Post Your Spectrum Desk Setups!

Hey Guys, Thought I would post my desk setup with my Spectrum monitors. I was one of the early backers(fully paid in March of '22) of the Dough/Eve Spectrum Monitor and got the opportunity to upgrade to the Glossy. I figured I would take some photos if you all are on the fence about your purchase. Feel free to post your own desk setups on this thread as well!

Here is the full desk setup.

Front 1

As you can see, the display is crystal clear. Like really really clear. Additionally, I was surprised at how light the monitor was when I attached it to the stand.

Front 2

Here’s what the monitor looks like from the side.


Here’s the backside where you can see all the ports. Obviously, a ton to choose from.

side 2

Feel free to post your desk setups below!


WOW! I’m so jealous! It’s some how matte, glossy and OLED all at the same time.

Best setup ever! Bro I’m going to order more monitors now as a result of this! I must get this premium look for my work from home setup.

It should go without saying but I really love the minimalist aesthetic you’re going for. Maybe this can be Dough’s new business motto: Less IS more!

Will they ever rise to the occasion? I would love to say yes and toast their success, but I wasn’t born yeasterday.