Press inquiries: Questions about battery warranty and kickstand


I recently wrote about the Eve V on German review site and readers posted some questions, I would like to give them answers, so I hope someone in the know can help out here.

  1. Will the kickstand on the V work like on the Surface 4? (probably means: does it support multiple positions)
  2. Is the battery part of the 2-year warranty and if not, how much would it cost to exchange it in case it breaks? (user replaceable or not). Also what happens after those 2 years?

Thats it so far,
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Hi Alex! :slight_smile: It’s super awesome to see the editor of that article come to us :slight_smile: I’ve myself answered the first question in the article :wink:

So, let me give you some quick answers (that I’ll also bring over to NBCheck):

  1. Yes, the kickstand supports free configuration of the angle just like the SP4.

  2. While I don’t currently know if the battery is under the warranty, @Mike guessed in our FAQ thread that it’d up to 50$ to replace the battery (outside of the warranty period). Please note that in those 50$ shipping should be included, depending on where you live in the world. :slight_smile:

And on a personal note: I freaking love the reviews on your site, you’re my personal go-to site for good in-depth reviews for devices :slight_smile:


Hi Alex and warm welcomes to the community! This is the place to be :wink:

Awesome to see more journalists here (this is where you’ll always reach us the fastest)!

Now that you are here, what do you think of the V?

The battery is also under limited hardware warranty: its typical for a battery to reduce in capacity after hundreds of charge cycles so naturally the 24 month warranty does not mean that we guarantee the same capacity for the whole warranty period (if you look at any limited hardware warranty term sheets, the same clause always appears).

That said, we will guarantee that a dendrite will not form, which in Lithium Ion battery’s case will cause a short circuit and the battery won’t work at all. If such an event occurs, two-way-shipping & repair is included in the warranty.

We are purchasing the batteries for this product from a very reputable top-tier supplier, made in high end facilities.

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Hi iKirin and Mike,

thanks a lot for the warm welcome and the kind words regarding NBC. I still need to write the English version of the news for the US-site, hopefully will get to it today. :wink:

@iKirin: Thanks a lot for answering the questions on the NBC forum already!


Well, obviously I am pretty excited about it although we would have to wait for test results first :stuck_out_tongue:

On a personal note, like some readers on our site, I am a bit sceptical if a community like yours can really pull all that off: the logistics, the support, especially in bigger numbers. Also, I might add, that big companies like Microsoft could just lower their prices easily if the Eve V catches on. I also have to say, that at the current price, the Eve V certainly is a very attractive package but if it cost $770 more, I am not so sure, it would get that much attention anymore, although the specs are certainly awesome.

I am currently not looking for a replacement convertible (still happy with my Acer R7-372T), nevertheless I am still pondering about getting the V as well. However, I wish there was a 1 TB version and more flexible arrangements. For instance I would be fine with the i5, 8 GB RAM and a 1 TB SSD but this wish is hardly ever granted in the notebook world these days :wink: Also, I would have loved it even more, if the display had smaller bezels similar to the XPS 13 which is not a tablet, I know. Anyway, those are minor quirks. All in all I have to say, the V is certainly the most attractive option out there at the moment, specwise. As for quality, I cannot say of course :wink:

While we are at it, I do have some follow up questions if I may (sorry, didn’t read all of the FAQ yet, if they are answered there, just let me know)

  • Are SSD and maybe RAM user replaceable/upgradeable ?
  • If yes, will that void the warranty?
  • Which technology is the SSD based on (M2 I suppose but SATA or PCIe/NVME?)
  • Will it be possible to buy the V without VAT as a EU citizen with VAT number?

Again, thanks a lot for your warm welcome and hope to talk more soon,

SSD and RAM are not replaceable, they’re soldered. It’s a bummer, I know.
And it’s M.2 SATA3 SSD if I recall correctly :slight_smile:

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@anon70891453 please answer this question :wink:

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For IGG pre-orders this has been answered here:
TL;DR you can’t reclaim the VAT if you pre-ordered on IndieGoGo.

Hopefully this will change in the web store.

Hi !

Thanks for the answers guys. I have updated the German post on notebookcheck to reflect the changes to the Indiegogo perks. Also the English post on the US site of notebookcheck is now online: Eve V-Surface Killer on Indiegogo: First batch sold out after 3 hours! - News

I also linked to the FAQ for the V because it is actually hard to find if you go to the Eve website first. There is a FAQ there but it is not for the V. :stuck_out_tongue:

And some important specs are actually missing from the specsheet like weight, size, etc.


@Konstantinos would you notify Michael to take care of this :wink:

Hi Alexander!

Remember we already practiced with T1 and learned a ton! Most of our T1 customers have been happy and we actually paid our dues with it. In the end we didn’t make any money but its all worth it now since we have our wonderful community :slight_smile: Of course T1 also got us introduced to Microsoft and Intel, that are supporting the project heavily.

As per the quantities, it may be counter-intuitive but the bigger the quantities are, the better everything will be. Bigger quantities will offer us better prices, which in turn we can use to better our service, open up service centers, hire customer service stuff etc!

Economies of scale work their magic here.

We’re working towards enabling more SKUs (this also works better with bigger quantities, since the quantity for a particular SKU might not be that high but the factory will accept the purchase order, since the total quantity is still relatively high), but at the moment we haven’t yet found a supplier for a 1TB SSD of our small size (we saved the space for the battery).[quote=“Alexander_Fagot, post:4, topic:2987”]
if the display had smaller bezels similar to the XPS 13 which is not a tablet

We also consider smaller bezels but as you guessed it, they were discarded to enable tablet use :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Alexander,
I’m a fan of your site. and glad to see you are here. did a review of Acer’s eGPU solution recently and the conclusion is not to expect gaming performance on a Core M Processor with eGPU. I wish you can use EVE V to do another round of test to see if there is any improvement when EVE V is produced.
Acer Graphics Dock with Nvidia GTX 960M Review - Reviews

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