Post Purchase Skepticism

So I was super stoked on buying an Eve V and I have after all the hype. I woke up early December morning to buy it. Then after all the reviews came out I noticed little things like not being able to clip the keyboard up to the back of the tablet to make it a tablet. Or things like the Surface Pro Pen actually feels worse than the bundled Eve pen and the fact that the Eve pen it self feels sluggish and what not. Also just negative things in general. I’ve been extremely hyped and excited for this device as I’ve been reading a lot but honestly, will it suffice as a drawing tablet / work device / super light gaming device? I got the “Intel Core i7/ 16GB RAM/ 512GB SSD” model and just wanted to know from anyone that has used it, even Konsta, my loving father, to let me know honestly how the pen feels and how the entire experience is because I want to be a proud backer of this device and concept. Just tell me everything and anything about it. Don’t worry about being too wordy please.

Cheers! :beers:


Friend, relax. It’s all good. Beta problems is all.

Hi, I don’t have my V yet but hopefully in the next days. I think there are some HEB which are happy to tell you their experience with the V-Pen @ToiletSheep, @PBem, @anon99772972, @s.auler . If not I will do so when I have mine.
For now I just want to say that there are always issues with every device that are very important for some people and are not for others. You won’t find a perfect device just look for example at the reviews of the Surface Pro on amazon. So in my opinion you don’t have to worry about your purchased V. It has its strengths and its weaknesses as all other devices out there. But as far I catch the reviews (I didn’t read them just read it in the community) and the first impressions of the HEB the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (or issues) at least for me.
And of course hopefully the issues related to the windows update will be resolved very soon. I’m confident.


Hi there,
I have exactly same, arrived last Thursday. I will tell you this: Last night I have put my MS Surface pro 4 for sale, and someone already bought it.
As you can see I have chosen to keep the V.
I hope that info relax you a bit 
About flipping the keyboard. Why you want to do this, V is not Yoga or HP 360. Just pull it and use the V as tablet. Note that the keyboard is 400gr (a pound) heavy. If you don’t use it put it a way and its wireless, remember 


I have the same device you ordered. I’ve only had it one full day, but I spent the whole day puttering around on it. I installed a load of Adobe CC programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premier Pro, AfterEffects and a few more… )

I’d say the pen isn’t amazing, but it’s on par to my experience with the equivalent SP device/pen combo. I think a few things can be done with some tuning tools (ie, we need to be able to adjust the pressure curves) but all in all it’s perfectly fine. I tried some drawing, and yeah, the screen feels slippery, but that’s all stuff you get used to.

I also had no real issues with palm rejection failing. a few little times, but that was user error.

I didn’t really push the programs too much, but did have Photoshop, Illustrator and I think Lightroom (or maybe AE) all open at the same time and it seemed ok. (like I said though, not much in the line of huge files to push it.)

I actually have to do some design work today in illustrator so will let people know how it holds up.

All in all I’m pretty happy.

Plus, it’s freaking GORGEOUS!

oh, and I started on it about 10:30 am, and puttered all day installing programs, running tests, setting up email etc. I took a few breaks (lunch, laundry, chased the dogs around the house) but it lasted until about 7:30 when it was down to 15% so I plugged it in and called it a day. So I’m also fairly happy with the battery.


For the peole that like to flip the keyboard. Just tried and it is OK20171211_180457


You´re the man!
I am in the same boat and looking forward to a similar programs use.

I think the tablet mode sketching is cool and would use that definitely, probably with a Bamboo stylus and the Wacom settings of infinite pressure levels settings, per software button configs and so on. I am almost daily using an Intuos4 Din A4 size, and that thing has scale also helps pushing productivity to the max.
Having an Eve V option is excellent when on the go, when coming back to the office to plug into a dock and power up a dual monitor setup (Donald Dock could be a great additional solution when developed one day). Hopefully to replace a Desktop setup.

I had the Huawei Mate Dock on the radar with the VGA, HDMI output, though I think that is not simultaneously allowing to connect 2 monitors.

Curious to hear what compact docks you guys recommend to connect dual monitors via the Thunderbolt3 connector?

Yes, it definitely will do all of that with no problems :slight_smile:

Oh, and I also managed to play some ‘proper’ games by streaming from Steam running on a big PC elsewhere in the house

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Personally, I’m a big fan of the V and using it with the Pen. While I have trouble writing with it, that is down to only my own bad handwriting and style, and I have given it, over the last few days, to a number of people who have drawn and written on it just fine. Using the Bamboo Ink pen, I can say that that provides a nicer experience, but I dont think you have anything to worry about with your decision, and if the V is even half as good for you as it has been for me, you will love it!


Could you please point me to the source saying that the performance of V with the new Surface Pen is subpar? I was thinkong about buying one…


I got to play around a few days with one of the i5 review units during my stay in Helsinki, and I have to say I am now very excited to receive my own i7 V, same model as you had. As it was a busy period, I didn’t get to go very in-depth on any of the things I’ve tested, but I did take the opportunity to try a few things that I intend to do with my V. Which just so happens to involve drawing, office work and light gaming!

Using the pen in Windows Sketchpad, it feels very smooth. I’ve been using Sketchpad on my desktop at home with my 12" Wacom Cintiq as it is quick to launch, and the app’s limited features mean that I can’t get carried away with layers and the like. It keeps me focused on the drawing process, so that’s ideal for my daily sketch practice. Now, the Cintiq offers tilt control, which is mostly noticeable using the pencil tool.

Apart from that, the V offered the same pressure sensitivity (albeit without the ability to adjust the curve like the Wacom drivers offer, something @mlivesey already mentioned. This might be solved through software.) I did not notice any more or less latency than I do on my Cintiq either. The pen actually feels nicer (though this is a personal opinion), and I mostly loved how I could carry the V anywhere and sketch – the Cintiq is tied to my desk at all times by a fat cable.

I know that my Cintiq is old, easily eight or nine years old by now. But I paid more money for it than the price of the i5 V I was testing with. The V offered a similar-sized screen with much better color performance, and the entire computer built in. At least so far, it did not lag any in performance compared to my i7-950/12GB/GTX970 desktop.

I used an older version of Photoshop, that did not initially recognize the pen as pressure sensitive. That seems to be an issue with that older version though, and apparently Surface devices also suffer from it. It was simply fixed by running a small program from Microsoft. I don’t know if newer versions of Photoshop have fixed the scaling issues that the older versions have with high-resolution displays. My interface was… tiny. But once you move the tool bars off the screen and start switching between brush and eraser with the B and E keys – because the keyboard was next to me on the couch using Bluetooth! – that really wasn’t an issue anymore.

I did not get to try a whole lot in Photoshop, but what I saw so far did not disappoint me. Of course, this will all vary depending on your workload: resolution, layers, etc.

The pen is smooth on the display cover glass, and that feel different from paper; moreso than on the plastic surface of my Cintiq. It’s not pen on paper, though. It’s stylus on display. It can’t do a few things pen on paper can, and it can also do some things that the traditional tools can’t. I was impressed with Dario when he noted something along the lines of “It does not feel like pen and paper because it’s not. But once you accept it for what it is, it feels really good.”. That was after he played around with an m3 V pen for a bit, which I believe was his first real contact with this kind of tech. (Sorry @Dario, for butchering your quote here. You made it sound much more profound but I can’t remember the actual words!)

Office work is office work, and will run well on a potato. So I won’t go to deeply into that. Unless you work with extreme Excel sheets you should be fine. (And if you do work with them, it’ll still work, you’ll just need more patience.)

I’d brought along a good chunk of my Blizzard and Steam libraries to Helsinki for testing purposes. I didn’t get to test nearly as much as I had hoped, but on the i5 model:

  • World of Warcraft ran. Just. Lowest settings, and minimum scaling. I wouldn’t go into a raid with this, but it’d be enough to do some casual questing.
  • Starcraft II ran well.
  • Hearthstone ran well.
  • Diablo III ran very well at low settings, and with some tweaking I’m sure we could’ve re-enabled some of the eye-candy and still keep the frame rates up.
  • League of Legends ran surprisingly well – native resolution with medium settings gave a good frame rate and a very crisp image!
  • Ori and the Blind Forest ran smoothly and without issues. It’s not a particularly taxing game but it looks amazing and I like the fluidity of motion, which did not disappoint on the V.

…as I said, I’d hoped to do more testing, but most of this was squeezed in between getting home near midnight after a long day at the office, and waking up way too early again for meetings.

other things I’ve noticed:

I really liked the keyboard. It feels good: a bit more actuation force than my 2010/2012 MacBook Pros, but a very comfortable typing experience. The touchpad doesn’t hold a candle to Apple’s trackpad, but that was to be expected. Apple has been far ahead of that curve since 2006, and other manufacturers are just now starting to catch up. That said, it’s one of the most comfortable touchpads I’ve used on a Windows device.

Ports are awesome! At one point I had the V plugged into the charger through USB-C, with my game running off an external HDD on one USB-A port and my gaming mouse in the other USB-A port. It’s an ‘extreme’ situation that I don’t think my thin-and-light 2-in-1 device will ever be subjected to in real life use. But it was possible due to the port selection.


Oh yeah, forgot to add that Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm also run on the V iGPU decently if you lower the resolution.

P.S. @Helios, i’m stealing this for the thread i’m making - trying to consolidate enough HEB info there to quell all the doubters.

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This made my day


Just read that! Feel free to quote me as needed – I put my opinion out there to help anyone who has questions.

Added notes: On the topic of sound,

I’ve only listened to a little bit of music on the V, and it sounded good. Problem is, I don’t remember whether that was coming from the V’s built-in speakers, or from @anon70891453’s beastly home audio set-up through Bluetooth.

The noise-cancelling mics do their job well. That’s actually not an observation I made in Helsinki with a V in my hands, but at home, at my own desk. Because community managers are not usually in Helsinki during the meetings, so we get to enjoy them through the mics (and sometimes webcam) of Konsta’s V :slight_smile:


Imo @Helios should know that anything runs on a potato:

There’s been occasional talk of a lighter-weight version of the V. Maybe for office use so should it be called the V-Potato? :joy:

Oh, and I also managed to play some ‘proper’ games by streaming from Steam running on a big PC elsewhere in the house

This just made me super giddy. I completely forgot about home streaming… ! I have two very capable gaming machines that would not mind at all to stream their horsepower to the V while im on my bed, or anywhere in the house!

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Sorry for being 17 days late but wow thanks for the in depth story! All these stories including yours are re-igniting my flame I had for the Eve V for so long! I’m honestly really glad I got to order one then! About the pen though. I understand its a bare bones yet completely functional 1k pressure point sensitivity pen, would we be able to use a cintique pen or the Surface Pro '17’s 4096 or whatever pen on it? I really like the eraser on the surface pens and would love to beable to use that eraser plus the extra pressure levels and curves and the extra bells and whistles on it. Again, thanks for the indepth story it was just about what I was looking for :D!

Link me to that please !