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Hi guys,

We opened the much-anticipated topic of the balance payment for Spectrum. We took the time to look into your questions (thank you for the great input!) and have gathered the answers into a structured FAQ. In addition to that, you can turn to our updated technical FAQ, where you can find the latest information regarding product specifications.

Without further ado, welcome to the second post in our payment flow communication plan. Let’s dig in!

Balance payment FAQ

When can I start completing the balance payment?

We’ll announce as soon as we’re ready to collect payments and will reach out to you with your personal invitation in the form of a unique payment link tied to your Spectrum order.

When is the deadline to completing the balance payment?

We understand that you may need some time to collect your funds, so to make sure that you can prepare we’ve started the communication about balance payments in advance. We will leave enough time in-between the steps of the process for you to act. To avoid unnecessary delays, we recommend readying the funds ahead of the scheduled shipping date and responding to our prompt-to-pay invitation as soon as you can.

In what order will the orders be processed?

To make it fair and transparent to all, we will follow a ‘first come, first serve’ principle. We’ll reach out to customers in chronological order, giving the earlier backers the opportunity to fulfill their payment first. Similarly, we will ship out to customers based on the order in which the balance payments are completed.

What options will be available during the balance payment process?

The balance payment flow we introduce will be sent to customers who have an active (open) Spectrum pre-order. The goal of this process is to let customers finalize their existing order by completing the remainder of their payment. During the checkout, you will be given the opportunity to add a stand or relevant accessories but you will not be able to directly add another monitor within that same flow.

Can I still change my order to a different model?

Yes, this is possible, but it requires manual work from our customer support team. Please contact them about your order, and they will walk you through your possible options.

Can I add another Spectrum during the balance payment process?

Our payment process does not allow for this directly. However, if you wish to do add an additional Spectrum to your order, you can contact our customer support team before you receive your payment invitation link.

Due to our pre-order policy, ‘the earlier you order, the better your price is’, you cannot add additional monitors at your original order price (though that price will still apply to your original order) as this would be unfair to customers who have pre-ordered and secured their Spectrum price earlier. Any Spectrums added later will sell for the current price listed on our web store.

Can separate orders for the 4K and 240Hz models be merged into a single order?

Yes, this is possible, but it requires manual work from our customer support team. Please contact them about your order, and they will walk you through your possible options. Please keep in mind that a combined order will not be able to ship out to you until all products are in stock.

What payment methods can be used to complete the balance payment?

At this time, we support credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) as well as Apple Pay. You can (but don’t have to) use the same payment method you used when you placed your reservation. We have noted down your requests to add more payment methods like PayPal, Klarna, or Discover. While we’re working on securing more options for your convenience, we don’t expect to offer more payment methods until after Spectrum starts shipping.

What currency can be used to complete the balance payment?

The currency used to process your final balance payment will either be Euros or US Dollars, based on your region. It is not possible to make changes to this on a per-order basis.

Orders from the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK, will be processed in Euros.

Orders from the rest of the world will be processed in US Dollars.

Which store should UK customers use?

Despite the changed political situation, UK customers are still welcome in our EU store. Since our shop currently does not support British Pounds, your order will be processed in Euros.

Are taxes and duties included in the balance payment price?

Taxes and duties such as value-added tax (VAT) or import fees vary per region. At this time, we have arranged that taxes and duties will be included for customers from within the EU, UK, and US. We are still exploring options for other regions and will notify customers before the balance payment is due.

Will the invoice for Spectrum include VAT or equivalent details?

Our web store is focused on fulfilling consumer orders and due to our current global shipping setup, the buyer cannot claim the VAT back. For large-scale business purchases, please contact our business team who will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information. We are also working with distributors worldwide to get Spectrum on store shelves, which will enable you to purchase Spectrum from a local store with all the tax documents you require.

Can I complete the balance payment in installments?

We do not offer the possibility to pay in installments. However, we understand that you may need some time to collect your funds, so to make sure that you can prepare we’ve started the communication about our process in advance. We recommend readying the funds ahead of the scheduled shipping date.

