Problem pixel 4k spectrum

Hi, have a problem with my new eve spectrum 4k, it arrived in november, and yesterday i turn on and on the white screen i saw a line of pixel green like in the photos. another problem is that when I put the speaker jack on I hear a buzz. I wrote to support, it’s in warranty, is it repaired? is a refund made and the product returned? how does it work? thank you

Hi @Edoardo_Pinucci,

Are you able to DM me the photo of your Spectrum with the pixel green line going across?

You’ve also stated that you received your Spectrum in November, is this the first time you are running into this issue or is this the first time you’ve turned on your Spectrum. Depending on your answer, will determine, what you are eligible for.

certainly the photos are coming, in the rush I forgot to attach them. thank you

the problem has arisen now in these days, I always use the monitor, the day before yesterday when I turned on a game I noticed a dark line on a blue background as in the photo, and on a white screen it is yellow almost green


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That almost looks like the entire column of blue subpixels are failing to turn on. It would explain the dark line when showing blue. It also explains why you’d see a yellow line on a white screen, because red + green = yellow (when it comes to additive colour).

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Ok, thank you, tray to attach other photo


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i have the same issue but line of pixels is horizontal

Have received an answer for the support?

Hi @Edoardo_Pinucci,

Are you able to DM me your support ticket number and we’ll look into this further?

Hi, I still haven’t received a response from the support. 3 days what am I waiting for

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Hey @Edoardo_Pinucci,
Sorry to hear you are still waiting for a response. Could you provide your order number in a message, and we will provide this to the team to look into your case for you.

Hey @Cny,

Please could you contact our support team with regards to this issue and provide as much details as possible. If you could also provide picture this will help.

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Hi, I have tested via software but tell me this:

Dear Edoardo,

Thank you for reporting your problem.

To conduct a deeper investigation, I will pass your case to the manufacturer team and we will be looking for the best solution.

As soon as I have it, I will reach out to you.

I’ll wait but can do more fast because is for work. Thank you