Project: Spectrum | Development Recap - October 2022


Hi there community!

Here I’d like to provide you guys with another recap on the development front. Particularly for October, I will provide updates here on this topic as soon as they are any.

As a side note, for a more detailed development history for our Spectrum lineup (aside from ES07D03), please see this timeline topic. The timeline topic will be constantly updated as soon as there is progress.

Without further ado, here we go!

ES07D02 (Spectrum 280Hz matte)

ES07D02 Progress Bar

We have made significant progress on developing ES07D02, with mass production already in sight.

While backlight strobing and VRR hand-in-hand implementation still takes a backseat, the standalone backlight strobing is now working well with 280Hz, all thanks to the collaboration between our firmware team and BlurBusters!

In addition, due to hard work done by our firmware team, ES07D02 is now fully compatible with Nvidia G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

With both certification and backlight strobing done, the next step is to prepare the materials for mass production. In particular, we are still waiting for the mainboard to arrive in the factory in sufficient quantity. However, progress has been hindered by the situation in China, where lockdowns are still common. During the lockdown, factories are not allowed to operate, making it nearly impossible to obtain the mainboard sooner than later.

After everything is ready, then mass production can commence.

ES07DC9 (Spectrum 4K glossy)

ES07DC9 Progress Bar

Here comes our beloved glossy variant of ES07D03! While we have received positive feedback on the production line, we have yet to get clearance for mass production. It is not a consistent issue but consistent enough to affect reliability, which makes the team baffled about what the exact cause may be. We are looking at possibilities for potential hardware issues, but so far, everything still points to the firmware. We have yet to receive an exact date when we can resume mass production for this model.

ES07DCA (Spectrum 280Hz glossy) and ES07D01 (Spectrum QHD 144Hz)

Similar to the last update, we have yet to progress on these models. ES07DCA development will come after ES07D02 enters mass production, and development news for ES07D01 will follow suit.

This concludes the recap. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Any update on what this means for the expected delivery date of ES07D02? Is shipping still expected in December are are we looking at a 2023 delivery?

Hi there,

Currently we are still looking at this year. If things go well we expect December shipping for ES07D02, but we are still looking for possibility for earlier shipping.

Can we get any guarantees at all regarding ES07DC9. Website previously shown October shipping which obviously you guys changed to November. Are there reasons, if at all, that the team believes you can hit a November shipment date. I wouldn’t even put this model past MP stage yet if it’s halted with no end in sight.

Hi there,

I haven’t gotten any more news yet on ES07DC9, so I can’t say otherwise. The time moved based on our partner manufacturer’s recommendation.

However, I will post an update here as soon as I hear any meaningful updates.

Thanks, out of curiosity, when you said that there is an issue but “it is not a consistent issue but consistent enough to affect reliability”, what issue is there? I am concerned that this will be a problem which will take months to complete. So, are there any insight on the problem and is there an estimated debugging time cost before you guys truly enter MP?

Hey there,

The issue is the failing to detect video input during startup. Details can be found on the original QC topic for ES07DC9.

Estimated time is something that is communicated by our partner manufacturer. Unfortunately I can’t get anything more specific at this point, as I kept on getting “we are working on it” as an update. We hope to hear more positive news this upcoming weeks, as things seem improve based on the recent reports.


Honestly, I’ve come to empathize with the situation in China after hearing more about it through the grapevine. I know a lot of people give you guys flack for that since basically everywhere else in the world lockdown is much less an issue. Glad for an in-depth update, and hope these can come more frequently as new information and developments progress :slight_smile: Eve’s greatest boon is being forthcoming about issues and general developments, so please continue to do so!


Hi there,

Thank you so much for your encouraging post. It is true since we are relying on our partner manufacturer, which is located in China, things are progressing inconsistently. Especially with the current situation.

I hope to hear more things from their side so that I can present them much more frequently in the community.


The Dough website currently states that both the glossy and matte models of the 4K Spectrum will be shipped in October. This is clearly unachievable given your summary above and the backlog of past orders that remain for both matte and glossy orders.

Historically, it has been seen that Dough (and Eve previously) has failed to meet practically every delivery date ever specified on the order page. The problem is that these false delivery dates sets unrealistic expectations, results in many refund requests (which Dough seem unable to pay back) and severely damages Dough’s reputation, and this issue has been raised many times by the community.

  1. Who in Dough is responsible for specifying these delivery dates on the order page? and
  2. When do they plan to update the website to put forward dates that Dough can realistically achieve, given the difficulty of the situation that Dough is facing, as you have outlined?

Hi there,

You are absolutely right. Hopefully things are sorted out soon, and moving forward we will be able to deliver based on the time stated on the website.

These delivery dates were posted based on the collaboration between the marketing team and logistics. Logistics, in turn, get information from the partner manufacturer about when the devices will be available in the main warehouse to be picked up.

The website is constantly updated as soon as we receive news about when delivery is expected to happen. All of it happens between the parties above, and the decision is made based on when it is the most realistically plausible. Unfortunately, history has proven otherwise.

@Cas , will this be for the missing deliveries for the Eve v2 as well ?

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Hey there,

This recap covers only for ES07DC9 models and ES07D02. I have not received any further information for EVE (2021) shipping yet.

What is the status on the October 2022 shipments? I still have not gotten any notification. Also on this thread, Dough seems to make many excuses for “unexpected” delays, when EVERY SINGLE media outlet reporting on EVE/DOUGH mentions this perennial lack of accuracy and transparency. How is it that you are still displaying KNOWN inaccurate ship dates? Has a single customer ever gotten their product when you claimed they would get it?

Closing topic. See November Recap for a follow-up update.