Does the discount for Hyper-early Bird V backers apply to Spectrum orders?

Yes, as one of these early supporters of Eve, you will be able to use promo code LIFETIME5 at checkout to apply your 5% lifetime discount. This works for all products sold within our webshop, including Spectrum. Eligibility is tied to the e-mail address you used for your original V order, so be sure to use that when creating your store account. If your code does not work, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

When will third-party reviews be published?

We want the reviews to give you an honest look at what Spectrum customers will receive. To that end, we will send final, finished units out to reviewers, from the same production line that your monitors are shipped from. Reviewers will require time to test the product and create their content (a process that can take up to multiple weeks depending on the reviewer), and as such, the final reviews will not be published before you are first prompted to complete your payment.

Can I complete the final payment after third-party reviews are published?

Yes, you will have the option to wait for reviews before making your final decision and you will not lose your reservation or locked-in price; however, we will prioritize shipping Spectrum to customers who have completed their payment first.

How much will the shipping cost?

We offer a more affordable standard shipping option, as well as a much faster express shipping option. Though we try to provide everyone with the best possible price, the final shipping fee is heavily dependent on the country of destination and may be subject to change over time. Because of this, we will give price range estimates only here. Of course, you will be able to see the exact price as it applies to your specific order at checkout.

Standard shipping transports your Spectrum by sea and normally takes between 18 and 35 calendar days. The prices range from 29 to 60 USD/EUR, depending on the destination country. Examples of standard shipping fees for some popular regions are: 35 USD for the US, 39 EUR for Europe, and 45 EUR for the UK.

Express shipping transports your Spectrum by air and normally takes between 3 and 7 calendar days. The prices range from 100 to 270 USD/EUR, depending on the destination country. Examples of express shipping fees for some popular regions are: 179 USD for the US (via DHL Express), 169 EUR for Europe (via UPS Express), and 184 EUR for the UK (via UPS Express).

Does the shipping fee change if I order more than one Spectrum?

Multiple Spectrums at once will cost more to ship than a single unit, but not as much as ordering each of them individually. We try to provide everyone with the best possible price, but as the final shipping fee will depend on the products ordered and the country of destination it is best to check the shipping costs as they apply to your specific order at checkout.

Can I still change the shipping address for my order?

You can fill in your shipping address during checkout. If your situation changes before Spectrum ships, please contact our customer support team.

Who will deliver Spectrum orders?

Shipping partners may vary per country, and exact carriers will be determined at a later time. If you have particular questions about which logistics company will deliver Spectrum in your region, we recommend contacting our support team once shipping starts.

What is the return policy for Spectrum?

We will soon update the return policy on our website to include Spectrum. Of course, as any local consumer law will add to our company policy, your exact rights may vary by region.

How much will the shipping cost for warranty claims?

Shipping fees vary per region and can change over time. Our customer support team will inform customers about the options available for their specific warranty cases.

What system does Eve use to track support cases?

Our customer support team uses the Zendesk ticketing system to keep track of support cases.

How likely is my Spectrum to have pixel defects?

Even though our warranty policy allows for a small number of dark sub-pixels per monitor, each monitor is individually inspected with the aim of shipping only defect-free monitors. Because of this, it is highly unlikely that you will receive a unit with pixel defects of any kind.

Where does Spectrum go in case of a warranty claim?

Warranty service may differ based on your region. As such, we cannot state in advance where your warranty case will be handled. In case of warranty issues, the first step is always to contact our customer support team – they will be able to inform you of the options available based on your specific case.

Will you offer user-replaceable parts?

We are currently focused on shipping complete monitors. After this, we will look into options for providing individual parts for sale or warranty repairs.

Is the warranty transferable to a second-hand buyer?

The warranty is tied to the monitor, not to the customer. The new owner will still need to provide the original proof of purchase, as the limited warranty period does not reset if a customer resells Spectrum.

Will there be paid extended warranty options?

At this time, we do not offer extended warranty plans, but we are still looking into the possibilities.

What is the current estimated shipment date?

