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Hey everyone,

The team at Eve is hard at work to get monitors on everyone’s desk. Some of my colleagues are setting up logistics systems to ensure a steady stream of our generally lauded 4K model. Others are arranging tests and certification so that we can bring our new glossy variants to market. Meanwhile, our firmware engineers are hard at work to get our much-anticipated 280Hz model ready for production. Today’s topic will have a closer look at what that last group has been up to…

The same, but different

It will probably come as no surprise that ES07D02 and ES07D03, our Quad-HD 280Hz and 4K UHD 144Hz models respectively, are almost the same. And that is very much intentional: when we set out to create different variants of Spectrum, the goal was for them to be identical except for their display panel and firmware. This way, complex components such as the main logic board only had to be engineered once, and investments such as housing tooling only needed to be made once.

Over time, however, LG Display has made some changes to their panel that have challenged this approach. We’ve mentioned before how they moved a screw hole by just enough to make it incompatible with our existing housing design – a decision they came back on at our request. Similarly, we found that some of the panel’s manufacturing tolerances could cause incompatibility with our housing, and the panel manufacturer once more provided a solution by adjusting their tooling.

When the panel backlight changed from 16 to 32 individual zones, we had to adjust Spectrum’s logic board to facilitate this. The LED controller integrated circuit (IC) we use can only drive up to 16 zones, and we found a way around this limitation by doubling up on these chips: each IC drives half the backlight LEDs.

A challenger appears

With our housing still compatible and our electronics adjusted, we confidently entered the engineering validation testing (EVT) phase of the project, where functional prototypes were built and our firmware engineers could get down and dirty with the real deal. Using the same chips in almost the same configuration, the expectations from our manufacturing partner were that (aside from code that dealt directly with resolution or refresh rate) the firmware programming from our 4K model would carry over.

Though this is still true to a large degree, earlier this month we were informed that our engineers ran into problems with two important features. The code for both motion blur reduction and HDR did not take well to the new panel. Instead of tuning and tweaking the existing code to get the most out of our 280Hz panel, our team has been hard at work to get them to work properly at all.

Coming up next

These two issues have eaten up our buffers, and are now affecting our timeline. Apart from requiring additional firmware development time, until we are sure that no hardware changes are required to resolve them we cannot move on to design validation testing (DVT), the next phase in the process.

We can no longer guarantee shipping in April, and since we are still working on the solution, there is no exact estimate on when our next round of prototyping can begin. Consequently we have no clear dates for further testing, adjustment, and mass production. The new estimate for shipping Spectrum model ES07D02 is in Q3 of 2022, though of course we’re doing all that we can to deliver the product sooner rather than later.

Once the current issues are worked out, we can start the DVT phase. A new production run will provide us with samples for a variety of tests to ensure performance, safety, and quality, as well as providing as-good-as-final hardware for further firmware tuning. From there, it’s a matter of preparing the production lines so we can finally get Spectrum on your desks.

To be continued…

Even though one might argue that ‘it’s just a part of creating technology’, it’s always painful to write a development update that includes any kind of delay. We want to get it on your desks as much as you do! Even so, we’ll keep letting you guys know if and when anything changes. Until then, we’ll continue to do all we can to produce another amazing monitor!



Welp. See you guys in Q1 2023.


@Helios Thank you for the update. A few follow-up questions:

  1. Does that also impact the shipping estimate for the glossy ES07D02, that was previously October 2022. i.e. could that also be pushed by up to 5 months?

  2. Would you be able to provide an update on how the work is progressing on ES07D01? There has been little news on this model and was previously indicated as shipping in April.

  3. Given you have a bit of extra time, are you intending to fix in the ES07D01 and ES07D02 models the flaw in the USB-C hub hardware which exists in the ES07D03 (4K) model? See:

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I think at this point I am out …


Q3… I literally cancelled upgrading my order to glossy on the premise this thing was shipping next month, and it goes from on the horizon (once again), to another half year out. No email to the affected customers either is a bit ridiculous. Taking full payments too and then delaying could also push a lot of people outside the chargeback timeframe, which shouldn’t be an issue, but with a company with as shaky a history as eve, has me worried. I really want this to come to fruition, but it’s just been years of delays at this point and I’m pretty bummed.


Thank you for providing this update. Though it is hard to give news of delays it is important to keep your customers in the loop so they don’t loose trust in the company’s ability to deliver the product. It’s always better to know the truth than for your customer’s to make their own.


Really sad to hear about this but I kinda expected something was amiss when the glossy 280 hz was pushed back to october. By any chance is there anything about the panel that can be changed now since there is a delay anyways? I understand that you guys want to stabilize what you have now and try to get it to market as soon as possible so the safe route is to do just that. But if there’s an opportunity to make any last minute changes, I’d assume now would be a good chance to do so since somethings might be changing anyways. :slight_smile: Either way I look forward to this monitor when it comes out, it will be delivered super late and I’m sure it’ll arrive before star citizen comes out XD
I also see the positives of this delay, any lessons learned from the 4k model should be used to further improve hardware defects and improve the maturity of the firmware so it should be bug free out of the box (this is what I’m hoping for after so many delays tbh).


I was considering the QHD 280Hz model. I returned to the site today to see if it was still on track for April delivery. Looks like I have my answer and decision that I’m out from pulling the trigger. I’m not a fan of my Samsung Odyssey G7; I really liked my for Eve 4K monitor before I sold it for higher frame rates.

Best of luck.


I had the G7 and I was disappointed when I went back to IPS. There’s still some black smear and the QC issues with Gsync flickering was still a thing with VRR control off and with VRR control on I had microstuddering. If you play with Vsync only it’s great.


Yeah honestly I’m just waiting for those 1440p mini led monitors announced in January to get solid release dates and I’m out. 2 years in it feels pretty bad, but this monitor is getting outpaced by the industry and 32 dimming zones (plus the massive delay that came with it) doesn’t really compare to qled or mini led. Eve has promising ideas as an industry disruptor, but I don’t see them shaking off their old habits anytime soon.


Hi @Phil,

I can provide you with the information that we have at the moment.

  1. There is no change as of now when it comes to shipping time for ES07D02 Glossy. However it will depend on how fast the issue can be sorted out. We will keep the community on the loop on any news.

  2. With all development still focused on ES07D02, we do not have any updates yet on ES07D01.

  3. This issue has been highlighted for development of ES07D02. It potentially been rectified during EVT and will be verified again through further testing.

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jesus christ how long do we have to wait for this monitor every god damn time it gets delayed and paying 800€ for waiting is not the deal


Honestly, what the hell?

I’ve got two monitors paid in full as of February when the monitors were said to ship at the end of April. I also was given the option to upgrade to the Glossy monitor which I was excited about when it was first announced. I unfortunately didn’t upgrade because I was expecting that my monitor was shipping at the end of April.

NOW, we’re being told that the monitor isn’t shipping until what the beginning or end of Q3?

So I’m at this point; I’ve missed my option to upgrade to the glossy version which was what I really wanted after it was announced, I’ve paid in full with express shipping, AND I’ve gotta wait another 3~ months.



Yeah I’m pretty disappointed too. Starting to feel like the biggest mistake. On top of that, they charged me $100 for the stand even though they originally listed it as FREE. Very, very disappointing.


Very disappointing… i dont know how it can be so difficult to be transparent with the community and give weekly or at least monthly updates especially abiut the shiping schedule…


Definitely appreciate the update here. My frustration I think, comes from the lack of consistent updates when things happen it feels like. I look forward to the product updates, but waiting 2 to 3 weeks at time doesn’t feel right unless I am missing something here.

Couldn’t this be considered an “all hands on deck” approach from development on other products to get this sorted quicker? I honestly feel like Eve should take a book out of old Blizzard saying when the game is complete to their standards they will have a release date instead of baiting us month after month. This has honestly been hard to watch and justify paying for.

Only hope is that Eve makes it right even if it is at their expense. NPS has probably tanked.


Hi, could you elaborate on that a bit more? So does the new pannel now have 32 dimming zones?

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I never thought it would come to this. But seeing the last three updates and the words that where used, I do believe it will become 2023 before it will arrive at my home. We will have moved to a new house by that time.
I mailed the request to cancel my order on the last delay but they person answering my email convinced me to just hold out a little longer.
When the payment request came I had my hopes up again, it would ship, finally.
Not anymore! I am sure it will get delayed again and there is nothing to proof otherwise looking at the trackrecord of delays on this.
I am out, getting another high-end monitor. Don’t care about the price anymore, I’ve been able to safe money over the time it got delayed again and again. So sorry to have have kept us all waiting while we could have been playing on a similar monitor for months now.


What size G7 did you have and when did you have it? Lastly, did you update the firmware of it?

I have a G7 and a G5 (both 27") and fell in love with both. I have had zero issues with them since ordering in Jan 2021 after I cancelled my EVE 240hz preorder (very thankful I did now!)

Time to air my dissatisfaction with all of this.

TLDR: Stuck in pre-order limbo cause Eve can’t/won’t return my 100 deposit.

So I had placed my order originally on October 16, 2020 with hopes that I would be getting this monitor fairly quickly. But as time moves forward, there are more delays coming out for this product and when I decided to ask for a return on my deposit Eve was unable to fulfill my request. Citing limitation with their payment processing system. I had closed the original bank account that I used to make the original payment. I had addressed this with the company but they are unwilling to accept a new account for an electronic fund transfer and unwilling to send a check.

Basically, y’all are me telling, keep your preorder or lose your deposit.

This experience sucks!