Project: Spectrum | ES07D02 Mass Production


Hi there community!

We share with you some good news: ES07D02 has finally entered its 1st mass production run! Along with this update, you will find a detailed mass-production video of the units, showing the process from the beginning till the end.

This video provides a detailed overview of the whole process and shows how the monitor is being constructed. It is a rather simple process once we have all the pieces in place!

Below you can find a short description of each scene.

Scene 1

The video begins with an overview of the whole assembly line. Followed by a shot of our partner manufacturer employee taking QHD 280Hz panels from their antistatic bags, then bringing them to the assembly line. Each panel is placed on top of padding to protect them from damage and scratches when handled on the line.

Scene 2

In the next shot, we can see the process of identifying each component with its respective serial numbers. The metal box containing the mainboard is paired with the panel by placing it on top of the panel, but no wires were connected yet at this stage.

Scene 3

A plastic frame was then placed to fit the sides of the panel. This frame covers the side of the monitor.

Scene 4 & 5

The next shot showed the process of adding the wires that were later connected to the mainboard. The wires were then tucked neatly together.

Scene 6

The next shot shows one of the employees taking out the back panel of the monitor. The mini board responsible for the joystick and power is then screwed in place, with the ribbon cable secured with black tape. The back panel is then paired with the rest of the monitor already in line.

Scene 7

The next shot shows the assembly line again, with the employee connecting the ribbon cable with the mainboard. Followed by placing the back panel against the rest of the monitor.

Scene 8

Once the back panel is neatly placed, we have screws securing the whole piece. Then followed by putting the serial number sticker on the back of the monitor. In case you are wondering, we are still using the Eve logo on the stickers. It will take time for the rebranding to reflect on the current lineup.

Scene 9 & 10

Immediately after assembly, the monitors are connected to the power and HDMI input for preliminary testing to see if everything is connected well.

The units that passed the preliminary testing are put on the racks, followed by a trip to the burn-in room.

In the burn-in room, the monitors were left on and constantly displaying bright colors under a simulated room temperature of 40 C. This detects any early failures, such as dead pixels and aberration.

Warming up the panel is also a necessary step to be able to calibrate the colors properly later on.

Scene 11

After at least 30 minutes of the burn-in process, the panels were taken to a dark room. Each monitor goes through Delta E and gamma calibration for both HDR & SDR. While it is a long process, our Delta E calibration is amongst the best in the market.

In a separate process, the monitors were also calibrated on three color temperature presets: Warm (5000K), Normal (6500K), and Cool (7500K).

Not shown in this footage are the video and USB input test, which comes after the dark room. On this stage, we test all the ports, making sure that they work properly.

Scene 12

The final step in the assembly process is the packaging! Once calibration is done, each monitor is put inside the nonwoven fabric in its respective boxes. As the first step towards rebranding, Dough sticker was put on top of the box. The boxes were then sealed with tamper-evident seals.

Post-assembly action points

Due to extremely similar packaging and content compared to ES07D03 and ES07DC9, we have no reason to do a road test. Considering the last one was also done not too long ago with ES07DC9.

Instead, we skipped directly to QC check. We are still waiting for more news on this and will share the outcome later.

Thank you so much everyone, for tuning in. Let us know what you think!

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Sadly, the side sticker on the box says 240Hz, I really wanted to show off that 280Hz :sweat_smile:.

Glad to see we are almost done!!

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Great news. Hopefully the wait is not much longer.

You might want to review what you put on your website though. The display clearly has a full-size USB-B 3 connector + USB-C, while the website claims 2 x USB-C (presumably 1 for the USB hub).

Also note the sticker says 240 Hz, but the website (and previous correspondence) claims 280 Hz. Not a big difference, but still.

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Yeah, I am curious as well about how come we have a sticker that says 240Hz. Maybe this is something that we had already since a while ago, and we just don’t want to throw them away. I am still waiting for confirmation about this. Regardless, the actual spec is 280Hz!

Both USB-B and USB-C located on the bottom part of the monitor are both upstream ports. To the side, we have another USB-C for downstream as part of the hub.


For once, thanks for the good news! I’ll admit I didn’t expect that the production would indeed start this November.

