Project: Spectrum | Choose The Test Items You Like


Beloved community,

Thank you so much for submitting tens of valid entries on the community tester topic. We especially love the detailed tech product reviews many of you created; it shows that you are passionate about the tech products you own and would love to share your experience with the community. In this topic, we follow-up with a poll to let everyone pick the use cases they’d like to see tested on Spectrum prototypes.

Which ones of the following are you interested in?

  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Production
  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphic Design
  • PC Gaming
  • PlayStation Gaming
  • Xbox Gaming
  • Mac Gaming
  • Video Playback
  • Office/Productivity Work
  • Game Streaming
  • Software Development

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Next steps

We set the entry topic deadline to be April 5th at noon GMT; we will go through your submissions once again and reach out to the testers we pick in private messages with instructions to collect further information following the entry topic’s closure. The testers are decided based on the quality of their review, use cases, devices, as well as additional reasons mentioned in their submission. We will announce to the community once the testers are confirmed. Be sure to check your submission once again and fine-tune if needed!

We’re looking forward to getting Spectrum development samples to your hands!



Thank you for the update! Best of luck to all the participants and happy April Fools day to everyone :sweat_smile:


There wasn’t an other option, but I personally would be interested in seeing a Nintendo Switch tested on the Spectrum. I plan to use the monitor primarily with my gaming PC but it would be nice if it worked well with my Switch as well.


And given that the maximum HDMI output resolution of Nintendo Switch is 1920×1080 (Full HD) and it’s the latest generation of Nintendo consoles available, it’s a perfect use case for pixel-perfect integer-ratio upscaling (integer scaling) built into Spectrum, for gaming with no unreasonable blur.


The way you guys are giving us all a chance to mold the product is SO EXCITING!!!

I’ve never felt this way about ANY other product my whole life, and I’ve seen A LOT …



Playstation 5 test ftw! 4k at 120 frames. Thats what I am excited about


I agree @yatharthraut. While I will have other uses for the monitor. I’m most excited to see 4k@120 on the PS5.


Not a single game available, on the next-gen console, can do 4k 120fps, all of them are 1440p 120fps, the rest is 4k 60.

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That’s strange, because the Ps5 doesn’t support 1440p. When I looked online it mentions games that support 120fps, but doesn’t mention anything about 4k compatibility when 120fps is enabled.

I’ll have to do some more research. Thanks for the info.

I just watched a video of someone enabling 120fps on Call of duty: Cold war while running at 4k; the resolution was not lowered.
I want to see the Spectrum on PS5 even more now. Would be good to see graphical differences when 120hz is enabled (If there is any).


@ReignDespair I would like to refer you back to this post.

Unfortunately, PS5 can’t run 4K at 120hz atm but please bear in my that this is a software limitation and can be changed later on.

The only console that can actually run 4K @120hz via HDMI 2.1 is the XSX.

I believe Sony are just waiting for more 4k games to be produced so they can release the software limitation.

@Lore_Wonder Take my money please :weary::tired_face:


Cold War uses dynamic resolution scaling. In the 120 fps mode it outputs around 1200p average. Check out this video by Digital Foundry if you want to learn more.

Skip to 6:50 if you just want to see where they talk about that.


I’ve watched that before.

The 4:2:2, and 4:4:4 the difference is to do with chroma sampling. At 4:2:2 this means less data transfer is needed, because it duplicates some pixels.

To my understanding you can still achieve 4k graphics at 120hz; with using 4:2:2.


They also mention how they can’t record in 4k@120hz So that could also be a big part of the problem.

Thanks for the information guys. I’ll look more into it tomorrow. Currently on the playstation as we speak.


Let me know what you find because I have a PS5 myself and initially preordered the spectrum model 3 for the PS5 - so I could run 4K at 120hz.

But I might just use it for my MAC



I did a little research last night, and it seems that in the example for Black Ops Cold War it uses Dynamic 4k when using 120hz.

From what I’ve read, the rendering of the game is not 4k, but it’s being output in 4k. I’m presuming that this is being upscaled.

Currently I don’t think there are any native 4k 120hz games.
Games in the future will be designed to make use of 4k 120hz (properly).

I believe you will notice a difference with the Spectrum 4k 144Hz model. It’s a definetly still an excellent choice in monitor. Hopefully we’ll have some great show-cases of the Spectrum from the community reviews.

Off topic: Oddworld soulstorm comes out very soon. Can’t wait for that.


You are correct. The same can be said with a PC as many newer games, even with a RTX3080 or RTX3090 would not be able to output native 4k at 144hz. That is why DLSS is so great as it can internally render a 1440p or 1080p resolution to 4k with little loss of detail and in some cases, makes the 4k outputted image even more pleasing to the eye.

The PS5 uses a similar technique called checkerboarding(typically). So in the case of Black Ops, having a 4k 144hz monitor will make a difference as you will be capable of playing at 4k 120hz. The PS5, just like the XSX are not powerful enough to render native 4k 120hz for most games, nor would it make sense when upscaling techniques offer better bang for your buck.

If I had to sum it up, I would say the point is that the PS5, the XSX and most games on PC will utilize some upscaling technique to output at 4k. They are simply not powerful enough for native 4k resolution at 120hz in most games, and ultimately we should not want native 4k resolution as techniques such as checkerboarding, DLSS and AMD’s soon to be released option can offer a near native image, or even clearer than native image for less power, allowing developers to add more to their games such as increased particles, ray tracing, etc.


Obviously the usual suspects rank towards the top, and obviously you’ll pick someone who can cover gaming as well as colour-sensitive work.

What I’d like to ask for is that outside of covering the usual suspects, it would be great if you could prioritize breadth of use cases over several testers all covering the same main use cases. As in, make sure there’s a wealth of connected devices involved. Get people to put all three upstream inputs through the stress test. Get PC, Mac and PS5 obviously, but also consider including a tester with Linux / Raspberry Pi / old-console systems in addition to that. Send devices to people who can give us deep analysis about integer scaling and to people who care about ergonomics, UX or HDR. [EDIT: perhaps not HDR because we know that 16-zone local dimming sucks balls. Don’t prioritize that.]

I’d appreciate if you could try to cover the whole, err, spectrum of requirements.


I was just wondering about Switch compatibility as well. What i was also wondering in that context is the following: I have a USB-C Adapter that works as fine as a substitute for a Switch Dock, since the Eve Spectrum is in a sense a USB-C Adapter and can transfer everything that is needed for the Switch to run in Docked mode over the USB_C connection, does the switch run when just connected over USB-C and if that is the case, how well does it work?


While this is true, it’s a little more complicated than that. I can’t speak for Playstaion but for Xbox, in order to dish out HDR, 4k needs to be selected. So yes, my current HDMI 2.0 1440p144Hz monitor will get me 120fps on Xbox Series X, but I don’t get HDR.


I’d love to know compatibility of an M1 Macbook air being able to push 4K/120 with the necessary cable, that’s my use case. Using it with PS5 and maxing out the spec for my Mac


@Lend I think you’ll find this post from the Specs & FAQs thread answers your question :grinning: