Power adapter for Europe question

Don’t have the V (yet) but I think I can ask… Living in the USA and traveling to Germany next month…
Questions from a dummy :slight_smile:
The power over there is 220V, here 110… can I use an ordinary adapter (no transformer) without damage for my devices? Have different chargers and different devices… (b/w ereader with a charger which is not smart, stays slightly warm when nothing plugged in ; a laptop with its charger and a cellphone with its charger…)

The V comes with an international adapter: 110-240V, 50/60Hz. No problem using it in EU, US, etc.

As to your other devices, most power adapters are international, but always check each one before using it.

If it states 110-240V, 50/60Hz., you’re fine. If it doesn’t state that, and particularly if it says just 110V or 60Hz, do not use the adapter in EU.

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this happened to me when i went to Thailand for a couple of weeks. i completely forgot about the different voltages - i only realised it on the last day before i left, because the powerbank i had brought along just seemed to be losing charge faster and faster, then it occurred to me it might be the power coming from the wall!

my phone and the laptop i brought made it through perfectly fine though, and so did the girlfriends’ devices. The two battery banks we boug just died completely though, but i think you’ll be fine. i mean you don’t hear of many americans dying abroad because they brought the wrong chargers.

thank you all, the charger I spoke about as " (b/w ereader with a charger which is not smart, stays slightly warm when nothing plugged in" has even the 110/220V 50/60Hz printed on it :slight_smile:
So I’m fine. But The V will arrive here while I’m over there… :cry: , my husband will maybe try to play with it until I come back… :roll_eyes:

Well, if you wanted to be super safe , you can being a power bank, and only charge form the power bank - so the freaky voltage is one layer removed from your more expensive devices.

That’s kind of what happened to me, lol.

I mean I’m pretty sure my phone would not have exploded even if I did plug it direct, but I didn’t try, and the possibility is real enough that I don’t want to try it. . Lol.

Basically, I think you would have been fine even if you didn’t know about the voltage thing, but now that you do, it wouldn’t hurt to drop $7 for a travel adapter if you happen I see one this weekend. Y’know what I mean?

Not true!!!
On my very last trip to Farawayistan, my heartbeat simulator died because of the wrong charger.
Unhappily it made me die too.

And I’m not American either, sorry.

As mentioned by others before - the power adapter is allowing for 110-240V afaik. So no problem using it anywhere in the world! :slight_smile:

We expected people to travel around the world and because of this the V adapter should work with pretty much any power & we’ve included the adapters for pretty much anywhere in the world! :smiley:

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:cry: :cry: :cry:
… and this is why I had not purchased any b/c I was counting on the V to arrive BEFORE me leaving to Europe…
… as it is not, I have to buy adapters now for my other devices… so is life :wink:

If you happen to bring an XBOX, it doesnt have auto switching power supply. Be careful!

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I dont play :smiley:

Don’t those devices have smaller voltages?
I read that somewhere.

But I guess you’re very happy their voltages are nothing like the V or else the results for your girlfriend could be somewhat overwhelming and perhaps even catastrophic.

Thai girlfriend or girlfriends? Not sure if you meant singular or plural.
I noticed your typing can be erratic sometimes with punctuation etc.

Good holiday trip if you had to buy extra battery packs!!!
I guess those battery packs must have got a hammering and had an extraordinary amount of use during those couple of weeks.

I would have thought given enough charging time (Overnight), that the voltages wouldn’t have made much difference to the devices being charged, since I have found a long charge time would compensate for the lower voltage.

But I guess you were using them and they weren’t being charged during the night.