I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not just to give us hope before we’re disappointed again (QC checks failures, …).

If everything goes well do you expect to still be on track for shipping by the end of the month? :slight_smile:


Given that The 2021 Vs were “shipped” in June and many customers still haven’t received them and the 4K Matte was “shipped” even earlier in 2022 and also haven’t been received many many customers (particularly in the EU), that would imply that a December “shipping” date means customers should expect to receive the monitor some time in Q3/Q4 of 2023.

Is that correct? if not, what month will EU and US customers receive the monitor?


Good to see. Am curious what % of orders will be fulfilled by this run. Don’t want to get my hopes up about getting mine this year only to find out I’m with the batch after this one.


Thanks for clearing that up. Either way I don’t think the difference between 280 and 240 Hz is all that much :slight_smile:

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is there a reason why some of the panels start up slower than others during scene 10, and will there be re-checks made onto those devices?

Will there be any USB-C port connector check done during QC? cause i have a V 2017 edition and its USB-C port at the top doesn’t work properly due to a physical port issue which i’ve lived with the past many years.


so does this mean we will get our screens soon?


We need an update on this monitor. With it being so close, and the month nearly over, we need to know what’s going on at this exact point. Please!


If I remember correctly when this monitor was first advertised it was supposed to be a 240hz monitor. It was only after some initial testing that they realized they could push it to 280hz. I’m assuming they had already had the packaging done so they just didn’t want to spend more money changing it. I’d look back through to find where that was announced but I’m not putting that much effort into a monitor that I still haven’t had. After ordering 2.5 years ago. Shipping update please! And maybe a que to show where we are in line.


Just wanted to say merry christmas to you all.

And a wish that you all get your screens next year​:crazy_face::grin:


I would really wanna know when this Monitor will be shipped and when it arrives at my door in Germany!!! I have a non curable disease and will die sooner or later cause of it and i really wanna get the chance to use it!! I ordered more than 2years ago, who could think of such a sh*tshow…

And no, i am not joking!

@Chintao I’m sorry man :confused: hopefully eu sees them 1st quarter next year, I didnt have high hopes with December guesstimates for US shipping otherwise we would heard alot more.

this feels like a shady kisckstarter project right now, but I hope they prove me wrong.

If dough really wants attempt to salvage this please provide weekly (or at this point maybe daily) updates on whats holding the production/ shipping back?

ie: low on packing cardboard, everyone called in sick, ran out of money etc.

im lucky enough my current monitor is adequate and i have a spare from an old setup at a different house ( i have moved 3 times since ordering, and had 2 different cars if timeframe means anything).

spectrum/dough, either give lots of clear details on the process or straight up tell us if itd be better to refund/ chargeback please.

This is the most frustrating company I’ve ever dealt with. Broken promises left and right. Ordered the 27” in OCT 2020 and here we are. A month after my November shipment. Still nothing.

I’m guessing they’ve stolen my money at this point.

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First of all: thank you.
Second: Every stupid little China vendor is able to deliver things in like 2 weeks… I can’t Imagine any problem at this point!
They showed us massproduction of the Monitor nearly one month ago. are they piling them up? Shouldn’t be the priority in getting the produced ones on its way? Was this just a show to keep us calm?

One of my best friends is constantly making fun of me that i still have hope after i told him over 2 1/2y ago i preordered this high end monitor…

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@Cas are there any updates on shipment? Is there any way to tell where we are in the queue?

Hi everyone,

That is correct. It was originally a 240Hz panel, but got upgraded to 280Hz panel.

The units are there, as we showed you the mass production already on this topic. I have just received reports that QC results are satisfactory, so no problems there. Now it is a matter on shipping them out. Here we are heading towards the end of the year, but I have yet to hear any updates. I will see if I can get more confirmation on this, and will report back by the end of the week.


is there any way we can check the status of our orders ever since the rebrand to dough? i scoured through my e-mail as i placed my pre order for this in august of 2020 and attempting to check my order through there does not work as it points to the evedevices URL

i understand that mass production is underway but its getting close to 2.5 years since pre order and nothing but apologies and issues for this model even after finalizing the payment in full in january 2022