Possible KVM Setup with two Spectrum monitors

Right this is a somewhat complicated question but bear with me

My situation
I am considering buying two spectrum monitors to upgrade my home setup. I have quite a complex setup with a work laptop, a PC, a personal laptop and a console, and two monitors so I end up using a series of HDMI switches to make it all work, but I’m stuck with using two keyboards and mice which is annoying and all the required cables are messy. I am wondering if the spectrum will support a setup where I can use the KVM features using both monitors, so that either display can display from any PC. (I’ll probably be ditching the desktop soon but I at least want it so the two monitors can both be used for either laptop with minimum cables (and one can do the console)

My Plan
I would like to have the two laptops using USB-C PD, and to have just one keyboard which can control any of the 3 PC’s.

I know a spectrum supports switching between two USB upstreams via USB-C and USB-B, so I’m wondering if I could connect the USB-B upstream from monitor A, to the USB-A input from monitor B. Then by connecting peripherals to monitor A I could effectively control 3 PC’s from the one monitor by adjusting the KVM routes as follows:

PC1) out from monitor A via USB-C to laptop with PD,
PC2) out from monitor A via USB-B to monitor B, then from B via USB-C to laptop 2 with PD,
PC3) out from monitor A via USB-B to monitor B, then from B via USB-B to the PC

Then I would just run some HDMI/DP cables back and forth to do the video routing. I think I would need 5 display cables in total.
1 for each laptop’s second output to the “other” screen (Not a fan of this bit but don’t know what else to do)
2 cables from the PC to each monitor
1 cable to one monitor from the console

My questions
A) Is this possible with the spectrum’s IO implementation? (I think it is, but can anyone confirm/reject?)
B) Is this practical, like will the KVM controls on the monitors be awkward to change all the time etc?
C) Is there a better solution? (I am aware of KVM switches but most of them suck, limited to 4K30/60fps, USB 2.0 etc, and are like £200+ etc) But I’m open to suggestions! I haven’t bought any monitors yet so just planning it all out

Edit: Apologies if this should be in general discussion rather that user experiences, it won’t let me select it

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Thats one Hell of a Plan :joy:

Can’t really tell you if the Monitor cascading works, I got only one spectrum, but you could look at normal USB Switches.
They are pretty inexpensive compared to KVMs.


Haha thanks. Honestly that’s probably simpler. It might require a few more cables and the USB switch would be independent of the monitor changing sources but that’s not really a big deal. (I’m assuming that changing source from the USB-C DisplayPort to one of the other input ports switches the upload stream automatically? Or is it independent?)

Sorry for the late reply, there is a topic currently ongoing about that feature, you can check it here:

If it works like the lasts posts sound like, it should work the way you want it in your setup :+1: