Power button, wake up, and a few other issues

Dear all, I hereby welcome myself back from a 2 month abstinence that was basically caused by me having received my V at the beginning of march and loving it, except for a trackpad and keyboard issue that unfortunately hasn’t been resolved to date. But that’s between me and customer service (for now), so I won’t get into it.
First of all I apologize if I’m about to raise issues that have previously been raised and maybe even solved - I will blame it on my absence. So:

  • Has there ever been a fix to the battery drainage issue when simply “closing” the keyboard on the touch screen or simply pressing the power button to have the V go to sleep? Because I’ve been experiencing the battery drainage not sometimes, but every single time I did so. Of course I resumed to not do it at all and instead now, I hibernate my precious every time. That’s fine, and i don’t mind the 3 seconds extra wakeup time. However, I’d sometimes just like to quickly turn off my V by pressing that button or closing that keyboard on it, and not by clicking, clicking, and clicking again. What I actually very much do mind is

  • That the handsome little batsard never ever, ever ever ever, simply wakes up when I just press the power button. Sometimes I have to press it twice. Sometimes three times. Sometimes even then nothing happens. Sometimes it reacts to slight presses, sometimes, as mentioned, not even to 5 hard, long presses. And then it suddenly wakes up just to now react to the sixth and go back to sleep. This sometimes drives me mad, I gott say. Anybody else with this issue? Maybe a solution?

  • Has the bluetooth Keyboard functionality ever been improved, or will it ever be improved? Honestly, it is solid enough for the lightest of usage, but as soon as I have to write an Email or do some other light Office work, it becomes unbearable. The mouse suddenly prefers horizontal or vertical movement over actually following my finger on the trackpad, and when i try to click for example a small checkbox, the curser loves to jump away. More than every tenth key stroke will be absorbed.
    I mean, the bluetooth keyboard feature is amazing, absolutely cool and enhances user experience in numerous different situations; for me it was a major part of Eve’s USP. But if it doesn’t work properly - and I’m deliberately not using the word “perfect” here, just “properly” - this just falls away. It has been stated a few months back that this could and would be fixed with software updates. Was there one and could someone point me there?

  • Unfortunately also the pen doesn’t work reliably. Usability or the lack thereof has been covered thoroughly by most user experience reports, I guess. However, I was actually very disappointed to one day pull my pen out of the magnetic sleeve with the clip missing, and then find the broken off clip at the bottom of the bag. I never used the pen, just had it in the little holder inside the sleeve.

  • What else… oh yeah, speakers: sound quality is ok, but the speaker are sooooooo quiet! Depending on the player it can be impossible to watch something if you have to be able to understand what’s being said in a video and there is some background sound in your surrounding. Can someone help me here? Is it possible to make the speakers a little louder than standard? Like overcharging them slightly? I remember this worked on my old Macbook with Linux… Aaaah, macbook speaker sound, I miss you. Gotta say, comparing the reality of the speakers with them being one of the out there parts of marketing efforts towards USP turns out quite meek.

  • Anything else? Well. These are issues. My overall experience? I love her! Like my real girl, she’s absolutely stunning, close to perfection, her personality is unique and so not mainstream. But, you know, like anyone, she got some issues man. And she can be a beach from time to time. But she ma girl.


You may want to start by updating the V-drivers.
By the way, which version of windows are you using?

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Oh well shame on me, could have taken a look at the drivers page. Will try them and report back. There are no drivers there that will improve BT keyboard and trackpad though, are there?
Windows: still on version 1709 if that’s what you’re asking

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There’s no problems if I just go through the entire driver download list and just install them all right? And obviously the next step would be to restart V after that right?

There is a v-driver update package available.
You’ll find it here: https://eve-tech.com/pages/support/ and hit download.

Try one, restart and see if everything is ok, got to the next one and so on.
For the moment keep the 1709 version of Windows and wait on the promised bug fixes before update to 1803.
hope it works out !

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keep getting this message, what does it mean?

There is a program called 7z setup SFX does not install correctly.
Do you still use it?
If not, you why not delete it (through the uninstall apps setting -winn+I)?

Partially correct.

We use the 7z Self Extracting (SFX) component so we can package the drivers inside a self-extracting 7z compressed folder that allows us to

a) provide driver updates more quickly, as we just have to package them
b) give a very easy way of installing them

@uwetieforrest Which installer did give you this prompt? I’ll later check for the reason it’s not showing it’s installed correctly (but I’m pretty sure it did install correctly as I’ve tested all the drivers before pushing them to the website)

Thanks for the necessary update.
Sorry for the blind spot.

@iKirin sorry I’m not sure I get your question. If you mean which one of the drivers left me the message, I don’t know as AML’s advice rached me too lat and I jus went ahead and installed all of the latst drivers one after another. The window just came somewhere in between and I don’t know when exactly…


OK now I was lying. Haha, out of laziness. I had installed all the drivers in the list except the last two/ I just tried installing the second to last one (Sensors_1.0…) and got the popup again

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Updated the audio driver on the V: got all lost volume -update to 1803- back.
The v sounds much better than the spouses Ipad.
On has to setup the sounds to his likings off course :wink:

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Ok thx I’ll check it out later what was the issue with that! :slight_smile:

Sensors. Lol iirc that was the one with the funky cmd script in December.

@uwetieforrest If you’re kind of handy with computers you can just open the exe as an archive and do it yourself, as far as I know the exe just automates the unzip —> double click process.

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Will the upcoming Vs have all these built-in updates?

unfortunately i am not handy with computers

They should have all of them, yes!

We’ll however have new updates that you’ll have to install to further improve your V experience! :slight_smile:

This is really something that I appreciate a lot, many companies do not bother to to it , yet you are. Thanks again!

I personally find that when i press the power button the wale my V. It unlocked in less than a second then lock the device immediately again. Its frustrating.

Try not pressing it but only laying your finger on it to wake it up. I have had a V that unlocks just by putting your finger not pressing and another one needing a press and then putting your finger when the lock screen shows.

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