Prices of MS Surface Book (1/1.5 generation) are close to EVE V


those are some great prices. Out of my budget for the one you have selected but starting at $900 is a crazy deal for such a premium device. I still feel a little iffy about buying it on amazon and not having a fresh extended warranty from Microsoft considering the complaints people were giving about their reliability. Looks like they stopped selling them on their website and now only offer preorders for the Surface book 2.

You can buy extended warranty from Microsoft (you have to take it to their store) for $249 - 2 years accidental one.

What I got from MS representatives here - they are selling them (old ones) through alternative channels (i.e. Amazon).


Wow nice, didn’t know it could do that. It would be tempting for me if I wasn’t super biased and turned fanboy at this point. I guess it’s too late for me. But that starting price is super interesting, honestly so is the maxed out price.

The discounted prices does come with a risk. Some are 3rd party vendors, some refurbished which means it;s a hit or miss most of the time–looking at the reviews.

Price wise, I really think (and perhaps other forum goers might agree) it should be titled: what the Price should’ve been… (at least if Eve would’ve done it). $1700-1900 for a 512/16gb Surface Book device (with pen included) seems like a competitive price range realistically.

It is tempting, but there were also a lot of issues with the surface book gen 1. So things to consider I guess. But that starting price is just too good, comparing to the V i5…

Microsoft UK sells basic surface book for 1,119 pounds

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This wont last long, I saw the same with the SP3 after the SP4 was released. Few months after the release, they only had the i7/512 model

I assume they are selling off old stock and once it has gone it has gone.