Post your setup

Got to be honest, this is just an excuse for me to be nosey at how everyone’s using their V.

Let’s have a look at your V set up

Here is mine. Pretty boring.

I have a dell monitor usually, which I rotate for portrait, it’s better for documents etc. But, long story short, I am using this one which doesn’t rotate.

I also have a mechanical keyboard I thought I’d use, but I really like the eve keyboard.

The map is of newbury, a right dump that I recommend 10000% you never visit. Not sure why it’s on my wall.

The youtube video is…any ideas…


Trade that speaker in for an Amazon Spot.

Not a big fan of those types of things to be honest don’t like the idea of them listening to everything.

BTW, I do have one of these. absolutely fantastic, would recommend.

specifically, I would recommend it from this site, as they are 30 quid, vs the fortune they’re on sale elsewhere. If anyone wants me to post them one out of the UK, in case they don’t, pm me. PS I am nothing at all to do with them, it’s just a great wireless / bluetooth speaker if you have spotify

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What plant are you using?


It looks like a palm.

Bleach, what palm tree are you using ?

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Was hoping to see some more setups posted here!

Clean and tidy desk @bleach

When I get mine my setup won’t be anything special, it’s a tablet replacement really for working on the go a bit more from coffee shops, bars, co working spaces etc.

I’ve done some remodeling last month, my desk’s no longer in a corner setup…

(Pardon the old-phone-camera quality. I was just about to pick up my 950 to take the photo when I decided that it really should just be another Windows 10 hero image desktop in the picture :smile:)


Three mice, one mousepad…
WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? :face_with_monocle:


Yust an amateur question: Which screen are you looking at :joy:

A very impressive outfit there :star_struck:

Mainly the middle one, with the iMac to the left mostly added for work, communications or entertainment.

So Mac is for porn and movie (torrent) download (no viruses) … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mac’s get viruses. Since people are under the impression Mac’s don’t they can be particularly virulent.

There are really to so many viruses for Mac … you shouldldn’t be trusting MacKeeper …

Not the best quality photo of all time but here is my most recent update minus my second (24in) monitor which will soon be mounted above the ultrawide. Everything is RGB including my V lol because I have no self control and a microcenter down the street.


dat sweet 34" curved screen!


I’ll show my workplace after arranging/ cleaning a bit :thinking:

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tell me that’s not an eve hanging off the desk…:sweat_smile:
Sweet setup.

Ah the 950. I had the nokia 1020, which I adored. sent the 950 back for an iphone, though, I didn’t like win 10 mobile at all

Amazing. And you’re not wrong :joy:

I have a triple Dell 24" setup at home currently running off a Mac mini, for general office stuff it’s the dogs and works great.

My plan is to build a gaming a rig in the near future.

The V travels with me when I’m away from work. Currently in Cardiff working with it on my lap.

Lol no that is my Wacom tablet and it’s actually being held in place more than it looks XD my eve is on the far right side

Here’s how I’m using mine!

Being a student I’m often on the run and the V is my main computer at the moment. I’m probably the most digitised person on my course :joy:

Bottom computer is a SP3 which I prefer to write on given the issues that the V has and because it has a matte screen protector on it which gives a more paper like feeling. Also the Bluetooth keyboard comes in handy here as I can let that lie in my lap in case I need to type anything :slight_smile: