Portable Wireless Monitor

For my work I travel around to multiple locations and I don’t have a real office. I have scoured the internet for a portable wireless monitor that would go perfectly with my Surface (now my eve v) but I haven’t been able to find something that would be a good fit.

The device that I have in mind is pretty much an eve v shell so it is the same size. It wouldn’t need all the bells and whistles. Just a screen, battery and USB-c. I also envision it having miracast input capability --Think Microsoft Display adapter built-in – that way it would truly be a wireless monitor that would be ultra portable.

What does everybody else think?


I think it truly depends on what you intend to do with it. For example is it to show presentations to customers or to make some excel or whatever sheets?

If it is for presentations I would use a small portable beamer, as it makes a big screen and is lightweight. If it is for working on it, maybe something like these:


The only good wireless option I know of is the Lenovo LT1423 which is available in wired and wireless versions.

Personally I would be happy to make a DIY wired version if I could get the screen plus an appropriate LCD controller. I currently also have a Lenovo Thinkpad Helix and have been thinking of using a second and third one as two additional screens.

Another smallish wired version would be Packed Pixels (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/753230753/packed-pixels-an-extra-monitor-for-your-laptop-0).
If you come across the Slidenjoy project, just stay away from that, as it is a product development desaster.

I would mostly use it for multitasking as well as for programming. I did look at the existing portable monitors but they are almost too big to be considered portable and from what I have read many laptops have issues powering them because their USB ports don’t give enough power to power them.

I guess I didn’t scour the interned long enough because I never did run across this one.

15,6 is normal laptop size. of course bigger than the V… Depends on the need. But I think Power shouldn’t be the problem as it says it needs only USB3 and the V hast USB 3.1 ports. Otherwise You could use a Powerbank with which you also could charge the V.

Good points. I read mostly about an ASUS one that said the same thing but the lower powered devices like the Surface couldn’t fully power it so it would also need to be plugged in somewhere else because the Surface only has one USB. But I guess either way the V has 4 times as many ports so that wouldn’t be a problem. Other than that I’m a little OCD and would like my screens to be the same size.

Yes I can understand. I think you should try a few. The best thing would be you having an iPad. I use mine already as a second screen, quiet often. check this out: Duet Display