Production level

Good afternoon, I have a questions for you, admin team. How many pieces you produce per day generally? I read before that you were doing something like 100-300 a day, is it same volume a day now? Just wondering, if you already started selling devices for February/March, and second batch just starting to be manufactured, when devices from flash sale will be produced and how fast will it be?
As well as next flash sale, when it will be available and how you will manage it if you selling devices for February/march, it will be another sale for February/march or only in April already.


The second batch will be produced in December and shipped in January. I expect the third batch will be ready to ship in late January. Hopefully eve learns from the first and second batch and is able to produce the next batches faster.

I think the volumes produced thus far were atypical due to ramp up, new familiarity by the workers, process, defects, etc.

They have been producing at lower levels to work out all the kinks and bugs in the manufacturing process. Now that devices have actually shipped, they’ll be produced very quickly.

This is, of course, dependent on having all the components in stock in the factory ready to be assembled.