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Hi there, community!

It has been a while since the last update, so I’d like to share a quick summary of what is happening on the development front.

For a more detailed development history for our Spectrum lineup (aside from ES07D03), please see this timeline topic. The timeline topic is and will be constantly updated as soon as there is progress. Stay tuned!

ES07D02 (Spectrum 280Hz matte)

ES07D02 Progress Bar

We start with ES07D02. Currently, development is in the PVT stage in preparation for our 1st mass production run. Hardware-wise, materials are being prepared for the upcoming mass production being ready for Q3 2022 shipping estimate.

On the software side of things, we are still debugging and refining the firmware to fulfill Nvidia G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certifications. We are also working with Blur Busters for our backlight strobe tuning. The latest update by @BlurBusters can be found here.

ES07DC9 (Spectrum 4K glossy)

ES07DC9 Progress Bar

For ES07DC9, the latest update can be found here.

We are currently improving the production yield to ensure we have less failure rate in our upcoming mass production. Aside from personnel training, we have made several firmware improvements. Once we have the things right, this will improve the yield ratio and grant us a green light to continue with mass production.

ES07DCA (Spectrum 280Hz glossy) and ES07D01 (Spectrum 144Hz)

Information about the development of ES07DCA will be confirmed not long after ES07D02 enters mass production, and the same goes for ES07D01.

Our branding and lineup

It has been a week since our rebranding and some of you may wonder how it affects our current lineup of products?

For now and in the near future, there will be no visible update on the hardware. To stay sustainable, we are utilizing the current tooling, hardware, and stock we have produced already, so there is no waste because of the rebranding. The design of the hardware that lacks visible branding also makes it unnecessary to do a design revamp of our existing materials.

Eventually, step by step, all EVE logo on our lineup will be replaced with DOUGH logo. This includes all our accessories (Spectrum stand, mousepad, cable ties), documentation, and anything else that comes with the logo. This will take time to be fully realized.

This concludes the recap! Drop your comment below and let us know what you think.

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Hey Dough! I noticed that the Spectrum does not have a G-Sync module but has variable overdrive.

A dedicated G-SYNC module offers variable overdrive. Gaming monitors use overdrive to push their response time speed so that the pixels can change from one color to another fast enough to prevent ghosting/trailing behind fast-moving objects.

However, most monitors without G-Sync don’t have variable overdrive, but only fixed modes (for example): Off, Normal, Fast, etc. The problem here is that different refresh rates require different levels of overdrive. At 144Hz, the «Fast» overdrive mode might perfectly eliminate all trailing, but it also might be too aggressive if your FPS drops to ~60FPS/Hz, which will cause inverse ghosting or pixel overshoot.
For optimal performance in this case, you would need to manually change the overdrive mode according to your frame rate, which isn’t possible in video games where your frame rate fluctuates a lot.
G-Sync’s variable overdrive can change on the fly according to your refresh rate, thus removing ghosting at high frame rates and preventing pixel overshoot at lower frame rates.

Moreover, some G-Sync Compatible monitors have exceptional overdrive where one mode works perfectly well across the entire refresh rate range, but this is rare as well.

I have a question. How good the monitor work without G-Sync module, but with variable overdrive? For example, I often play Rust in 120 with drop to 70 FPS.

UPD: I read a post about 4K 144Hz Eve Spectrum 4K Monitor Review | TechSpot
I hope you will improve variable overdrive in 280Hz model.

Why does your store say “buy now” on all of the models despite the fact that you’re not shipping most of them yet? That’s very confusing and deceptive.

Hi guys,

Let me find out more about this and get back to you.

I will bring this to the team and let them know your feedback.

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