Possible Austin or Texas Meetup

Hey Y’all!

Just wanted to see if there were any other Lone Star State Eve V purchasers in the surrounding area. I’d really like to meet up with y’all and bounce some ideas off of each other regarding this great piece of tech. Alternatively, I would be up to meeting somewhere else in the general area of Texas or the US depending on where and when. I think Austin would be a great location due to the massive tech influence on the town as well as the centralized nature of the city and the many activities and attractions nearby.

Let’s see what everyone thinks.


I was wondering if there were any other Texans besides me and @liam1062. I was going to open a discussion, but haven’t had the chance, with work and all.

I know from an earlier discussion that @liam1062 & I are in the Dallas area (Carrollton), so somewhere near Dallas would be most convenient for me, and I assume.him.
I’m open to greater Dallas, or East Texas, as I have only been in Dallas proper about a year. Was living out in Hunt county previously (and California before that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I don’t know of a good meetup spot though.

Darn I should have planned my yearly Austin trip this spring so I could join you guys! My sibling lives in Austin but I was just down there in November. I live in South Dakota.

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Yes, another Texan soon-to-be Eve user here (the i5 unit, limited bird). I’m based in San Antonio, so a meetup in Austin would be convenient. I go to Austin occasionally, either on business (to UT Austin to visit colleagues - I’m an academic researcher) or for shopping (that’s usually a Saturday day trip). We could meet up over lunch, maybe. There’s certainly no shortage of good eateries there.


Well let’s let this discussion develop a little bit further before we start setting anything in stone. Seems like Austin would be most central, but I don’t want to make the decision for the group. Hopefully we will get some other people to chime in wanting to meet, that way we can just have a vote for where to meet.

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