Potential LTE release date?

So I work for a law enforcement agency where my unit currently utilizes about 40 surface 3’s, because they were the last models made with LTE comparability. We are looking to upgrade to the New Surface Pro once the LTE option becomes available unless I find a better option.


Hi @Christopher_Jackson, and welcome to dough.community!

At this time, we have no timeline for when an LTE version of the V would be available. The current design does not allow us to add the capability to this iteration of the device, but we know it is a much-requested feature, and are still looking at options to make this a reality. We’re looking at some alternative methods that would work for current-generation Vs, and we have ideas of how we can modify the design to allow for LTE and GPS.

For now, though, we do not have any solid plans and as such we can not give a solid timeline. Our goal right now is to ship the non-LTE V as the best device it can be!


Thank you. Will definitely keep an eye on the Eve. Just like Blink home security, and One Plus phones, self made electronics always out perform and hope this product can mass produce in the future and it sounds like it will be very popular.

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