Power supply replacement

Got mine spectrum back after warranty and there is no power brick in the box :rofl: :rofl:

is there any analogue on the market?

Really disappointing that Eve’s repair agent didn’t send back your power adapter. Eve should be responsible for express shipping you a new one, although it’s unlikely that they’ll get back to you in a timely manner. :frowning:

I can give you some specs, which might help find an appropriate adapter.

Eve’s adapter provides 230W power @ 20.0V / 11.5A. You can use an adapter that produces more than 230W/11.5A - it just means you’ll be running the adapter at lower loads than it’s capable of.

The plug style is a standard barrel plug. The outer diameter appears to be about 5.5mm, and the inner diameter is a little over 2mm. There is no centre pin. The middle of the plug is positive and the outer sheath is negative.

There are 2 common DC barrel plug sizes with a 5.5mm outer diameter: 5.5x2.1mm and 5.5x2.5mm. I honestly can’t tell which of these it is based on looking at it with a ruler, and I don’t have anything more accurate that I can measure with.

If you do end up using a third party adapter, be warned that it puts your warranty at risk. Any issues that are caused by the power adapter will definitely not be covered by warranty.


thanks for your reply and explanation, this oone looks similar - Genuine DELTA ADP 230GB D 230W 20V 11.5A 5.5x2.5mm AC/DC Adapter For MSI GS66 GL75 A17 230P1B Gaming Laptop Power Supply Charger|Laptop Adapter| - AliExpress

I’ll wait for the msg from evesupport


That’s exactly the power supply that comes with the Spectrum! I just double checked against mine and it’s the same manufacturer (Delta Electronics) and the same model number (ADP-230GB D).

Hopefully Eve are able to get a power adapter to you quickly. If not, at least you know where to get a spare!


If you haven’t already, please contact support and advise them of the power cord not being sent back.

Also, big thank you for that link - we’ve been trying to find some specs on it for a while now. Especially the barrel plug dimensions. Now we can find extension cables for the barrel plug cord and put those bricks on the floor, provided a longer cable does not degrade the power to the Spectrum. I’ll have to find some compatible ones and ‘test’ them, eh? :rofl:


The great things about being 5.5x2.5mm is that it’s a really common connector for low voltage DC connections, e.g. for solar panels.

The most important thing to look out for with extension cables is wire gauge. The diameter of the wire has a direct impact on the maximum current that can be carried, and how much voltage is lost across the length of the cable.

There are plenty of 18AWG extension cable around, such as this one. While 18AWG is rated for up to 16A, it has quite a high voltage drop due to its narrow diameter. A 1m/3.3ft cable loses nearly 0.5V, which is the edge of what’s tolerable.

If you can find a thicker 16AWG cable (lower AWG number = thicker cable) then the voltage drop is a lot less. The voltage drop at 1.5m/5ft is under 0.5V, and is around 0.6V at the 2m/6.6ft range.

If you’re lucky enough to find 14AWG cable, you can get up to about 2.6m/8.5ft before the power drop gets above 0.5V.

I’ve found one supplier on Alibaba.com that can produce the right type of cable. It should be possible to ask them to make 1m and 1.5m extensions using 16AWG, with a female connector one end and a right-angle male on the other end.

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Yeah, I’ve found extensions with 24, 20, and 18 gauge AWG listings. But I only found one manufacturer actually publishing the spec on the wiring itself, and it rates the wire at 300 V.

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