Problems with Windows anti-ransomware protection


I have had problems with the also called Controlled folder access function since I have the V.

Brief explanation

Controlled folder access is a function of Windows Defender added on Fall Creators Update. It prevents any non-Microsoft-trusted program from accessing any of the files inside the protected folders (by default: Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos…).
This function is not enabled by default, and can be found under the antivirus section of Windows Defender. It was created to protect important folders and files against ransomware. Exceptions can be added by selecting an .exe file. More info here.

When I try to create and save a file with a portable program (with this function on), Windows locks the access to the folder and shows a notification. “OK, this is the expected behaviour”, I thought. Well, then I tried to add an exception but it didn’t work, so I didn’t worry much about it and shut off the feature every time I wanted to save a file with that portable program.

But today I wanted to copy a file from an USB drive to the desktop using the Windows file explorer and, believe it or not, Windows showed an error message. If I disable the controlled access folder, the error disappears and the file explorer starts copying the file. I’ve tried to add an exception to C:\Windows\explorer.exe, but it does not solve the problem.

I know this is not a Microsoft forum, but I would like to know if anyone else has tried this feature and has the same problem.