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Hey, community!

We are happy to announce that the first wave of Spectrum hands-on impressions is out! While not being the final product reviews, these are independent early looks from notable third-parties, which objectively display Spectrum’s current status.

See their thoughts:

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Linus Tech Tips (Floatplane video)

If you don’t have a subscription to Floatplane, don’t worry; the Linus Tech Tips video should show up on their YouTube channel soon!

Update 07 Jan: The LTT video is now available on Youtube.

Update 10 Jan:

Independent opinions

Our process needs to be validated by third-parties’ eyes to ensure that we do not skip any imperfection present on the units. Moreover, comments from you guys have shown a strong interest in seeing reviews, even if it is about a sample not quite as mature as the final product. You can read more about the improvements that lie ahead of us.

Samples (including the units we sent out to the press) built on the assembly line. We’ll cover this process soon!

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I’ve just seen Linus review on Youtube and I have one thing to say: there is actually NO WAY it will ship on february 26th and I’m okay with that.
Please take your time, I can wait even until March/April, but please for the love of god, deliver a finished and functioning product.


Regardless, they overpromised on the delivery date multiple times now and with the shown performance, I, and I’m sure others, can’t help but get a little anxious about the final product. I really do hope for the best, but more delays would do nothing but sow even more worry imo.


Linus is right, this is def not ready for production yet. Prices have now also caught up from LG and some of the competitors using the same panel, so Eve needs to make sure that they have a fully reliable product w/ colors, blur, and firmware all figured out so that the product can now justify the pricing as well. I’d rather wait another 2-4 months if it means that we won’t get something that has as many issues as Linus discovered.

Keep in mind that the LG GN950 & GN850 are now 4K 144hz IPS Panels for way less now and its likely plenty of other major manufacturers will use the same panel as well soon.


After checking out the written reviews and seeing Linus’ video, I definitely hope the monitor is delayed a couple more months if the firmware bugs and color accuracy are not ready. This monitor can’t be released with any bugs/issues or Eve’s name and reputation will never recover.


Like many, I have just seen Linus’ review and I wonder how a product like this can be sent and have so many problems? Hasn’t it been tested before? It’s one thing that it’s in the finishing phase, but I really wonder if it will be finished with all the options and functionalities one day.


@Lewdish the hardware is ready to go. I would say production is ready to commence. It just might be the units need, and get a firmware update before they are shipped. That’s what I get from what I’ve read anyway. If they are built, and just need flashing before shipping that is a massive amount of time saved.

They may aswell build the units while waiting for the updates right?


LG 27GN950-B is going for around $1200 and there is no HDMI 2.1


Just saw the LTT video. Glad I cancelled my pre-order months ago. Good luck to anyone who is still hanging in there, I do hope they pull through and deliver but I will not be apart of it. I’m happy with my ASUS VG27AQ that I got instead.

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Seen some review videos this far. Gotta say I’m disappointed in Eve. A year of waiting and you ship THAT to get reviewed? Disappointed is an understatement.


I agree, I don’t mind waiting 1-3 months for issues to be fixed, I want a finished product.

@_Eden I agree with this sentiment.


We can definitely wait for a finish product. 2-4 months additional wait time is nothing, it’ll fly by quick. I waited 10 years for Final Fantasy 15 lmao I can wait a few more months for a polished monitor. It looks like it’s almost there so 2-4 months? np.

personally, I’m not a fan of the joystick, I would have preferred buttons as joysticks historically have always failed on me lol but I wasn’t around at the beginning to vote on all that stuff so whatever I can suck it up.


I don’t mind waiting a couple years, delivering a great product is priority.


Where are you living? In Hong Kong, the 27UN950-B costs only around $800, that similar to the Eve Spectrum. Moreover, some monitors such as XG27UQR XV282K 279M1RV, etc. they all offer similar features and price as the Eve Spectrum and will be available in the first half of 2021.

BTW I am sure Eve is planning to delay the Spectrum again since they have not asked us to pay the remainder.

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If you guys delay again ill be contemplating going with a different monitor. Depending on the market, price, and what’s even available to buy I suppose.

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The reviews are concerning, mainly because the shipped product basically couldn’t be fully tested at all. I’d have preferred to wait and see a Beta product ready sent for review - it’s 100% a long way off even that stage and feels rather disappointing. All reviews can compare to is normal 4k 60hz monitors, there is nothing there for them to highlight its next level abilities.

Linus struggled a lot to really show anything of real value. I’ve learned nothing from the reviews and actually feel more frustrated now. I have the Model 3 pre-ordered yet it looks like I will have no idea if this will work effectively on my next gen console before purchase. I’m going to have to re-think this thoroughly in all honesty. It feels like “get any product out to an reviewers to drum up interest” rather than effective planning. Very concerned


Here’s my 2 cents:

I want a monitor with the most equivalent spec to the Eve Spectrum Model 3, at the best possible price, at the earliest possible availability, in roughly that order of priorities.
(I say roughly because if, for example, it’s at a slightly higher price, but will be available months earlier, I would go for the earlier option)

Whether that monitor is the Eve Spectrum, or some other brand, I don’t really care.

What that sentiment boils down to, in terms of the Spectrum, is: if Eve needs to push back the release date to hit the advertised features and performance, I’d rather they did that. But if a different manufacturer comes out with an equivalent model, at more or less the same price point, in the meantime, there’s no reason for me to not go for that model instead.


Here in europe there is no Monitor like the eve to buy. LG is at 1700,- to Bus, no thanks I will wait


I appreciate EVE sending it to reviewers. Please make sure its ready and all the kinks worked out. I look forward to using it, but if its released with problems, it WILL ruin EVE’s reputation and we need companies like this around.


keep going guys, i will wait :slight_smile: