Project Muse Headphones Concept

Hello Eve community,

I’ve been thinking about the Project Muse headphones lately, and wanted to put together a concept design inspired by Spectrum. I read through the old posts and thought about what made a good pair of headphones. I think of myself as a lover of music and movies, so great sound is important to me. I’ve previously used a V-Moda XS and currently use a SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. For my home theater I have the Vizio SB36512-F6 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos soundbar with subwoofer and rear speakers. I would like to have a good all-around pair of headphones for listening to Spotify and watching movies and tv shows on multiple streaming services.

List of important features:

-Great build quality
-Great sound
-Good microphone
-User friendly

Spec wish list:

-USB C port
-Bluetooth 5
-50mm drivers
-Dolby Atmos
-AptX HD
-Long battery life
-Active noise cancelation
-USB C to 3.5mm jack adapter

For customization, I thought of being able to choose the color of the leather on the headband and the earcups from black, gray, white, red, or brown. As for accessories, I’m imagining a stylish headphone stand with integrated battery charging station and a nice carrying case.

Here’s my Project Muse concept design:

  • physical buttons (no touch shit)
  • physical toggle to on/off ANC
  • buttons for next/previous song
  • no button actions with long press (exceptions for rarely used functions only. like BT pairing)
  • aptX HD
  • aptX Low Latency
  • NFC pairing (this should be a default with every BT device these days. People use multiple sources and hate pairing every time)
  • small LED status indicators (pairing, connected, ANC on/off, low battery)
  • audiohile quality drivers, DAC, AMP (hate having separate headphones for video calls and music)

Foldable is cheap. Look at Bowers & Wilkins PX - this is perfect headphones design. They are metal, compact (but not foldable), build quality is amazing, over-the-ear but not bulky, stays firmly even when running.


Thanks for the feedback! I have added your suggestions to the post.


maybe an analog input that directly control the drivers ?

edit: Muse 1.1
Sans titre 161


For the gaming side :

Microsoft really nailed the volume control adjustment built into the headphone design on new $100 Xbox headset they just released. Though, I personally own and use an Artics 9x and they are the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. Like a cloud hovering above my head. However, with the sound quality being great, they lack the punch/bass I drool over for surround-sound scenarios.

I think if there’s a way to provide a headset that works seamlessly across ALL platforms and checks off all of the boxes of software compatibilities (Dolby atomos, etc.) and is superior in sound quality and comfort under $300 you’d have my money yesterday.

Keep in mind that I know nothing about production.


If you’re going to use Bluetooth headphones for gaming, support for aptX Low latency is a must.
I expect Muse to be designed with low latency in mind.


Having migrated from the original AstroGaming A40 wired to the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, I know that getting any better will require more (perhaps significantly more) money than I’ve spent on these. They are just that good.

If I’d change one thing on the Arctis, I’d have battery slots on both sides, and have the headset use one then auto swap to the other (while you can remove the discharged one for charging) so that you can swap in and out without having it powered off and then having to power on again. I mean, 10 hours total use through 2 batteries is not really bad considering how small these batteries are - but if I could get 10 contiguous hours of use without having to power it off when swapping batteries, (or say if I had 3 batteries, then using 2 while the third is charging gives me potentially non-stop usage for however long without a single bit of downtime), I would be much, much happier. So, I’d like this to be added to the “Would be nice to have” feature list for the proposed Muse.

One other thing to add, and I think that this should be a must have - the best possible freq range for the proposed drivers (whether they be 40mm, 50mm, or whatever is chosen) - I’m not gonna lie - the freq response for these APWs is phenomenal, and that’s after coming from the A40s…

I also like Emanuelis’ suggestions, especially the ANC on/off switch.

I’m sure I’ll think of more - but I use my Arctis Pro Wireless headset for gaming, watching movies, TV, YT Videos and for conducting classes that I teach and general video conferences also. So, on any given day I’m using them anywhere from 6-10 hours a day. And with my Mobo’s support for Nahimic, and the Windows UWP Dolby:Atmos app, these things are golden.


Project Muse concept 2

Update: Added volume dial, power button and USB C port on the right earcup. Added an ANC control switch, NFC/Bluetooth button, and back/next buttons, and a microphone mute/unmute button on the left earcup. I also designed a headphone stand/charging station.


I love my Arctis Pro Wireless. The removable battery is super useful and the sound quality is excellent.

My biggest issue with them is that they report themselves as a stereo audio device, and there’s all sorts of software trickery used to enable virtual surround sound. I have no easy way to tell if a given piece of software is using virtual surround when it should be, and half the time I’m unsure if it’s being used it not.

What I’d really love is a device that reports itself as 5.1 or 7.1, then does the virtual surround stuff (or basic downmix to stereo) in hardware. It should mean that surround sound is available in more places, possibly including gaming consoles and TVs.

Note: I don’t know if Bluetooth audio devices support more than stereo. More channels might require a wired USB connection.


BTW, I meant to say before, but I’m saying it now - those are some FANTASTIC renders! Great job!


According to several places I looked at, currently BT is able to - but there are many variables involved in getting Multi-channel sound working, including source, and hardware will definitely play a factor, too.


Found several articles about Dolby Atmos with Bluetooth headphones. In short, it does work, but it can get expensive, it could need dedicated hardware and you need to buy the Dolby Atmos for headphones software. Bluetooth 5 is a big upgrade as it allows for more range, increased data throughput, dual audio streaming, and uses less energy, saving battery life.


Yeah, that HT&S link was one I read.

I tested the Dolby Atmos from Microsoft Store with my Arctis Wireless pro and it definitely made a difference. I’ve now purchased it and made it my default setting for all sounds being routed through the AWPs.


Maybe with even two battery compartments if possible so you can change the batterys during use. If thats even possible without too much costs.


Love the renders! However, I would say taking some inspiration from the Arctis series headphones with getting some headbands for the headrest rather than simple padding, makes a world of difference for customizability (render artist would know with the Arctis Pro). Furthermore, you could successfully appeal to multiple groups with this headset with an attachable mic via USB C and an option for Bluetooth vs Wireless Adapter, or even both at once like the Arctis 9 or Pro. Overall, however, USB C is a must, even having ports on both sides (one for charging, one for potential attachments) could be good, and maybe having different models, one with more media-focused features, one with more gaming-focused features, one that’s a more expensive version that can do everything.

  • It would be really cool to have a really comfortable pair of headphones that work with playing media and music as well as it does playing video games.
  • A great built in mic that doesn’t need a mic boom (like the PS5’s Pulse 3D) but has the option to add one.
  • Light enough or designed so that the head band doesn’t create a big indent on the top of the head.
  • Wireless Charging.
  • 3D surround sound audio.
  • Over the ear headphones with comfy, durable cups that could be interchangeable.
  • Durable material, waterproof, customizable

Bald guy here. These will be a day one purchase if there is an option instead of vegan leather to get whatever the beyerdynamic DT 770-PRO Studio cups are made out of. That and the headband can be made of that too.

Leather rubbing on my skin is quite uncomfortable and they are usually not too breathable.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. Love the render


Yeah, if Eve was going to make headphones I’d think they would experiment with different materials for maximum comfort for the most people. I’ll have to find out what they used in the Beyerdynamic headphones.


As a long time SteelSeries user, and one currently waiting for Arctis Pro to get back on market these seem like a great alternative. I mainly use my headphones for listening to music while programming and then for Zoom calls with other devs. I agree with a lot of the features already mentioned (Bluetooth, physical controls, minimal LED, maximum comfort.


So for these kind of headphones my main concern is cable-, earcups- headband replacement options. It should have an industry standard fitting.

On top of that it would be sweet to have costumizable designs through EVE - could be something minimalistic or something mega bold, that decision is not mine. But I would dig the opportunity to put on a signature or logo on them.

Lastly I would highly recommend less fancy audio visualizations/enhancements etc., and have “just awesome” sound quality and stereo imaging - regardless of the source material or resolution (within fair margins of course). If they were to have any such - like object based audio engine - it has to be the absolute Spitzenklasse version of whatever that exist nowadays! No shortcuts!

Keep in my mind they should be easy to drive :innocent: