Possible Additional to V? Accessory

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So i buy a tablet with passive cooling just to get a powerbank (!) with active cooling? Won’t happen, sorry.


I don’t much get it. Is the active cooling for your laptop/tablet or for the powerbank itself? Can I turn it of?

It makes a good impression to me. It has all the ports I am looking for. The other docking stations are about 300€ but I can get this for 200€ and also have a powerbank included.

What are the drawbacks?

I just found this very interesting to share. For the heavy traveler to be able to get a lot more in terms of power with built in storage I think it may interest some.

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I personally do not think, that a dock is something to take with you…
That would mean the battery is useless or the Docking function.
I think a small Adapter for on the go (Ethernet, hdmi, VGA, …) and a Powerbank (USB-PD) would be better to handle…

But thank you for sharing that project :slight_smile:

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I saw an other project on indiegogo and yes it’s for a MacBook pro but it use a USB-C port and thunderbolt 3 port so does the V have.

If I remember correctly the dimensions on this adapter don’t fit the V. The spacing of the 2 USB-ports is not the same on MBP and V.
Correct me if I’m wrong pls :wink:


When I look the space between the 2 USB-ports and also this adapter ( HyperDrive Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro). I see on this image taken on their indiegogo page :

and the image of the V taken on this link “https://dough.community/t/larseisberg-prototype-testing-m3-dvt2/6398” :
I don’t see any problem that this adapter won’t fit on the V
That it’s the spec of this adapter .
This only thing that I don’t know it’s the space between the 2 USB-port of the V.
If that helps :smirk:

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I see a very big problem all over this thing. If the distance between V’s USB-C ports is at least 0.5mm different than that of Macbook, it will not fit…

That’s what I tried to say :smiley:

Okay I understand what you meant. But it’s was a good suggestion, no ?

There is also the detail that both ports on the Mac are Thunderbolt 3 capable, not so with the V…


Yes but will they really need both ports that the Adapter works? I would say they only use one and the other one goes straight through.

I think it would be worth a try. Can someone with a Prototype (@Team, @Prototypetester, @mirv) measure the distance and compare it to the MB?

It may only need one to work. But is it the right one? I also just thought of this: The HyperDrive is designed to sit flush and gapless against the side of the MacBook Pro, which is straight. The V’s side is angled, which may also cause issues…

Actually that is pretty close to what i would think of for a docking station for the V - especially the cooling and ports.

I still would prefer that form factor to a box taking up space around the V even if it would be only about ports.

They attempted to put as much as possible into that thing, therefore the power bank and SSD and the induction charging…

But imagine having a 2 in 1 - like the V, passively cooled, decent performance, all the benefits of mobility and then a dock on which you place the V, connect it and you get ports to connect 2 monitors, mouse & keyboard, other peripherals, ideally still can use the pen in some drawing tabled mode + a GPU and additional cooling provided by the dock that would allow your 2 in 1 to perform as a decent desktop when needed. Icing on the cake would be some personal cloud/NAS functionality. I guess that would make it a 3 in 1 then :stuck_out_tongue:

And how do you imagine “straight through”… Straight through the metal body where there is no cut out? :expressionless:


I think it would be best if we just ask the company if it could work.
If it works with the V they have found new customers for their product.
If not then @Team could work together with them and create such a product made for the V. I would totally buy one of these and they seem to have experience with USB C Docks.

And the community does also want a dock, this one would be a mobile one without egpu and cooling.

I would assure from this picture that it uses the top port for TB3


I’m sorry to bring you bad news but we already talked about this product in an other thread and I already asked to the brand more information : Kickstarter Hyperdrive for USB-C Mac - #14 by Giome

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That is very sad :frowning:
But maybe @Team could work together with HyperDrive and create an even more awesome mobile companion for the V with our Input :smiley:

I do not think that a generic sd Card reader needs a specific driver.
Also the hdmi Adapter should be generic and work with the V if it works with the MB pro. (dp passthrough and then converting to hdmi)
And the USB 3.1 ports and the passthrough of thunderbolt and USB C should not be operating system depending either.

I am no way an expert on USB C, so please correct me if I am wrong but I think it should work if it fits.