/2023 I got:

  • We are currently waiting for news on the QC test and will keep providing updates as soon as we are able to. This is why it hasn’t shipped yet.

I contacted support to get refunded the express shipping (DHL from China directly) I paid back then, since it won’t be fulfilled: they only perform standard shipping from warehouses now.

Let’s see how many more weeks/months until we get the monitor (and if I will ever receive the shipping difference cost refunded one day as they told me).


Are you telling us the $200 we paid in Expedited Shipping is going to be stolen and given Economy instead?? Or did I miss something

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The point remains that by now, the 280Hz, QHD monitor barely relevant. The same panel can be had for cheaper on other monitors, and monitors with both VRR and KVM are commonplace now, with more coming to market every day.

When they promised these specs in late 2020, it was definitely amazing value. If they were able to ship by the end of 2022 they would be about on par with the rest of the market. By now the market is slowly moving further, leaving Dough in the dust.

Eve / Dough made a lot of great promises, but sadly failed to follow through.

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  1. We will get it from a regular shipping from regional warehouse and not express from China
  2. We can expect a refund for the difference in shipping cost (should be something like 175-49=126$)

To complete the quote in my previous message:

We are currently waiting for news on the QC test and will keep providing updates as soon as we are able to. This is why it hasn’t shipped yet. Also, we will provide a refund for the Express shipping costs as per your request, as we will ship from local warehouses and not directly from China.

I really hope we receive the monitor quickly now (at least some units should be on their way to US and EU warehouses according to “aethel” on Discord)
Hopefully the production is still going on without issue/delays, but I guess we are around China New Year too…

And for the refund as I haven’t seen anyone posting a successful one of any kind… I can only cross my finger for it to happen someday.

Hey @Cas,
a full work week has went by since you last said you did not had news. Did you get any news since?

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It’s the lunar year going on. That’s a 2 weeks holiday so you should not expect anything until February week

@Cas just checking in on here because I haven’t gotten any major update email from you guys since the name change to DOUGH. I see some people reporting that the monitors are making their way to the warehouses. Should I be seeing some sort of shipping update from my order or is this information coming from the Discord server specifically? Im just confused on the whole situation since its been over a month since the Mass production update on here. My worry is that my order will be forgotten and ill be waiting for many more months or even years to even see this monitor. I Pre-ordered in June 26th 2020 and paid in full January 20th 2022. All I ask is for clear communication of whats going on.

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From what I can tell looking at the news is that Chinese new year holidays are still going on. Honestly we should start asking after February 1st. That’s when the holiday ends

Ahh okay, I shall wait till then I suppose.