Model 1 (QHD, 144hz): End of Q3, 2021
Model 2 (QHD, 240hz): July 9th 2021
Model 3 (4K, 144hz): June 29th 2021

Any more questions?

We hope that we brought more clarity into the process you can expect from our end. Please let us know if you have more questions regarding the balance collection and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.



Good stuff and glad to see the warranty is transferable as this is much more consumer friendly.


Great, update. I love the QNA style post. I would like to say this probably will cover everyone’s questions in regards to balance payment, delivery, and warranty etc.

Thank you, for the taking the time to answer our questions.


Hello, thank you for all the answers I have another question regarding the delivery. Can we choose a relay point ?


Dammnnn son…54 euros for standard shipping or 184 euros for express shipping to the UK and full payment expected before anyone has even seen a fully working monitor.


Full payment isn’t expected. You can wait for reviews before completing payment.


Although I can’t comment on personal experience. The issues you have described have been addressed in an official post by Eve here.

There is also an updated thread where they are asking for details of those affected here.
I believe Eve are seeking legal council. To help those affected by this issue from the past.
I do hope your issues get resolved, but they don’t get resolved by potentially further damaging the Brand on the community forum. In a thread that is not related to your posts.

I personally believe Eve will deliver a great product with the Spectrum.

I agree that does seem expensive, but I do believe these prices are including tax, and duties. So not all bad I guess.


I don’t think anything you say will change their minds, but good on you for making an effort to help them.

I remember reading somewhere awhile back that one the ways the Spectrum was different was that the $100 deposits are not used to fund the entire project and they went to a bank to get a business loan to finance it.


I respectfully disagree that Eve products are a scam. The company went through a difficult time, and once again I’m sure you will be helped when they can help.

I do feel for your situation, but please have respect for the other members.

I didn’t know that. Thanks for the information. Either way the funds gathered for the Spectrum should be used for the Spectrum.

I do hope in the future that Eve help these people, because it’s not fair on them, and I understand their frustrations.


Nice. after I get this, I’ll be able to use my gaming PC with RTX 308… wait I don’t have one…


Had a 3090 FE, but sold it since I was able to get a 3070 and thought it was fine since I did not have my Spectrum’s yet. Thought I could get a 3080 and just sell the 3070. How wrong I was. I am on the EVGA waitlist for the 3080 FTW3 Ultra and based on the google sheet I may be getting close to the front of the line. Nice that they confirmed you can buy it at the old price if you went on the waitlist before the price hike.


Great info from team Eve, look forward to my 4K spectrum still. Everything seems to be shaping up it’s exciting.


I love this. Great to hear that you’ll be inspecting each monitor for pixel defects. Significantly reduces the chance of one shipping with bad pixels.


What about shipping from your Hong Kong-based warehouse to Hong Kong other areas, for example, Kowloon? I can’t believe that you will charge me 29 USD for just a tiny place… Or will you provide options such as self-pick-up?


I’m surprised to hear that you CAN add a monitor to your order. I asked 6 months ago to do so and was told by your customer support that it was not possible. Obviously the price has gone up since then so that’s rather frustrating for me.


Since the policy has changed, and you did contact them directly back then to ask if you could do so - it wouldn’t hurt to try again, with copies of your original correspondence with them stating otherwise - I mean, worse that can happen is they say “No, sorry, we cannot honor that price now”.

Which is where you are at right now anyway…


Nice, man, and good luck.

I’ve decided that with the poor performance of the cards at actual 4K gaming plus with the massive amount of scalping, I’m probably skipping the 30x0 series and waiting for a year+ for the next gen, which, theoretically, should be batter at playing at native 4K. Unless I can get a 80 or 80 Ti for original 80 FE price.

Who knows - we’ll see.

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Thank you for the update. Less than a month left for shipment. Very excited to get rid of my two 1080P monitors for a couple of 4k 144hz monitors :sweat_smile:


Can we start posting the “Shut up and take my money” meme?


I do not think it is fair to pay the shipping for any failure that did not cause the user! Many other houses such as ONEPLUS do not charge shipping for warranty assistance I believe it is right that you change this policy.